The Essex Review: An Illustrated Quarterly Record of Everything of Permanent Interest in the County, Volumen2

E. Durant and Company, 1893

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Página 51 - He has outsoared the shadow of our night; Envy and calumny and hate and pain, And that unrest which men miscall delight, Can touch him not and torture not again; From the contagion of the world's slow stain He is secure, and now can never mourn A heart grown cold, a head grown grey in vain; Nor, when the spirit's self has ceased to burn, With sparkless ashes load an unlamented urn.
Página 261 - A Most True And exact Relation of That as Honourable as unfortunate Expedition of Kent, Essex, and Colchester. By MC A Loyall Actor in that Engagement, Anno Dom. 1648. Printed in the Yeere 1650.
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Página 243 - Street, Ermine Street, Ikening or Via ad Icianos, so far as any of these Roads lead through the 'following Counties : Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Middlesex.
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Página 243 - New Survey of England; wherein the Defects of Camden are supplied, and the Errors of his Followers remarked ; the Opinions of our Antiquaries compared; the Roman military Ways traced ; and the Stations settled according to the Itinerary, without altering the Figures, with some natural Historyof each County.
Página 171 - The HISTORY of ESSEX : containing, I. Domesday of .Essex. II. History of the Manors, and the Families through which they have successively past, from the Conquest to this Day. III. Antiquities, Ecclesiastical History, Charitable Donations, Free Schools, Funeral Inscriptions, &c. With an Introduction, or General History of the County, from Julius Caesar's Invasion to the present Time. — Compiled and digested by N. TINDAL*, Vicar of Great Waltham, Essex, from Materials collected by T. Jekyl of Bocking,...

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