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than assist the family devotion. There are, however, some serious people, who are destitute of this gift, or possess it in a moderate degree. These had better use forms, than omit the duty. And probably there are few heads of families, but who find much assistance in the perusal of may well-composed forms. Those contained in the following collection are esteemed to be of this description; and are therefore recommended to the publick




MOST gracious God and Father: It is good for us to draw near to Thee. O do thou draw nigh unto us!

We bless thee for the return of this morning light. Let the day-spring from on high visit our souls, and the sun of righteousness arise with healing under his wings. The light we see is the Lord's. This is the day which the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.

O that we may be in the spirit on the Lord's day That this may be indeed the sabbath of the Lord in our dwelling, and in our hearts: A sabbath of rest from sin, and of rest in God. Enable us, we pray thee, so to sanctify this day, that it may be made a means of our sanctification. Grant that, by resting from our worldly employments, our hearts may be more taken off from present things; and that, by employing our time in the worship of God, we may be led into a more experimental acquaintance with the work of heaven, and be made more meet for that blessed world.

While on this day we remember the great work of creation as finished, we give glory to thee, O

God the Father almighty, the maker of heaven

and earth.

O thou who didst at first command the light to shine out of darkness, shine this day into our hearts, and give us more of the light of the knowledge of thy glory, in the face of Jesus. Christ; and let us be thy workmanship, created anew in him unto good works.

With peculiar pleasure would we call to mind the resurrection of our exalted Redeemer from the dead, on the first day of the week, by which he was declared to be the Son of God with power, and is become the first fruits of them that slept. O that as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we also may rise and walk in newness of life.

We bless thee that, when Jesus was glorified, the Holy Ghost was given to carry on his undertaking till his second coming, and that we have the promise that he shall abide with us for ever. We pray that the Spirit of him that raised up Christ from the dead, may dwell and rule in us, to make us partakers of a new and divine nature.

We bless thee for thy holy word, which is a light to our feet and a lamp to our paths.

Especially we bless thee for the great gospel record," that God hath given to us eternal life, "and that this life is in his Son." O may we receive it as a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation. May we have an interest in the mediation of thy Son; and grant that Christ may be made of God unto us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption.


We bless thee for the new covenant made with us in Jesus Christ. May we fly for refuge to it,


and take hold of it, as the hope set before us. receive us graciously into the bonds of the covenant, and make us accepted in the Beloved.

Grant that our hearts may this day be filled with pleasing thoughts of Christ, and that great love wherewith he hath loved us. For his sake forgive all our sins, in thought, word, and deed; and let our lusts be mortified, that they may not be as clogs to hinder the ascent of our souls heavenwards.

We pray thee to assist us in all the religious services of this thine own holy day. Go with us to the solemn assembly; for if thy presence go not with us, wherefore should we go thither? Help us to draw nigh to thee with a true heart, in full assurance of faith. Meet us, O God, with a blessing. Grace thine own ordinances with that special presence of thine, which thou hast promised where two or three are met together in thy name. Help us against our manifold infirmities, and the sins that do most easily beset us in our attendance upon thee. Let thy word come with life and power upon our souls, and be as good seed sown in good soil, taking root and bringing forth fruit to thy praise. And let our prayers and praises be spiritual sacrifices, acceptable in thy sight through Jesus Christ. **

We pray, O Lord, that thy presence may be in all Christian assemblies this day. Grace be with all them that love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity; yea, let great grace be upon them all. Assist all the ministers of the gospel, that they may rightly divide the word of truth, and speak with plainness, fervour, and success. Bless thy

servant on whose ministry we attend, and make him an instrument of much good to our souls.

In the chariot of the everlasting gospel may the great Redeemer ride forth triumphantly, conquering and to conquer, and let every thought be subdued into obedience unto him. May many be brought to believe the report of the gospel, and to many may the arm of the Lord be revealed. May sinners be converted to thee, and thy saints be built up in knowledge, faith, holiness, and comfort, unto salvation.

Now the God of hope fill us with joy and peace in believing, for Christ Jesus' sake, our blessed Saviour and Redeemer, who hath taught us to pray,

Our Father, &c.


O Eternal, ever-blessed, and glorious Lord God: Thou art over all, God blessed for ever; most wise and powerful, holy, just, and good. Thou art happy without us, and needest not our services; nor can our goodness extend unto thee; but without thee we are miserable; if thy goodness extend not unto us, we are for ever undone. We therefore entreat thy favour with our whole heart. Thy loving kindness is better than life. We bewail it before thee that, by the depravity of our hearts, we are become odious to thine ho

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