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Out standing book, a very important one, too.
Give details that are entirely overlooked today -- like who got Kansas Act passed, and why. It was all about the spread of slavery -- and done
because David Rice Atchison pushed Stephen A Douglas into it. Douglas would later claim, of course, he did it for the "great principle" of popular sovereignty. Nonsense -he did it to keep his powerful seat as Chairman of House and Senate Committee on Kansas, from which he derived much power.
Douglas was selling out anyone, and everyone, to get more power. He would later sell out Atchison and Davis, who he had thrown in with, in order to keep his Committee Chair and become likely President in 1860. If things had gone like Douglas planned, he would have be POTUS.
What prevented Douglas becoming POTUS -- the people in Kansas fought back against Atchison and Davis. Atchison and Davis thought they would bluff the Kansas citizens- not so much. Douglas helped Atchison and Davis light the match.

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