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Sunday Morning.

THOU gracious Father of mercy, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon us, who bow our knees and our hearts to Thee; pardon us all our sins; give us the grace of an earnest repentance and a strict obedience to Thy holy will; strengthen us in the inner man with the power of the Holy Ghost; preserve us for ever in the unity of the Church and the integrity of the Christian faith, and in the love of God and of our neighbour, and in hope of life eternal; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


HOLY and eternal Jesus, who dost feed us

by Thy sacraments and by the ministry of Thy word, still go on to build us up to life eternal. Let Thy most Holy Spirit be present with us this day, and rest upon us in the reading or hearing Thy sacred Word, that we may do it humbly, reverently, without prejudice, with a mind ready and desirous to learn and to obey; that we may be

readily furnished and instructed to every good work, and may practise all Thy holy laws and commandments, to the glory of Thy great name.



THOU great Shepherd and Bishop of souls, give unto Thy servants, the ministers of Thy gospel, the spirit of prudence and sanctity, faith and charity, confidence and zeal, diligence and watchfulness, that they may declare Thy will faithfully, and dispense Thy sacraments rightly; that they may reprove, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and doctrine; and that after a plentiful conversion of sinners from the error of their ways, they may shine like the stars in glory. All which, and every blessing, for ourselves and others, we ask for the honour of Thy glory and through the merits of Thy atonement. Amen.

Our Father, &c.

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Sunday Evening.

LORD God, who art the fountain of life and peace, of plenty and pardon, who fillest heaven with Thy glory and earth with Thy goodness, we give Thee the earnest and humble returns of a thankful heart, for that Thou hast refreshed us this day with Thy comfort, and enlarged us with

Thy blessing; that Thou hast bestowed upon us the blessings of nature which all enjoy, and the blessings of grace of which many are deprived; the comforts of life and the consolations of Thy house; the supports of every day and the rest of Thy Sabbath. Thou, O Lord, in every age, hast sent testimonies from heaven, prophets and preachers of righteousness, and miracles of power and mercy; Thou hast spoken to us by Thy Son Jesus Christ, through the Holy Ghost whom Thou sendest to Thy Church, promising that He shall abide for ever with Thy people, and who has this day been with us in the sanctuary. We thank Thee, gracious God, for this inestimable benefit, that Thou hast taken care of our souls, hast pitied our miseries, sustained our infirmities, relieved and instructed our ignorance; that while we have broken Thy righteous laws habitually, Thou hast called us with the checks of conscience, with sermons and precepts of holiness, with fear and shame, with the admonitions of Thy Spirit, with the counsel of friends and the example of the godly, with holy books, and by many excellent means. We will give thanks unto the Lord with our whole heart, secretly among the faithful and in the congregation; we will come into Thy house in the multitude of Thy mercies, and in Thy fear will we worship toward Thy holy temple. Grant that we may ever make use of Thy grace through the abundant means Thou dost afford us; that so we may

live, and not die; that we may have our portion with Thee, and partake of Thy glories, and be one for ever with Jesus Christ Thy Son, who, with Thee and the Holy Ghost, liveth and reigneth, one God, world without end. Amen.

MOST glorious and eternal Lord God, Father

mercy, and God of all comfort, we worship and adore Thee with the lowest humility of our soul and body, and give Thee all thanks and praise for Thine infinite glories and perfections, and for the continual exhibition of Thy mercies upon us, upon all that are ours, and upon Thy holy Catholic Church. We acknowledge, O God, that we have deserved the utmost of Thy wrath. But Thy mercy triumphing over Thine indignation and our sins, through the atoning blood of Christ, Thou hast spared us, and opened to us the gates of grace and mercy; and perpetually callest upon us to enter in, and to walk in the paths of a holy life, that we may glorify Thee and be glorified of Thee eternally. Behold, O God, for this Thy great and unspeakable goodness, for Thy preservation of us during the past night, and all other Thy graces and blessings, we offer up our souls and bodies and minds, all that we are and all that we have, as a sacrifice to Thee and Thy service; humbly begging of Thee to pardon all our sins, to defend us from all evil, and to lead us into all good; and let our portion be among Thy redeemed ones, in

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