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FROM DECEMBER 7, 1835, TO JULY 4, 1836.



a Senator from that State, to serve for six years from the

4th of March last; MAINE-Ether Shepley, John Ruggles. NEW HAMPSHIRE-Isaac Hill, Henry Hubbard.

Mr. SOUTHARD presented the credentials of the

Hon. GARRET D. Wall, elected by the Legislature of MASSACHUSETTS-Daniel Webster, John Davis. RHODE ISLAND--Nehemiah R. Knight, Asher Rob- New Jersey, a Senator from that state, to serve for six bins.

years from the 4th of March last; and

Mr. EWING presented the credentials of the Hon. CONNECTICUT-Nathan Smith, Gideon Tomlinson. VERMONT--Samuel Prentiss, Benjamin Swift.

John Davis, elected by the Legislature of MassachuNEW YORK --Nath'I P. Tallmadge, Silas Wright, jun. from the 4th of March last; all of which were read.

setts a Senator from that State, to serve for six years NEW JERSEY-Samuel L. Southard, Garret D. Wall.

Mr. WHITE said that at the last session of the LePENNSYLVANIA-James Buchanan, Samuel McKean.

gislature of the State of Tennessee he had been reDELAWARE-John M. Clayton, Arnold Naudain.

elected to the Senate of the United States for six years MARYLAND-Robert H. Goldsborougb, Joseph Kent. from the 4th of March last, but that the official informaVIRGINIA-Benjamin Watkins Leigh, John Tyler. NORTH CAROLINA-Bedford Brown, Willie P. Man- heretofore been the practice in the State of Tennessee

tion of his election was not in his possession. It had gum. SOUTH CAROLINA—John C. Calhoun, William C. credentials of its Senators. But as this had not yet been

to transmit to the presiding officer of the Senate the Preston. GEORGIA -- Alfred Cuthbert, John P. King.

done, he submitted to the Chair whether he should take

his seat. During his attendance in the Senate he had KENTUCKY-Henry Clay, John J. Crittenden. TENNESSEE-Felix Grundy, Hugh Lawson White.

frequently known such cases to occur, and that members

known to be elected were suffered to take their seats OHIO—Thomas Ewing, Thomas Morris. LOUISIANA-Alexander Porter, Robert C. Nicholas.

before the arrival of their credentials. If any additional INDIANA-William Hendricks, John Tipton.

testimony was necessary in corroboration of his stateMISSISSIPPI- John Black, Robert J. Walker.

ment, there were some of his colleagues in the other ILLINOIS—Elias K. Kane, John M. Robinson.

House who were present when his election took place,

and could vouch for the fact. ALABAMA-William R. King, Gabriel P. Moore. MISSOURI-Lewis F. Linn, Thomas H. Benton.

The CHAIR said that, if no objection was made, the gentleman could take his oath with the other Senators to

be qualified. Monday, DECEMBER 7, 1835.

The usual oath was then administered by the VICE

PRESIDENT to Messrs. White, HUBBARD, King, The first session of the 24th Congress commenced this Clayton, Robinson, and RUGGLES, whose credentials day at the Capitol. At twelve o'clock the Senate was were presented at the last session; and to Messrs. Wall, called to order by the VICE PRESIDENT, when it Knight, and Davis, whose credentials were just read. appeared that a quorum of the Senators were in at. Mr. PORTER reminded the Senate that at the close tendance.

of the last session a committee was appointed on the The CHAIR communicated the credentials of the subject of certain alterations in the arrangements of the Hon. John C. Calhoun, elected by the Legislature of Senate chamber. A report had been made by that the State of South Carolina a Senator from that State, committee, of which he held a copy in his hand; but as to serve for six years from the 4th of March last; it had not been then acted on for want of time, and the

Also the credentials of the Hon. NEHEMIAH R. KNIGHT, officers of the Senate had, during the summer, made elected by the Legislature of the State of Rhode Island certain alterations in conformity with the resolution of

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