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DESIGNED FOR HIGH SCHOOLS, ACADEMIES, AND COLLEGES. This is a new edition of the ELEMENTS OF GEOMETRY, with the addition of a Complete System of Plane and Spherical TRIGONOMETRY, analytically treated, and

practically applied. No work of the kind has been in the same time more extensively introduced, or more highly commended by DISTINGUISHED EDUCATORS. It is now used in High Schools, Academies, and Normal Schools in all parts of the country, including in NEW ENGLAND alone UPWARDS OF SIXTY ACADEMIES.

A. P. Stone, A. M., President of the National Institute of Instruction, writes :

It stands the test of the schoolroom well — the only sure guarantee of the merits of any schock book.” WILLIAM C. Esły, A. M., Professor of Mathematics in Salem Public High School :

“ The only text-book of the kind which presents, in a form suitable for High Schools, the improved methods of the present day.” D. B. HAGAR, A, M., late President of Massachusetts State Teachers' Association :

“I have, with the unanimous concurrence of our school committee, adopted it for use in the Eliot High School. I cannot pay the work a higher compliment." Prof. G. P. Hawes, A. M., of Maryland Agricultural College:

* There is a wholeness and a brevity about it which is truly refreshing in this book-making age. I particularly admire its method of teaching trigonometric functions- an improvement upon the old system, and that too on an essential point, as it changes the basis of investigation wholly for the better. Prof. F. A. ALLEN, A. M., Principal of Chester County Normal School, Pa. :

“After giving it a fair trial - at least, a satisfactory one to me, I have concluded to introduce it into our Normal School. My opinion of the work is here given ir a tangible form." Prof. J. V. N. STANDISH, A. M., of Lombard College, Ill.:

“ Prof. Greenleaf seems to have followed the golden mean' between Euclid and Legendre; it is neither too wordy nor too concise. I regard the work as most excellent." Prof. H. A. Pratt, A. M., Principal of Hartford City High School, Conn. :

" It is undoubtedly the best work on the subject now offered to our schools." STILES French, A. M., Principal of a Classical and Scientific School, New Haven :

“ The whole book is remarkably well adapted to the purposes of instruction." Prof. E. J. Young, Principal of East Allentown Grammar School, Pa.:

“It is a work of rare merit, and I sincerely and conscientiously recommend it as undoubtedly the


GREENLEAF'S MATHEMATICAL SERIES Is so generally used in the best Schools of every State in the Union, as to have


Dozen prices. New Primary Arithmetic, exchanged for the old book and. ........ $0.06 $0.09 Intellectual Arithmetic,

.10 Common School Arithmetic,

.25 .371 National Arithmetic,

.561 Treatise on Algebra,

.40 Geometry and Trigonometry,"

.60 1,00




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Keys to the Intellectual, Common School, and National Arithmetics, Algebra, and Geometry and Trigonometry are published, for Teachers only. All interested are respectfully invited to correspond with us.

Published by ROBERT S. DAVIS & CO., Boston Feb. '62.


Original Dialogues,

BY EPES SARGENT, Author of The Standard Speakers, The Standard Readers, Spellers,

etc., etc.

The few Original Dialogues that Mr. SARGENT has published having attained a rare popularity, and been in extensive demand for School Exhibitions, etc., Mr. S. has yielded to the repeated solicitations of many of our most eminent teachers in all parts of the country, and consented to prepare the new collection which we here announce. It forms a handsome large duodecimo of 336 pages, with a fine portrait of the author, engraved on steel, and with wood-cuts representing appropriate attitudes in dialogue delivery.

Price 1.00.

The usual discount to the Trade. IF On receipt of one dollar, a copy will be sent, postage prepaid, to any teacher or pupil. D

Every school-boy and school-girl ought to own " Will be a favorite in every academy, high & copy.

school, grammar school, or county school, every“ The dialogues are eminently adapted to re

where where “boys are boys.” It is decidedly the presentation; vivid, full of action, with charac

best collection of dialogues for youthful representters well discriminated, and language never bor

ation that we have ever examined.” – Gardiner, dering on coarseness." — National Intelligencer.

(Me.) Home Journal. "The best collection of dialogues in the lan

“ These dialogues seem to be immensely popular guage. It ought to be introduced into every

with the boys. The book reached a third edition school in the country where elocution is taught."

before it had been out ten days." Boston Post, - N. Y Home Journal.

“Many a weary search have we had in our "A book worth having. It is written in excel

school days for just such a book as this.'' – Man. lent style, and calculated to delight all intelligent chester, (N. H.) Mirror. boys and girls." – Chicago Democrat.

Sargent's Standard Readers, Charts, etc.

The Readers, being newly electrotyped, will present an unworn face.

Sargent's Standardt Series of Readersis now the leading Series used in the Eastern States, and in most of the principal cities of the Union, and comprises five carefully graded Readers, a Primer, and two Spelling books.

Copies of the Readers will be furnished gratis to School Committees and Teachers, who are desirous of examining the same, with a view to introduction into schools, on application to the publisher. Or they will be sent by mail, prepaid, when the amount of postage is sent in stamps. The postage rates are, on the Fifth Reader, 24 cents; the Fourth, 18 cents; the Third, 15 cents; the Second, 12 cents; and on the First, 9 cents; Standard Speller, 12 cents; Štandard Primer, 6 cents; Smaller Standard Speller, 6 cents.

The New Lithographed Edition of Sargent's Standard School Charts (to accompany Sargent's Standard Readers) is now ready. The Charts are six in number, and each Chart is 22 by 28 inches in dimensions. The charts may be had either on six single sheets, as they come from the stone, or mounted on htree large cards with a chart on each side. In sheets, these charts may be nailed or pasted, on a wall, and renewed at small expense, when defaced. The six lithographed Charts, in sheets, will be sent by mail, postpaid, for 75 cents. Mounted on Cards, they will be furnished at $1.50 for the set, or 50 cents a card. An explanatory pamphlet goes with them. Address :

JOHN L. SHOREY, April, '61.- tf.

13 Washington St., Boston, Mass.

The Schools at Framingham and Salem are designed for the education of Female Teachers; those at Bridgewater and Westfield, for the education of Teachers of both sexes. Tuition is free to those who intend to teach in the public schools of Massachusetts, wherever they may have previously resided; and, if needed, pecuniary aid is also given to pupils from Massachusetts. The text-books required are mostly furnished from the libraries of the Schools.

The Terms Commence, in each School, as follows:

On the last Wednesday of February, and first Wednesday of September.

On the first Wednesday of March, and September.

On the third Wednesday of March and September.

On the fourth Wednesday of March and September.

Candidates for Admission are examined on the first day of each Term; except at Framingham, where the examination takes place on the day preceding. For Circulars, or further information, apply to the Principals of the several schools.

Feb. '61.

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Particular attention paid to the CULTIVATION OF THE VOICE, the Correction of its Defects, and Restoration of weak or impaired organs of speech.

L. B. M. will receive calls to Lecture or give Select Readings before Lyceums, Conventions, Institutes, etc.

Oct. '61 tf.


Published by CROSBY & NICHOLS, 117 Washington St., Boston.

NEW LATIN BOOK. A PREPARATORY LATIN PROSE BOOK; containing all the Latin Prose necessary

for entering College, with References to Kubner's and Andrews and Stoddard's Latin Grammars, Notes, critical and explanatory, a Vocabulary, and a Ġeographical and Historical Index. By J. H. Hanson, A. M., Principal of the High School for Boys, Portland, Me. 12mo. pp. 762. Price $1.50.

CONTENTS. --- References to the Passages from which the Eclogae Ciceronianae are taken ; Table of Cicero's Life; Table of Cæsar's Life; Eclogae Ciceronianæ; c. Julii Caesaris Commentarii de Bello Gallico. Libri IV; C. Sallustii Crispi Catilina; M. Tullii Ciceronis Orationes – 1. In L. Catilinam Oratio Prima Habíta in Senatu - 2.' In L. Catilinam Oratio Secunda ad Quirites – 3. In L. Catili nam Oratio Tertia ad Quirites – 4. In L. Catilinam Oratio Quarta habita in Senatu – 5. Oratio pro Lege Manilia ad Quirites –6. Pro A. Licinio Archia Poeta Oratio ad Judices ; Ciceronis Epistolae XXXV.; List of Abbreviations; Notes; Latin-English Vocabulary; Geographical and Historical Index.

The design of this book is explained in its title, and the manner in which the author has carried out the plan so happily conceived, is shown by the following opinion, from one well qualified to judge.

Rev. Dr. CHAMPLIN, formerly Professor of Latin and Greek in, and now President of, Waterville College, says:

** Permit me to say that, in my opinion, the Preparatory Latin Prose Book, by Mr. J. II. Hasson of Portland, is a work of great merit and much need in preparing for College. The long experience in teaching and excellent scholarship of Mr. Hanson have enabled him to adapt it most admirably to the wants of beginners. We have here in a single volume all the Latin prose with grammatical and philological notes and vocabulary required in preparing for college. The book cannot fail of being favorably received by classical teachers."

The publishers are constantly receiving similar endorsements of the work from those who have thoroughly examined it. A pamphlet, containing extracts from the book, with recommendations, will be sent if desired. RICHARDS'S LATIN LESSONS. Latin Lessons and Tables, combining the Analytic and Synthetic Methods. Consisting of Selections from Cæsar's Commentaries, with a complete System of Memorising the Grammar, Notes, Exercises in Translating from English into Latin, Tables, and a Vocabulary. By Cyrus S. Richards, A. M., Principal of Kimball Union Academy, Meriden, N. H. 12mo. 128 pp. Price, 63 cents.

This little book has received the most unqualified commendation from many of the ablest Latin scholars and teachers in the county. HENSHAW'S ANALYSIS. An Analysis of the Greek Verb. By MARSIALL Henshaw, A.

M., Professor in Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N. J. Price, 63 cents.

Professor JOHN J. OWEN, of the New York Free cademy, whose abili to judge of the work no one will question, says: “I have given it a careful examination, and am free to express my opinion that a more valuable and timely aid to the free and perfect command of the various parts of the Greek Verb has not been furnished to the students of our country. The faithful and intelligent use of your Tables and Paradigms will be of the highest advantage to beginners in Greek. I shall not only recommend it to my own immediate classes, but to professors and students generally, as I may have opportunity. You deserve the thanks of the friends of classical learning for this valuable contribution to the study of the noblest of human languages."! THE GREEK SERIES OF ALPHEUS CROSBY, late Professor of the Greek Lan

guage in Dartmouth College GREEK GRAMMAR. Price, $1.25: GREEK LESSONS. Price, 63 cents; XENOPHON'S ANABASIS. Price, 75 cents; GREEK TABLES. Price, 38 cents.

This admirable series of Greek text-books has steadily gained in popularity from the time of its first publication, and is regarded by eminent teachers and professors as among the best in use for imparting a thorough knowledge of the Greek language, being systematic in arrangement, adapted to the capacities of the learner, as well as exhaustive for the critical scholar, and characterized throughout by the accurate research and scholarship for which Professor Crosby is so justly distinguished. DOUAI'S GERMAN GRAMMAR. A Practical and Complete German Grammar. By A.

Doual, Teacher of German. 12mo. pp. 442. Price, $1.25.
NEW WORK BY DR. CHAMPLIN. First Principles of Ethics. Designed as a Basis

for Instruction in Ethical Scieuce in Schools and Colleges. By J. T. CHAMPLIN, President of Water

ville College. 12mo. pp. 204. Price 80 cents. CHAMPLIN'S INTELLECTUAL PHILOSOPHY. A Text-Book in Intellectual

Philosophy, for Schools and Colleges. Containing an Outline of the Science, with an Abstract of its

History. By J. T. CHAMPLIN, D. D., President of Waterville College. 12mo. Price 80 cents. THE BEST SYSTEM OF PENMANSHIP. Payson, Duxton & SCRIBNER'S COMBINED

SYSTEM OF RAPID PENMANSHIP. Comprising the Common School Series, the Business Series, and the Ladies' Series; with copies at the head of each page, executed in the most beautiful manner, and in a style exactly resembling a copy written by the authors.

This unrivalled series of Copy Books continues to retain its great popularity, notwithstanding the attempts which have been made to imitate and supplant it.

It is to this series, more than to anything else, that our schools are indebted for the impulse which has been given to this branch of education, and a marked improvement has always been visible wherever it has been introduced.

Its authors are devoted to their profession, and their combined experience is brought to bear upon the system, improving upon it from time to time as it is found capable of improvement.

Teachers and others are referred to our Descriptive Catalogue for a full list of our school and other publications.

CROSBY & NICHOLS, 117 Washington Street, Boston. Jan. '62.

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Catalogues furnished on application by mail or otherwise. Jan. 160.- f.

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