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classes, and the consulates into nine classes. It created five consuls-general-at-large to be inspectors of consulates, and abolished the fee system of compensation, except for consular agents. These agents are to receive half the fees they collect, up to $1,000 a year. Any consular offeer receiving more than $1,000 a year must be an American citizen and is prohibited from engaging in business or practising as a lawyer To carry out the provisions of the act of April 5, 1906, President Roosevelt on June 27, 1906, issued the following executive order:


*1. Vacancies in the office of consul-general and in the office of consul above class 8 shall be filled by promotion from the lower grades of the Consular Service, based upon ability and efnciency as shown in the service.

2. Vacancies in the office of consui of class 8 and of consul of class 9 shall be Alled:

*(a) By promotion on the basis of ability and efficiency as shown in the service, of consular clerks, and of vice-consula, deputy consuls and consular agents who shall have been appointed to such offices upon examination.

"(b) By new appointments of candidates who have passed a satisfactory examination for appointment as consul as hereafter provided.

Persons in the service of the Department of State with salaries of $2,000 or upward shall be eligible for promotion, on the basis of ability and efficiency as shown in the service, to any grade of the Consular Service above class 8 of consuls.

The Secretary of State, or such officer of the Department of State as the President shall designate, the chiet of the Consular Bureau and the chief examiner of the Civil Service Commission, or some person whom said Commission shall designate, shall constitute a board of examiners for admission to the Consular Service.

". It shall be the duty of the board of examiners to formulate rules for and hold examinations of applicants for admission to the Consular Service.

The scope and method of the examinations shall be determined by the board of examiners, but among

the subjects shall be included at least one modern language other than English; the natural, industrial and commercial resources and the commerce of the United States, especially with reference to the possibilities of increasing and extending the trade of the United States with foreign countries; political economy: elements of international, commercial and maritime law.

*7. Examination papers shall be rated on a scale of 100, and no person rated at less than 80 shall be eligible for certification,

* 8. No one shall be examined who is under twenty-one or over fifty years of age. or who is not a citizen of the United States, or who is not of good character and habits and physically and mentally qualified for the proper performance of consular work, or who has not been specially designated by the President for appointment to the Consular Service subject to examination.

Whenever a vacancy shall occur in the eighth or ninth class of consuls which the President may deem it expedient to fill, the Secretary of State shall inform the board of examiners, who shall certify to him the list of those persons eligible for appointment, accompanying the certificate with a detailed report showing the qualifications, as revealed by examination, of the persons so certified. If it be desired to fill & racancy in a consulate in a country in which the United States exercises extra-territorial jurisdiction, the Secretary of State shall so inform the board of examiners, who shall include in the list of names certified by it only such persons as have passed the examination provided for in this order, and who also have passed an examination in the fundamental principles of the common law, the rules of evidence and the trial of civil and criminal cases. The list of names which the board of examiners shall Certify shall be sent to the President for his information,

*10. No promotion shall be made except for efficiency, as shown by the work that the officer has accomplished, the ability, promptness and diligence displayed by him in the performance of all his official duties, his conduct and his fitness for the Consular Service.

"11. It shall be the duty of the board of examiners to formulate rules for and hold examinations of persons designated for appointment as consular clerk, and of such persons designated for appointment as vice-consul, deputy consul and consular agent, as shall desire to become eligible for promotion, The scope and method of such examination shall be determined by the board of examiners, but it shall include the same subjects hereinbefore prescribed for the examination of consuls. Any vice--consul, deputy consul or consular agent now in the service, upon passing such an examination, shall become eligible for promotion, as if appointed upon such examination.

12. In designations for appointment subject to examination and in appointments after examination, due regard will be had to the rule, that as between candidates of equal merit, appointments should be so made as to secure proportional representation of all the states and territories in the Consular Service; and neither in the designation for examination or certification or appointment will the political affiliations of the candidate be considered."

On November 10, 1905, President Roosevelt issued the following executive order regulating appointments to secretaryships of embassy or legation:

"It is herehy ordered that vacancies in the office of secretary of embassy or legation shall hereafter be filled:

(a) By transfer or promotion from some branch of the Foreign Service, or

"(b) By the appointment of a person who, having furnished satisfactory evidence of character, responsibility and capacity, and being thereupon selected by the President for examination, is found upon such examination to be qualified for the position."


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(Salary of Chief Justice, $13,000; of each Associate Justice, $12,500.)

Appointed. 4 MELVILLE W. FULLER, Ilinois, Chief Justice.......

1898 1. OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES, Massachusetts.

1902 2 RUFUS W. PECKHAM, New York.

1895 2 WILLIAM R. DAY, Ohio....

1903 & EDWARD D, WHITE, Louisiana.

1894 & JOHN M. HARLAN, Kentucky.

1877 7. WILLIAM H. MOODY, Massachusetts,

1906 & DAVID J. BREWER, Kansas.

1889 8. JOSEPH M KENNA, California

1898 Reporter of the Supreme Court-Charles Henry Butler (1902). New York, $4,500. Clerk-James H. McKenney (1880), District of Columbia, $6,000.

Marshalk-J. M. Wright (1888), Kentucky, $3,500. UNITED STATES CIRCUIT JUDGES. UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGES. (Annual salary, $7,000.)

(Annual salary, $6,000.) L Maine, Massachusetts, New Hamp Alabama-(N. D., M. D.) T. G. Jones, shire and Rhode Island; Le Baron B. Montgomery; (S. D.) H. T. Toulmin, MoColt, Rhode Island; William L. Putnam, bile, Maine; Francis C. Lowell, Massachusetts

Arkansas--E. D.) Jacoh Trieber, Little IL Connecticut, New York and Ver- Rock; (W. D.) J. H. Rogers, Fort Smith, mont; William J. Wallace, E. Henry La

California--(N. D.) J. J. De Haven, combe and Alfred C. Coxe, New York;

San Francisco; (S. D.) Olin Wellborn, William K. Townsend, Connecticut.

Los Angeles. IIL Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania; George M. Dallas and Joseph

Colorado--Robert E. Lewis, Denver.

Connecticut-Jas, P. Platt, Hartford, Buffington, Pennsylvania; George Gray, Delaware.

Delaware-E, G. Bradford, Wilmington.

Florida--(N. D.) Charles Swayne, Perr IV. Maryland, North Carolina South

sacola; (S. D.) J. W. Locke, Jacksonville. Carolina, Virginia and W. Virginia; Nathan Goff, West Virginia; Jeter

Georgia--(N. D.) W. T. Newman, AtC.

lanta; (s. D.) Emory Speer, Macon. Pritchard, North Carolina. Alabama, Florida Georgia, Louist

Hawaii-Sanford B. Dole, Honolulu, V.

Idaho-James H. Beatty, Boise City. ana, Mississippi and Texas; Don A. Pardee, Louisiana; Andrew P. McCormick,

Illinois-(N. D.) Solomon H. Bethea and Texas; David D. Shelby, Alabama.

Kenesaw M. Landis, Chicago; (E. D.) VL Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and

Francis M. Wright, Urbana; (S. D.) J. 0. Tennessee; Horace H Lurton, Tennessee;

Humphrey. Springfield. John K, Richards, Ohio; Henry F. Sev

Indiana--Albert B. Anderson, Indianap

olis. erns, Michigan

VIL Dlinois, Indiana and Wisconsin; Iowa-(N. D.) Hepry T. Reed, Cresco; Prancis E Baker, Indiana; James G. Jen (S. D.) Smith McPherson, Red Oak, kins and William H. Seaman, Wisconsin;

Kansas-John C. Pollock, Topeka. Peter S. Grosscup and Christian C. Kohl- Kentucky--(E. D.) A. M. I. Cochran, saat, Ilinois.

Maysville; (W. D.) Walter Evans, LouisVIII. Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kan


Louisiana--(E. D.) sas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North

Charles Parlange, Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyo

New Orleans; (W. D.) Aleck Boarman, ming. New Mexico; Oklahoma and Ind- Shreveport. lan Territories; Walter H Sanborn, Min- Maine-Clarence Hale, Portland. nesota; Wills Van Devanter. Wyoming; Maryland Thomas J. Morris, Baltimore. William C. Hook, Kansas; Elmer В. Massachusetts-Frederick Dodge, Bos

ton. Adarns, Missoart.

IX. California, Idaho, Montana, Neva- Michigan-E, D.) Hy. H. Swan, Deda, Oregon and Washington, and terri- troit (W. D.) Loyal E. Knappen, Grand tortes of Alaska, Arizona and Hawaii; Rapids, William W. Morrow and Erskine M. Rose, Minnesota-William Lochren, MinneapCalifornia; William B. Gilbert, Oregon. olis; Page Morris, Duluth



Mississippi-(N. and S. D.) Henry C. thewman, Kailua; Fourth Circuit, Charles Niles, Kosciusko.

F. Parsons. Hilo; Fifth Circuit, J. Hardy, Missouri-(E. D.) Gustavus A. Finkeln-'| Lihue. Annual salary, $3,000. burg, St. Louis; (W. D.) J. F. Phillips, Indian Territory Judges District Courts Kansas City.

-(N. D.) J. A. Gul and Luman Montana-William H. Hunt, Helena. Parker, jr., Vinita; (W. D.) Wm. R. LawNebraska-William H. Munger, Omaha. rence and Louis Sulzbacher, Muskogee; Nevada

(C. D.) W. H. H. Clayton and Thomas c. New Hampshire-Edgar Aldrich, Little- Humphrey, South McAlester; (S. D.) H. ton,

Townsend and Joseph T. Dickerson, ArdNew Jersey--William M. Lanning, Tren- more. Annual salary, $5,000. ton; Joseph Cross, Elizabeth.

New Mexico-Chief Justice, W. J. Mills, New York-(N. D.) George W. Ray Las Vegas. Associate Justices-J. R. McNorwich; (s. D.) George

B. Adams, Fie, Santa Fé; F. W. Parker, Las Cruces; George C. Holt and Charles M. Hough, W. H. Pope, Roswell; Edward A, Mann, New York City; (E. D.) T. I. Chatfield, Alamogordo; Ira A. Abbott, Albuquerque. Brooklyn; (W. D.) John R. Hazel, Bufalo. Annual salary, $3,000.

North Carolina--(E. D.) T. R. Purnell, Oklahoma-Chief Justice, J. H. Burford, Raleigh; (W. D.) J. E. Boyd, Greensboro. Guthrie. Associate Justices-C. F. Irwin, North Dakota-Charles F.

Amidon, El Reno; B. F. Burwell, Oklahoma City; Fargo.

Bayırd T. Hainer, Perry: J. L. Pancoast, Ohio (N. D.) A. J. Ricks and Robert Alva; Milton C. Garber, Enid; F. E. W. Taylon Cleveland; (S. D.) A. C. Gillette, Anadarko. Annual salary, $3,000. Thompson, Cincinnati.

Porto Rico--Chief Justice, José Severo Oregon-Charles E. Wolverton, Portland, Quinones, San Juan. Associate Justices

Pennsylvania--(E. D.) John B. McPher Adolph Grant Woll, San Juan; José C. son and James B. Holland, Philadelphia; Hernandez, José M. Figueras and James (M. D.) Robert W. Archbald, Scranton; H. McLeary, San Juan. Annual salary of (W. D.) Nathaniel Ewing, Pittsburg.

Chief Justice, $5,000; of Associate JusPorto Rico-Bernard S. Rodey, San tices, $4,500. Juan.

UNITED STATES COURT OF CLAIMS. Rhode Island--A. L. Brown, Providence.

South Carolina-William H. Brawley, Chief Justice Stanton J. Peelle, Indiana, Charleston.

Agsociate Justices-C. B. Howry, MissisSouth Dakota-J. E. Carland, Sioux sippi; Fenton W. Booth, Illinois; George Falls.

W. Atkinson, West Virginia; Samuel S. Tennessee--(E. and M. D.) Charles D. Barney, Wisconsin, Annual salary Clark, Chattanooga; (W. D.) John Chief Justice, $6,500; of Associate JusMcCall, Memphis.

tices, $6,000. Texas-(N. D.) Edward R. Meek, Fort

COURT OF APPEALS, D. C. Worth; (S. D.) Waller T. Burns, Houston; (E. D.) David E. Bryant, Sherman; (W.

Chief Justice-Seth Shepard, D. C. AsD.) Thomas S. Maxey, Austin.

sociate Justices-Louis E. McComas, Utah-John A. Marshall, Salt Lake City. Maryland; Charles H. Robb, Vermont. Vermont--James L. Martin, Brattleboro. Annual salary of Chief Justice, $7,500; of

Virginia--(E. D.) Edmund Waddill, jr., Associates, $7,000. Richmond; (W. D.) Henry C. McDowell,

SUPREME COURT, D. C. Lynchburg.

Chief Justice Harry M. Clabaugh, Washington--(W. D.) Cornelius H.

Maryland. Associate Justices-Job BarHanford, Scattle; (E. D.) Edward Whit

nard, D. C.; T. H. Anderson, Ohio; Ashson, Spokane.

ley M. Gould, Maryland; Wendell F. StafWest Virginia--(N. D.) Alston G. Day- | ford, Vermont; Daniel Thew Wright, ton, Philippi; (S. D.) Benjamin F. Keller,

Ohio. Annual salary, $6,000. Bramwell.

UNITED STATES COURT FOR CHINA. Wisconsin-(E. D.) Joseph V. Quarles, Milwaukee; (W. D.) Arthur L. Sanborn,

Judge Lebbeus R. Wilfley, Missouri, Madison.

$8,000; District Attorney, Arthur Bassett, Wyoming-John A. Riner, Cheyenne.

Missouri, $4,000; Marshal, 0. R. Leonard,



(Salaries range from $3,000 to $10,000, Alaska-First Division, Royal A. Gun

according to relative importance of posts.) rison, Juneau; Second Division, Alfred S.

Alabama--(N. D.) 0. R. Hundley, Moore, Nome; Third Division, James

Birmingham; (M. D.) Erastus J. Parscns. Wickersham, Eagle City. Annual salary,

Montgomery; (S. D.) William H. Arm-$5,000.

brecht, Mobile. Arizona--Chief Justice, Edward Kent, Alaska--First District, John J. Boyce, Phoenix. Associate Justices--Fletcher M. Juneau; Second, Henry M. Hoyt, Nome; Doan, Tombstone; R. E. Sloan, Prescott;

Third, N, V. Harlan, Fairbanks. John H. Campbell, Tucson; Frederick S. Arizona-J. L. B. Alexander, Tucson. Nave, Solomonville. Annual salary $3,000. Arkansas-(E. D.) W. G. Whipple, Littie

Hawaii-Supreme Court--Chief Justice, Rock; (W. D.) J. K. Barnes, Fort Smith, W. F. Trear. Associate Justices-Alfred California--(N. D.) Robert T. Devlin, S. Hartwell and Arthur A. Wilder, Hono- San Francisco; (S. D.) Oscar Lawler, Los lulu. Annual salary of Chief Justice, Angeles. $5,500; Associates, $5,000, Circuit Colorado-Earl M. Craaston, Denver, Judges--First Circuit, John T. DeBolt, Connecticut-F. H. Parke:, Hartford. Alex. Lindsay, jr., and W. J. Robinson, Delaware-John P. Nields, Wilmington. Honolulu; Second Circuit, A. N. Kepoikai, District of Columbia-Daniel W. Baker, Walluku; Third Circuit, John T. Mat- Washington.


Florida--(N. D.) William B. Sheppard, van, Seattle; (

ED.) A. George Avery, Pensacoia; S. D.) John M. Cheney, Jack- Spokane. sonville.

West Virginia-(N. D.) Reese Blizzard, Georgia-N. D.) Farish C. Tate, At- Parkersburg; (s. D.) Elliott Northcott, lanta; (S. D.) Marion Erwin, Macon. Huntington.

Hawaii-Robert W. Breckens, Honolulu. Wisconsin-(E. D.) Henry K, butterIdaho-Norman M, Ruick, Boise.

fieid, Milwaukee; (W. D.) William C. Illinois-(N. D.) Edwin W. Sims, Chica- Wheeler, Madison. go; (E, D.) Williim E. Trautmann, Dan- Wyoming-Timothy F. Burke, Cheyenne. ville; (S. D.) William A

Northcott, UNITED STATES MARSHALS. Springfield.

(Salaries range from $2,000 to $5,000, Indlana-J. B. Kealing, Indianapolis. according to relative importance of

Indian Territory--(N. D.) Wade s. posts.) Stanfield, Vinita; (C. D.) Thomas B.

Alabama--(N. D.)

Pope M. Long Latham, South McAlester; (W. D.) Wilt- Birmingham; (

MD.) James H. Judkins, iam M. Mellette, Muskogee; (S. D.) George Montgomery; (S. D.) Gilbert B. Deans, R. Walker, Ardmore,

Mobile, Iowa-(N. D.) H. G. McMillan, Cedar Alaska--(First Division), James M. Rapids; (s. D.) Lewis Miles, Corydon. Shoup, Juneau; (Second Division) Thomas Kansas-Henry J. Bono. Topeka..

C. Powell, Nome; (Third Division) George Kentucky—(E. D.) J. H. Tinsley, COV, G. Perry, Fairbanks, ington; (W. D.) George Du Relle, Louis- Arizona-Benjamin F. Daniels, Tucson. vile.

Arkansas-(E. D.) Harmon L. Remmel, Louisiana (E. D.) W. W. Howe, New- Little Rock; (W. D.) John Frank Mayes, Orleans; (W. D.) M. C. Elstner, Shreve- Fort Smith, port.

California-(N. D.) Charles T. Elliott, Maine-Robert T. Whitehouse, Portland. San Francisco; (S. D.) Leo V. YoungMaryland-John C. Rose, Baltimore. worth, Los Angeles. Massachusetts Asa P. French, Boston. Colorado-Dewey C. Bailey, Denver.

Michigan-(E. D.) Frank H. Watson, Connecticut--Edson S. Bishop, Hartford. Detroit; (W. D.) G. G. Covell, Grand Delaware-William R. Flinn, WilmingRapids,

ton, Minnesota-Charles C. Houpt, St. Paul. District of Columbia-Aulick Palmer,

Mississippi-(N. D.) William D. Frazee, Washington. Oxford; (S. D.) Robert C. Lee, Jackson. Florida--(N. D.) Thomas F. McGourin,

Missouri-(E. D.) D. P. Dyer, St. Louis; Pensacola; (S. D.) John F. Horr, Jackson(W. D.) A. S. Van Valkenburgh, Kansas ville. City

Georgia--(N. D.) Walter H. Johnson, AtMontana-Carl Rasch, Helena.

lanta; (S. D.) George F. White, Macon. Nebraska-Charles A. Goss, Omaha.

Hawaii-E. R. Hendry, Honolulu. Nevada--Samuel Platt, Carson City.

Idaho--Ruel Rounds, Boisé. New Hampshire-C. J. Hamblett, Con- Illinois---(N. D.) Luman T. Hoy, Chicord.

cago; (E. D.) Charles P. Hitch, Danville; New Jersey-J. B. Vreeland, Newark. (S. D.) Leon A. Townsend, Springfield. New Mexico-W. H, H. Lewellyn, Las Indiana-Henry C. Pettit, Indianapolis. Cruces,

Indian Territory-(N. D.) William H. New York-(N. D.) G. B. Curtiss, Bing- Darrough, Vinita; (W. D.) Leo E. Bennett, hamton; (S. D.) H. L. Stinson, New Muskogee; (C. D.) George K, Pritchard, York City; (E. D.) William J. Youngs, South McAlester; (S. D.) Grosvenor A. Brooklyn; (W. D) Lyanan M.

Bass, Porter. Ardmore. Baffalo.

Iowa--(N. D.) Edward Knott, Dubuque; North Carolina-(E. D.) Harry Skinner, (S. D.) George M. Christian, Des Moines. Raleigh; (W. D.) A. E. Holton, Winston. Kansas-William H. Mackey, jr., ToNorth Dakota--P. H. Rourke, Fargo. pek2.

Ohio (N. D.) John J. Sullivan, Cleve- Kentucky-(E. D.) Stephen G. Sharp, land;

(s. D.) Sherman T. McPherson, Covington; (W. D.) George W. Long, Cincinnati,

Louisville, Oklahoma-Joha Embry, Guthrie.

Louisiana-(E. D.) Victor Loisel, NewOregon-William C. Bristol, Portland. Orleans; (W. D.) C. C. Duson, ShrevePennsylvania–(E. D.) J. Whittaker

port. Thompson, Philadelphia; M. D.) S. J. M. Maine-Henry W. Mayo, Portland. McCarrell, Harrisburg; (W. D.) John W. Maryland-John F. Langhammer, BaltiDuakle, Pittsburg.

more. Porto Rico–J. R. F. Savage, San Juan. Massachusetts --- Charles K. Darling, Rhode Islard-C. A. Wilson, Providence. Boston, South Carolina--Emest F.

Cochran, Michigan--(E. D.) Milo D. Campbell, Charleston,

Detroit; (W. D.) Frank W. Wait, Grand South Dakota-J. D. Elliott, Sioux Falls, Rapids.

Tennessee -(E. D.) J. R. Penland, Knox- Minnesota-William H. Grimshaw, St. rille; (M. D.) A. M. Tillman, Nashville; Paul. (W. D.) George Randolph, Memphis.

Mississippi-(N. D.) James A. Toler, Texas-(N. D.) W. H. Atwell, Dallas; Oxford (S. D.) Edgar S. Wilson, Jackson. (S. D.) M. C. McLemore, Galveston;


Missouri -(E. D.) William L. Morsey, D.) James W. Ownby, Paris; W. D.) St. Louis; (W. D.) Edwin R. Durham, Charles A. Boynton, Waco.

Kansas City.
Utah-Hiram E. Booth, Salt Lake City. Montana--A. W. Merrifield, Helena.

Vermont-Alexander Dunnett, St. Johns- Nebraska-William P. Warner, Omaha. bury.

Nevada-Robert Grimnion, Carson City. Virginia-(E. D.) Lunsford L. Lewis, New Hampshire-Eugene P. Nute, CooRich.nnnd; W. D.) T. L. Moore, Roanoke. corn.

Washington-W. D.) Potter' C. Sulli- New Jersey- Thomas J. Alcott, Trenton

New Mexico --Creighton M. Foraker, AH South Dakota---Seth Bullock, Sioux buquerque.

Falls. New York--(N. D.) Clinton D. Mac Tennessee-(E. D.) William A. Dunlap, Dougall, Auburn; (8. D.) William Henkel, Knoxville; (M. D.) John W. Overall, NashNew York City;

D.) Charles J. ville; (W. D.) Frank S. Elgin, Memphis. Haubert, Brooklyn; (W. D.) William R. Texas-(N. D.) George H. Green; Dal Compton, Elmira.

las; (8. D.) C. G. Brewster, Galveston; North Carolina (E. D.) Claudius Dock (E. D.) Andrew J. Houston, Paris; (W. ery, Raleigh; James M. Millikan, Greens- D.) Eugene Nolte, San Antonio. boro.

Utah-William Spry, Salt Lake City. North Dakota---James F. Shea, Fargo. Vermont-Horace Ward Batley, Rut

Ohio (N. D.) Frank M. Chandler, land. Cleveland; (S. D.) Eugene L. Lewis, cin- Virginta--(E. D.) Morgan Treat, Richcinnati.

mond; (W. D.) S. Brown Allen, Harrison Oklahoma--John R. Abernathy, Guthrie. burg. Oregon-Charles J. Reed, Portland.

Washington-W. D.) Charles B. Hop Pennsylvania--(E. D.) John B. Robin-kins, Tacoma; (E. D.) George H. Baker, son, Philadelphia; (M. D.) Charles B. Wit- Spokane. mer, Scranton; (W. D.) Stephen P. Stone, West Virginia--(N. D.) Charles D. EL Pittsburg.

liott, Parkersburg; D.) Frank H Porto Rico-H. S. Hubbard, San Juan. Tyree, Huntington. Rhode Island-Daniel R. Ballou, Provi- Wisconsin (E.


Thomas B. Reid, dence.

Milwaukee; (W. D.) Charles Lewiston, South Carolina--J. Dimcan Adams, Madison. Charleston,

Wyoming--Frank A. Hudsell, Cheyenne.


CHARLES W. FAIRBANKS, of Indiana, Vice-President and President

of the Senate, $8,000,
CHARLES G. BENNETT, of New York, Secretary, $5,000.

Salary of each Senator, $5,000.

Republicans, 57; Democrats, 33.3
Term exp.

Term exp.

Home P. O. 1907 John T. Morgan (D.)...Selma.

1907 1A. W. Benson R.)... Ottawa. 1909 Edm. W. Pettus (D.)...Selma.

1909 Chester I. Long (R.). Medicine Lodge. ARKANSAS,

KENTUCKY. 1907 James H. Berry (D.)....Bentonville. 1907 J.C. S. Blackburn (D.). Versailles. 1909 Jas. P. Clarke (D.)..... Little Rock. 1909 Jas. B. McCreary (D.).Richmond, CALIFORNIA.

LOUISIANA. 1909 Geo. C. Perkins (R.)...Oakland,

1907 "Murphy J. Foster (D.) Franklin. 1911 Frank P. Flint (R.)....Los Angeles. 1909 S. D. McEnery (D.)....New-Orleans. COLORADO.

MAINE. 1907 Thos. M. Patterson (D.). Denver.

1907 William P. Frye (R.)...Lewiston, 1909 Henry M. Teller (D.)... Central City. 1911 Eugene Hale (R.)...... Ellsworth. CONNECTICUT.

MARYLAND.' 1909 F. B. Brandegee (R.).. New-London.

1909 3Wm. P. Whyte (D.)... Baltimore. 1911 M. G. Bulkeley (R.)....Hartford. 1911 Isidor Rayner (D.)..... Baltimore, DELAWARE,

MASSACHUSETTS. 1907 J. Frank Allee (R.)....Dover.

1907 W. Murray Crane (R.)., Dalton. 1911 Henry A. Dupont (R.)..Wilmington, 1911 Henry C. Lodge (R.)...Nahant, FLORIDA.

MICHIGAN. 1909 S. B. Mallory (D.)......Pensacola 1907 Russell A. Alger (R.)...Detroit. 1911 Jas. P. Taliaferro (D.)..Jacksonville 1911 Julius C. Burrows (R.).Kalamazoa GEORGIA.

MINNESOTA. 1907 A. O. Bacon (D.)...... Mason.

1907 Knute Nelson (R.).....Alexandria, 1909 Alex. S. Clay (D.). ..... Marietta. 1911 Moses E. Clapp (R.)... St. Paul IDAHO.

MISSISSIPPI. 1907 Fred. T. Dubois (D.)... Boise City. 1907 ? A. J. McLaurin (D.).. Brandon. 1909 W. B. Heyburn (R.).... Wallace.

1911 H. de S. Money (D.)... Carrollton. ILLINOIS.

MISSOURI. 1907 Shelby M. Cullom (R.).. Springfield. 1909 Wm. J. Stone (D.).... St. Louis. 1909 Albert J. Hopkins (Rn). Aurora.

1911 William Warner (R.)..... Kansas City. INDIANA.

MONTANA. 1909 James A. Hemenway (R.). Booneville, 1907 William A. Clark (D.). ... Helena, 1911 A. J. Beveridge (R.).... Indianapolis. 1911 Thos. H. Carter (R.)..... Helena IOWA

NEBRASKA, 1007 J. P. Dolliver (R.).... Fort Dodge, 1907 Joseph H. Millard (R.)... Omaha. 1909 Wm. B. Allison (R.). .. Dubuque.

1911 Elmer J. Burkett (R.).... Lincoln

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