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slavery in any shape, and putting forth all their strength in efforts to revive the wisdom and patriotism of the old glorious days of the Great Republic. • We firmly believe that the Southern States, though they may be depopulated, can never be forced to re-enter the Union. Why, then, should the best citizens of the United States water her soil with their blood, and leave their fair country a prey to all that is base and venal-to undisciplined and demoralized troops, and jobbers without principle or feeling-men who will be careful not to risk their own lives, and into whose hands all power will assuredly fall if the strife lasts until all that is better and nobler has perished ?

Let the Free States give due weight to the probable action of the Border and Western States if the war continues much longer. We will not dwell upon this, being unwilling to say a word, any tendency of which might help on the evil to be dreaded, or point to a policy that would leave the Northern and Eastern States compelled, for the settlement of a peace, to accept a second Union, in which, although, the South might not be included, the Abolitionists would still be weighed down by adverse interests and influences, and lose the direction of affairs. From this time, the longer the settlement of affairs is postponed, the weaker will become the hands of the Free States, almost from day to day.

Freed from the South on fair terms, the Federal States may start on a long and glorious career of freedom; and joyously shall we “hail them o'er the wave” as brothers; whilst the well-honoured flags of both countries are given to the wind, side by side, over decks which, by their very touch, bid the shackles fall from the feet of the slave, and over shores where the very name of thraldom is unknown!


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