Extension of Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act: Hearings... on H.J. Res. 407...


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Página 165 - That Congress cannot delegate legislative power to the President is a principle universally recognized as vital to the integrity and maintenance of the system of government ordained by the Constitution. The act of October 1, 1890, in the particular under consideration, is not inconsistent with ! that principle. It does not, in any real sense, invest the President with the power of legislation.
Página 645 - ... containing each not more than one quart and more than one pint...
Página 666 - States, and for introducing among them the habits and arts of civilization, the president of the United States shall be, and he is hereby authorized...
Página 173 - Whether, if the Joint Resolution had related solely to internal affairs it would be open to the challenge that it constituted an unlawful delegation of legislative power to the Executive, we find it unnecessary to determine. The whole aim of the resolution is to affect a situation entirely external to the United States, and falling within the category of foreign affairs.
Página 164 - Sugar drainings and sugar sweepings shall be subject to duty either as molasses or sugar, as the case may be, according to polariscopic test. On coffee, three cents per pound. On tea, ten cents per pound. Hides, raw or uncured, whether dry, salted, or pickled, Angora goat skins, raw, without the wool, unmanufactured; asses' skins, raw or unmanufactured, and skins, except sheep-skins, with the wool on, one and one-half cents per pound.
Página 675 - The Congress may not delegate its purely legislative power to a commission, but, having laid down the general rules of action under which a commission shall proceed, it may require of that commission the application of such rules to particular situations and the investigation of facts, with a view to making orders in a particular matter within the rules laid down by the Congress.
Página 592 - The Democratic party recognizes the importance of the acquisition by Americans of additional sources of supply of petroleum and other minerals and declares that such acquisition both at home and abroad should be fostered and encouraged. We urge such action, legislative and executive, as may secure to American citizens the same rights in the acquirement of mining rights in foreign countries as are enjoyed by the citizens or subjects of any other nation.
Página 151 - Brooms, made of broom corn, straw, wooden fiber, or twigs, 25 per centum ad valorem; tooth brushes and other toilet brushes, the handles or backs of which are composed wholly or in chief value of any product provided for in paragraph 31...
Página 226 - ... makes representations to the Government of the other country in respect of the application of any sanitary law or regulation for the protection of human, animal, or plant life...

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