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Major John Mills,


TO praise the Lord, Heaven's

mighty arch, Wafts seas

impendent thro' the skies,

Rolls burning orbs unbounded lengths; Religious Intelligence. And paints the north in blood-stain's

dies. Suns shine to Him, to Him the


Roll'd in soft light, fills her full face,

Lightnings before him play, and loud ON Wednesday, June 13th, Majestic thunders roar his praise. 1804, Rev. JAMES Davis, was Whole forests wave, broad oceans Ordained to the work of an


Volcanoes disembogue their flame; Evangelist, by the Association

Mountains aloft bear up their cliffs, of the Western District of Ver

In hallelujahs to his name. mont, met in Cornwall, (Vt.)

Let universal nature stand, The Rev. Joseph Marshel made Obsequious to the Eternal's nod; the introductory prayer. The But thou, my soul, shalt praise him Rev. William Jackson preached


Shalt triumph in thy Saviour God. a sermon, from 2 Cor. i. 12.The Rev. Ebenezer Harwood Hymning around Jehovah's throne ;

Not Gabriel, with the choirs above, made the consecrating prayer Can glory in redeeming love, The Rev. Job Swift, D. D. gave This

is ours

is all our own. the charge The Rev. James Ye sons of men, redeem'd from Murdock

death, gave the right hand of fellowship and the Rev. Lemu- By bleeding love and boundless grace ;

In endless chorus swell the sound, el Haynes made the concluding Hosanna to the Prince of Peace. prayer. The whole scene was very serious and solemn.


Donations to the Missionary Society of Connecticut.

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1804. June 1st. A Female Friend of Missions,

26. Samuel P. Robbins, in New Settlements, July 3. A Friend of Missions from Cornwall,

A Friend of Missions from Symsbury,

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A Missionary Sermon, delivered cordingly gives his professed at Hartford on the Evening of friends in every age opportuni. the Election Day, May 10, ties for the proof of their faith 1804, by the Rev. Amos Bas- promises to be believed, and exSET, of Hebron.

cellent objects to be pursued. [Contin. from page 8.]

When a true believer hears the JOAN VIII. 56.

promise, that “all nations shall

bow down before Jesus,” he is Your Father Abraham rejoiced

animated like one who hears the to see my day; and he saw it

distant shouts of victory, A and was glad.

strong faith, like that of AbraTHROUGH the mercy of hain, need not lean upon sight;

God, the same gospel that but, in a manner the most hon. was preached to Abraham is orable to God, relies


his brought nigh to us with increas- / faithfulness, when “ he calleth ed brightness.“ The light of things that be not as tho' they the sun has become seven fold.”


Rom. iv. 17. Now, in the time of our proba- 2. The sincerity of professed tion, is to be tried our love to love to God, must be manifested Jehovah our Saviour. It is to by a tender regard to the divine be ascertained by the faith to honor and a delight in the prowhich it gives operation-by a

motion of religion. By a total tender regard for the divine indifference to these, men betray honor-by a delight in the pro- a want of “the spirit of adopmotion of religion-and by a

tion." Let every one therefore prompt and persevering obedi-“prove his own self. Let the ence to every plain intimation of eye be turned to whole nations, the will of God.

not far distant, sunk in the dark1. If men have not faith in ness of heathenism and idolatry, God

, they neither love him nor ignorant and regardless of the please him. It is his fixed con- God who made them, and tram. stitution also, that this faith must

pling the divine honor in the be proved by its fruits. He ac- dust. Vol. V. No. 2.


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Ignorance of the feelings of ferred to ought never to have a God in relation to idolatry can- place. not be plead. It is the abomina- In addition to the heathen, ble thing which his soul abhor- there are many others within eth. Where then is our re- our knowledge, particularly our gard for the honor of Jehovah ? brethren in the new settlements, Destitute of such a regard shall whose situation claims from the we presume to address him by friends of Chirst a compassion the endearing title of “ Our Fa- like that which he felt, when he ther who art in Heaven?” Well“ beheld the multitudes as sheep may he reply to us, as he did without a shepherd.” How many to hypocrites in former times, are there, of whom it may truly “ If I be a father where is mine be said, that they are “ without honor ?" Mal. i. 6.

God in the world;" living in a Have any professors of reli- total neglect of their maker and gion been inattentive to the state his reasonable service. God is of the heathen? Let such read continually dishonored, and they a description of it in the first are walking in the road to death. chapter to the Romans. Read Professors of the gospel canalso in the 3d chapter, from ver. not surely be ignorant of the 9th to ver. 19th. Read Gal. v. appropriate and only means of 19-21, and Eph. ii. 1, 11, 12.-remedying these evils. PhiloThe descriptions in these passa- sophers, both atheists and idolages do at least include their ters, have attempted in vain for state. Accordingly, the com- hundreds of years to reform mand is expressly given, “Go mankind. The cross of Christ, teach all nations.” In opposi-made known in the gospel, is the tion to all this light, will any at- only mean of “pulling down tempt to maintain that the strong holds, casting down imaheathen stand in no need of the ginations, and every high thing gospel that they stand as good that exalteth itself against the a chance for salvation without knowledge of God.” The honthe gospel as with it--impeach-or of God is inseparably coning the wisdom of God, and en- nected with the prevalence of deavoring to persuade us that no the gospel. God has “magniexertions ought to be made to fied his word above all his send them the gospel ? “ This name" Psalm cxxxviii. 2. In perstasion" brethren “cometh proportion as the gospel spreads not of him who calleth us.”- and prevails God is honored, his The carnal Jews were grieved, character is displayed, his perbut Abraham rejoiced, that the fections are brought forth to benefits of the Messiah's king- view, and “in the day of his dom might and should be ex- power," men are brought to tended to all nations.

know, love and serve him.” That in particular situations, Then “one shall say I am the and under certain circumstances Lord's; another shall call himthere may be reasons for send self by the name of Jacob; and ing religious instruction to oth- another shall subscribe with ers rather than to the heathen, his hand unto the LORD. All will not be denied. But, among that see them shall acknowledge these reasons, the one just re- them, that they are the seed

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which the Lord hath blessed. More particularly—to one, go to Then his Redeemer, Jehovah of the inhabitants of Africa-to hosts” appears in his glory- another, encounter the perils of See 44th and 61st chapters of the deep, that you may visit the Isaiah.

Islands of the sea-to another, 3. God will try and prove our go to the long-benighted heathprofessions of love to him, by en of the east—to another, reseeing how far we will yield an pair to the heathen round aimplicit, persevering obedience bout thy borders who are “perto his commands, without con- ishing for lack of vision"_to ferring with flesh and blood.”

another, go “ strengthen and At times when true religion is confirm your brethren” who are most unpopular and most op- deprived of the privileges they posed, when the multitude have once enjoyed. “ Gird up, all of gone into idolatry, when the you, the loins of your minds« love of the lukewarm has wax. be strong—I am your shield and ed cold, and the enemy is com- your exceeding great reward.” ing in like a flood;" then is To others who do not ministhere a special call for the real ter in holy things, is the comfriends of Christ to appear open- mand given, and not in words of ly for him, and evince that they doubtful disputation," “Charge are neither “ ashamed of his them that are rich in this world, words nor terrified by their ad- that they must not trust in unversaries." Apparent difficul- certain riches, but in the living ties and impossibilities are not God, who giveth us richly all to weigh against the promises things to enjoy; thatthey be reaand plain commands of God. dy to distribute, willing to comThe promises we have had be- municate ; laying up in store for

The commands are themselves a good foundation equally positive, “ Go, teach all against the time to come, that nations-go preach the gospel they may lay hold on eternal to every creature.”

life.” Honor the great MelIn whatever part of the vine- chisedec with your substance, in yard the servants of God are love to him and to the souls of placed, ought they not like men, and it shall be an odour of Abraham to listen to the calls of a sweet smell, well pleasing to duty and promptly obey them, God.” even if they present difficulties And finally, to all who “ make great the voluntary

mention of the Lord," of all de“ leaving of country, kindred,” scriptions, accompany all your and friends-yea, the parting exertions with fervent prayer.with an only son, or the “re- All can perform this duty. Insisting unto blood ?”

fluenced therefore by that charFew are, as yet, called to great ity which seeketh not her own, extremities. In the present pray without ceasing,” that true day, however, some ambassa- religion may bless every creadors of Christ recognize such a ture under heaven. Sooner let command as this, “ Get ye out your tongue cleave to the roof of your country and from your of your mouth,” than cease to kindred, and come into those intercede for the prevalence of lands which I shall shew you." pure and undefiled religion."

fore us.




The aspect of the world at the souls ;"_not to plunder their present day, is calculated great property ; but to impart to them ly to awaken the attention of the the “ true riches ;"—not to tear friends of Zion. See, on the them from all they hold dear one hand, the activity of the ad- and doom them to slavery, but versary of souls. Having over- to convey to them and theirs the spread Asia, Africa and the “ freedom of the children of greatest part of Europe and A- God.” merica, he has threatned and Fathers and brethren, and all purposed to overwhelm the “re- present who profess to fear sidue,” and involve the whole God : earth in misery. For hundreds To us who are now alive is of years he “has made war with the cause of the blessed Rethe saints;" but now, in great deemer committed. This is the wrath,” appears to be bringing cause which has employed the on the hottest of the battle : counsels of eternity,and in which The trumpet does not give an the great Jehovah makes all his , uncertain sound.”

glory to pass before his intelliSee, on the other hand, the gent creatures. This is the King of Zion “ awaked as one cause, for which the “ Father out of sleep." Psalm lxxviii. 65. gave his only begotten Son," for “ The spirit of the Lord hath which the dear Immanuel shed lifted up a standard against the his most precious blood upon enemy,” according to his pro, the cross, and for which the mise. The Lord, before our Holy Ghost still condescends to eyes, and before the eyes of visit these abodes of sorrow and many people, is giving demon- spiritual death. This is the stration of his power to “ bruise cause which has engaged the Satan, to set at liberty the cap- eager desires, the ardent prayers tive," and to bow the most stub- and the laborious exertions of born hearted. His 66

« the excellent of the earth” in made sharp in the hearts of his all ages ;-to which God has enemies; whereby the people made, and will make all events fall under him.”

in the history of man subserviCannot the voice be heard ent ;—which takes from the from one place and another, grave its victory, bringing in a “ Come over and help us. Come glorious resurrection from the ye to the help of the Lord a- dead; and is to make inillions gainst the mighty ?"

and millions happy“ in the See examples of those who

presence of God and

of the have heard and obeyed, in the Lamb” forever and ever. Apostolic Vanderkemp, and

To the professed friends of other men “like minded"-men Christ, now upon earth, is this who have hazarded their lives cause committed." The fathers for the name of our Lord Jesus.” and prophets" are gone. "Hav,

The oceans begin to be trave ing served their generation by ersed, and the most distant re- the will of God, they have fallen gions to be visited; not to de- asleep:” not however, till they stroy the lives of the wretched had bequeathed this cause to us inhabitants, but to “ save their l with their dying breath. Shall

arrows are

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