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speak, would tell us what thou- | accept of the Church at Rode66 sands of gracious words have zand. The people, in reply, pro“ here been spoken in it, and mised me every thing I could « how good the Lord has here desire, and assured me that I “ been to us poor

Hottentots !” should have no cause to comA convenient opportunity pre- plain. I therefore immediately senting itself at this time for a set about the erection of a visit to the Cape, I gladly em- more commodious building for a braced it, as I had conceived a Church ; to assist me in which, plan of forming a regular con- the Farmers lent me two slaves, gregation of Hottentots, for one a Carpenter, and the other which purpose

I stood in need a Mason. The Hottentots began of a variety of articles, and par- at first to help forward the good ticularly a good stock of clothes. work ; but their natural indoNothing very remarkable hap- lence soon made them weary of pened on this journey, but, the labor.* I then repeated my wherever I had opportunity, Iformer declaration, adding, that preached to the people who col- I would certainly leave them in lected at different places as be- the course of eight days, if I did. fore, and I humbly trust “the not see an increase of their diliLord gave testimony to the gence. A scene ensued, which word of his grace.”

I cannot recollect without much When I arrived at Cape Town, emotion. They began to weep, I received the money from the and entreat me so importunatehonorable Governor, which he ly, that my heart melted within had before promised to give me; me; I then gave them my word and which I immediately laid out that I would not desert them. in the purchase of clothing, and The joy occasioned by this proneedful utensils for our settle- mise was excessive. Many of ment. Here also I received the them clasped their arms round repeated offer of the Church at my neck; and I was convinced Rodezand, which, for the sake of that they loved me far more than my poor people at Zak River, I I had imagined. Just at this critthought it my duty to decline. ical moment, the Clerk of the

As soon as I could dispatch Church at Rodezand, arrived at my business at the Cape, i has- our settlement with a second intened back to my situation in the vitation. Had he come eight wilderness; when I informed days sooner, I know not what I my people, that I had refused the living at Rodezand ; and assured them that I would never forsake

* Mr. Kicherer, in conversation on them, provided they should dis- this subject, informed us, that before cover a spirit of industry, and he left the settlement, he had prevail. would be more diligent than they ed on the Hottentots to work two hours had formerly been in cultivating in a day, which he considered as a great the ground, and in other useful point gained with people who, in their employments; but I told them and he hoped shortly to get them 19

heathen state, never worked at ali ; that if they should hereafter work three hours in a day, and hereal grieve me, as they had done, by ter four ; so leading them on by de: their idleness, they might depend grees to a life of activity and incluctor, on it, I would leave i hem, and becoming Christians.

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ful to me.

might have done ; but now his with a high wall, behind the house labor proved in vain. In this of the Christian Hottentots ; and, matter I clearly saw the finger on the north side of the River of God.

which is aboutthree quarters of a I continued about ten months mile distant, are our Corn fields.t at Zak River, during which time The country round, about us I formed a regular settlement, produces few plants, spontane: Mr. Scholtz proving very help ously, though it is well supplied

This spot is situated with sweet and fertilizing springs. in an elevated valley surrounded The heat, in the day time, is very by barren mountains, without a great, and the cold of the night single tree to enliven the pros- is very piercing. In the winter pect. The Zak River is, in the there are sharp dry frosts, which dry season, a small brook which prove very destructive to the vedescends into the Fish River, getables. We have no snow which latter is supposed to lose there, but it is visible on the tops itself in a plain near the moun- of the distant mountains a great tains; both of these rivers pro- part of the year. In the sumduce plenty of good fish, of mer months, from January to which, however, the Hottentots April, we have powerful rains, are not very fond, nothing but frequently attended with terrible Mutton, Wild Cattle and milk storms of thunder and lightning, suiting their palates.

which are sometimes destructive Besides our Church, which is both to men and beasts. The capable of containing eight hun-country produces little grass, but dred people, * we have a good the cattle crop the tops of the low dwelling housc, consisting of sev- bushes. Unseasonable rains oferal rooms on one floor, the ten produce upfruitful seasons. whole being built of stone. Near- Shortly after the rainy season, ly opposite the door of the house the winter commences, when the is the fountain, or spring, which crops are often destroyed. In the supplies ourselves and our cattle dry season, we are obliged to wa. with water. We have a good ter our garden plants every day. garden, inclosed, for our more

Amidst a variety of difficulties, tender vegetables, and garden we have been enabled to perse, ground adjoining it for more vere in forming a Christian sethardy plants. Before our house, tlement, in this unpromising the bapüized Hottentots have spot ; and small as the beginning built themselves decent 'habita- may seem, yet, all the circumitations, in the Farmers' style ; stances considered, I trust it will and at the back of it the Heathen appear that much has been done, live in small huts. We have and that there is reason to hope also a Caltle Yard, surrounded with the blessing of God that

much more will yet be effected.

While we were diligently emThe dimensions of the Church are ployed in our attempts to civilize about sixty feet by thirty, which would be insufficient for 800 people, accommodated in the European manner; but + The Indian corn flourishes exceedthe Hottentots sit squatted on the ingly, and grows to a great size : the ground, very close together. The bap- Hottentots are very fond of this, espetized sit on planks laid across stones. cially when it is parched.

the people, we had the satisfac- | of that blessed assurance of faith tion to find that the work of the which is so strongly commended Lord prospered in our hands. in his word. Were God your An instance or two of the power enemy, you would never feel that of divine grace on the hearts of joy, or that love to Jesus, of the people may be here men- which you speak, but rather tioned.

dread and horror. You have James Scheffer, a converted certainly reason to believe that Hottentot, and who had become a God is your gracious Father in very circumspect character, one Jesus Christ.-He afterwards day told me, that he found him- obtained a full assurance of his self to be one of the greatest of Adoption. all sinners, and that as such he Krissy, a daughter of the old daily turned to the Lord Jesus, Bastard Hottentot John, was blesfor that God, viewed out of sed with an hearing ear and an Christ, appeared to him as a con- attentive heart. I was first acsuming fire. Now, he said, his quainted with her just before our earnest desire was not merely to removal to the Great River. Her be delivered from the punish- convictions of sin were then pow. ment of his sin, but he longed to erful, and, on our journey, she enjoy communion with God, and told me that she had given upher to be more intimately acquainted whole self to the Lord, and was with that good Being who had assured that he had accepted of so long borne with him ; but her, and was become her friend. how to obtain this communion One day, being with a number of he knew not. I then asked him Hottentots in the field, engaged what he understood by fellow. in digging up a sort of root, she ship or communion with God. opened her heart to me, and ex. He replied, “Sometimes when pressed with great fluency the “ I have been engaged in pray- warmth of her love to the Friend

er, I have had a sweet feeling, of sinners.“ All that was precious $6 such as I cannot describe ; it" in the world,” she said, “ durst “ was just as if God was no lon“ not come into comparison with

ger my enemy, and then I felt“ Him.” At another time, when inexpressible love to the Lord she was in a dry and barren frame

But I want to be cer- of mind, the Lord directed me to tainly assured of this, that God speak a word in season, suited ” is no longer my enemy : Ito her case. In discoursing on “ want to be enabled to say to such an uncomfortable state, I “ him-“ My Father ;" but to was led to insist upon the privi“ do this I have never yet found lege of a believer still to have « liberty.” In answer to him, I free access to God, as it was not said—That you find you are a for the sake of our long and fersinner is well ; that you seek af- vent prayers that he became grater Jesus, and feel the joy of the cious to us. After sermon she Holy Spirit in your heart, is well came and informed me of her too; but that you feel a repug- situation, and of the comfort she nancy to say to God, “ My Fa- had derived from the discourse, “ ther!” is unbelief, and the ve- " How happy is it," said she, ry thing that deprives you of " that God knows all things, yea sweet communion with God, and the most secret motions of my

" Jesus.


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6 heart ; formerly this idea used | ment, of preserving man and beast « to make me tremble, but now

from total extinction, when he de" I rejoice in it. He, knowing stroyed the earth with the waters of

a flood ? Was it not also in conse. my distress, directed you to

quence of that acceptable sacrifice “ speak that word to me; he has which he offered, that God made the “ heard my secret groans, and gracious promise, or covenant, which " sent me relief.” Some time secured the earth from a repetition of after this her religious affections the same dreadful calamity, the seacooled, and she became more in the regular production of the fruits of

sons from a similar interruption, and different to the things of God. the earth ; and of which he instituPerceiving this I said to her, ted the bow in the cloud, the significant “ Krissy, you are no more what seal and perpetual token? And Noah

you have been. You do not builded an altar-and offered burnt now retire for prayer as you smelled a sweet savor, and the Lord

offerings on the altar. And the Lord “ formerly did.”-“ Alas !” she said in his heart, I will not again replied, “ I am now afraid to ap- curse the ground any more for man's 6 proach the Lord ; I have been sake. While the earth remaineth, “ too bad of late.” She was in- seed time and harvest, and cold and formed that this was a snare of heat, and summer and winter, and Satan in which she was entan- is the token of the covenant-I do set

day and night, shall not cease. This gled, and which she must needs my bow in the cloud—and the bow break through, going to Jesus, shall be in the cloud—and I will look just as at first, with all her guilt upon it and I will remember the everand misery. She obeyed, and lasting covenant between me and you recovered her peace.

--and the waters shall no more be(To be concluded.)

come a flood to destroy all flesh. Does not this instantly suggest to us that glorious personage whose name should be called Jesus, because he

should save his people from their sins.An Explanation of Scriptural Types. Through whom the immediate exeNO. V.

cution of the punishment which would Noah and the Flood, typical.

have totally extirpated the race of

man, and consigned him to eternal ITHER from an appre- destruction, was suspended-through ted wickedness of the world would rived to the world, and who hath so procure some terrible judgment, or graciously promised, Come unto me all perhaps more truly, from a prophetic ye that labor, and are beavy laden and impulse of the divine Spirit, when I will give you rest—who presented this son was born to Lamech, he cal. himself a sacrifice of a sweet smelling led his name Noah, rest, consolation, savor infinitely acceptable and wellGen. v. saying, this same shall com- pleasing to God, and in whose blood fort us concerning our work and toil the new testament or covenant, comof our hands, and concerning the prising all spiritual blessings and the ground which the Lord hath cursed ; eternal salvation of his people, was importing, that through him, the ratified and confirmed and round a. world, the race of man, would derive bout whose throne the apostle saw a some peculiar relief and important rainbow, signifying, that all divine ad. blessings amidst those scenes of dis- ministrations towards the church, and tress and misery with which it would the universal government of the be punished by the vindictive right- world, were conducted agreeably to eousnes of God. And did not the that gracious and everlasting coven. event fully verify the prediction ? | ant which he hath made with his Did not God distinguish and honor people? However aptly the name and him as the great medium, or instru- ) person of Noah may typify the per


son and work of our divine Redeem-, ungodly? To the work of building
er, perhaps these subjects are more the ark, Noah applied himself with
impressively exhibited in those events great assiduity, patience and perso-
with which he was immediately con- verance, and when the appointed pe-

riod of destruction had fully come,
I. The flood.

the ark being completed, God said to Of all the dreadful judgments which Noah, Come thou and thy house into an holy God has inflicted upon a the ark ; so when the period of di. wicked and guilty world, is not this vine wrath and punishment shall fulthe most terrible and extensive ? The ly come, and God shall proceed to the earth was corrupt before God, and terrible work of destruction, the work filled with violence. Gen vi. And God of redemption being completed, and said to Noah, The end of all flesh is divine patience exhausted, will he come before me, and behold I will not say, Come, my people, enter thou destroy them with the waters of a into thy chambers, and shut thy flood. And all the fountains of the doors about thee ; hide thyself as it great deep were broken up, and the were for a little moment till the inwindows of heaven were opened- dignation be overpast ?-When Noah and the waters prevailed exceedingly and his house entered the ark, it is upon the earth, and all the high hills said, The Lord shut him in. And when, under the whole heaven were covered by faith, God's elect enter into Christ -and all flesh died that moved upon the spiritual ark, God confirms their the earth.--In what strong and glow- secare and happy state. After that ing colors does this represent that flood ye believed, ye were sealed with that of wrath which an incensed and holy Holy Spirit of promise. And when God will pour upon a wicked world they shall enter heaven, they will be for its complete and eternal destruc- for ever delivered from all the temtion? In the destruction of the world, pestuous scenes of this present evil overwhelmed by the waters of the world, and be ever with the Lord. flood, what a lively picture have we III. The preservation of Noah and of the absolute interminable perdition his family in the ark from the deof the wicked in hell by a destructive struetive waters of the flood-typifydeluge of divine wrath and vening the deliverance and eternal salvageance? The waters prevailed ex- tion of the righteous by Jesus Christ. ceedingly, rose fifteen cubits and up- Wherein (the ark) few, that is, eight ward, covering all the high hills and souls, were saved by water. The like mountains, and destroyed every re- figure (type) whereunto baptism doth fuge and hope of a perishing world ; now save us by the resurrection of in like manner, will not the fathom- Jesus Christ. The windows of healess floods of divine vengeance sweep

ven were opened, the rain descended, away all the refuges of lies, over the flood of waters came and all flesh whelm the wicked, and involve them died; but through this dreadful scene in remediless destruction and eternal the ark rose above the waters, and horror and despair ?

Noah and his family abode in safety,
II. The Ark, the appointed medi- astonished at the judgments of the
um of preserving Noah and his fam- Lord, and filled with holy wonder
ily from the destructive waters of the and joy at the marvellous device of

his wisdom and love for their peace.
And God said to Noah, Make thee ful and happy preservation.- In like
an ark of Gopher wood; prescribing manner will not the righteous, in
the size, dimensions and various a- Christ, be for ever preserved from that
partments of it. How significantly flood of wrath and vengeance which
does the ark typify Jesus Christ, that will destroy the wicked ; and safe in
biding place from the storm and covert the Lord, with holy admiration and
from the tempest, which God hath delight contemplate the manifold wis-
graciously provided for the preserva- dom and unsearchable grace mani-
tion of his people, amidst all those fested in the wonderful device of sa-
scenes of woe and misery, those ter-ving mercy ?
rible judgments and that eternal per- Noah was a preacher of righteous-
dition wih which he will destoy the lness, warned the world of the ap-

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