Atlas of Slavery and Civil Rights: An Annotated Chronicle of the Passage from Slavery and Segregation to Civil Rights and Equality Under the Law

iUniverse, 2006 - 276 páginas
Slavery came to North America via Virginia in the early 1600s. It would be two hundred and sixty-five years before the practice would finally come to an end. It would take another one hundred years before the basic civil rights of those former slaves and their descendants were fully established in law. During that time and thereafter, it would be a matter of attitude and acceptance by the white race.
Of the years, there were a number of pivotal events that shaped the issues and the responses to slavery and civil rights. The Atlas presents a number of these events in an attempt to tell part of the history of the march for equality in America. It also includes brief biographical sketches of the lives of many of the leading figures that led the fight. This work deals with black Americans or blacks, a term that has become synonymous with the Negro race itself; their struggle out of slavery; and their quest for acceptance and equal rights under the law.
The effects of slavery were all pervasive. Without an understanding of and an appreciation for slavery, segregation, and the struggle for equal rights, it is difficult if not impossible to understand the America of our history and to reach beyond where we are today to arrive at where we need to be.

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Quindaro Ruins / Underground Railroad- Exercise 2015


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