Opinions of Commissioners Under the Convention Concluded September 8, 1923, as Extended by Subsequent Conventions, Between the United States and Mexico

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1931
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Página 45 - Power, the Tribunal shall apply direct to the Government of that Power. The same rule applies in the case of steps being taken to procure evidence on the spot.
Página 43 - The matter was submitted to an international commission of inquiry. The Russian Government maintained that the firing was caused by the approach of some Japanese torpedo boats. The commission of inquiry reported that no such boats had been present; that the firing was not justifiable; that Admiral Rojdestvensky was responsible for the incident, but that these facts were not of a nature to cast any discredit upon the military qualities or the humanity of Admiral Rojdestvensky or of the personnel of...
Página 166 - This sum of $1,420,682.67 will totally extinguish the annuities accrued and not paid by the Government of the Mexican Republic — that is to say, the annuity of $43,050.99 Mexican from February 2, 1869, to February 2, 1902. 3. The Government of the Republic of the United Mexican States shall pay to the Government of the United States of America on February 2, 1903, and each following year on the same date of February 2, perpetually, the annuity of $43,050.99 Mexican, in money having legal currency...
Página 7 - On the other hand, the Commission rejects the contention that evidence put forward by the claimant and not rebutted by the respondent must necessarily be considered as conclusive. But, when the claimant has established a prima facie case and the respondent has offered no evidence in rebuttal the latter may not insist that the former pile up evidence to establish its allegations beyond a reasonable doubt without pointing out some reason for doubting.
Página 45 - ... their own right, as in those cases the distinction between a plaintiff and a respondent often is unknown, and both parties often have to file their pleadings at the same time.
Página 84 - I, therefore, come to ask your approval that I should use the armed forces of the United States in such ways and to such an extent as may be necessary to obtain from General Huerta and his adherents the fullest recognition of the rights and dignity of the United States, even amidst the distressing conditions now unhappily obtaining in Mexico.
Página 129 - As in war the bearers of flags of truce are sacred, or else wars would be interminable, so in peace ambassadors, public ministers, and consuls, charged with friendly national intercourse, are objects of especial respect and protection, each according to the rights belonging to his rank and station.
Página 64 - If the point were not already adjudged, it would admit of grave consideration, whether the legislature of a State can surrender this power, and make its action in this respect binding upon its successors, any move than it can surrender its police power or its right of eminent domain.
Página 164 - Case Concerning the Payment of Various Serbian Loans Issued in France: Case Concerning the Payment in Gold of the Brazilian Federal Loans Issued in France: Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice, Series A.
Página 135 - ... government de jure established itself as a result of a particular revolution. (4) By federal forces that were disbanded, and (5) By mutinies or mobs, or insurrectionary forces other than those referred to under subdivisions (2), (3) and (4) above, or by bandits, provided in any case it be established that the appropriate authorities omitted to take reasonable measures to suppress insurrectionists, mobs or bandits, or treated them with lenity or were in fault in other particulars.

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