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Hearings held on-

July 9, 1962

July 10, 1962

Text of -

H.R. 11165.

Executive communication from the Department of the Interior,

dated April 4, 1962-

Report of Comptroller General of the United States, dated June 18,


Statement of -

Adams, H. Mat, commissioner of conservation and economic develop-

ment, State of New Jersey ---

Cliff, Edward P., Chief, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agri-

culture -

Crafts, Edward C., Director, Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, Depart-

ment of the Interior; accompanied by John F. Shanklin, Assistant

Director, Bureau of Outdoor Recreation.

Hammerle, W. C., manager, policy programs, American Pulpwood


Nadel, Michael, assistant executive secretary, the Wilderness Society -

Penfold, J. W., conservation director, Izaak Walton League of


Prendergast, Joseph, executive director, National Recreation Asso-


Rule, Gordon W., National Association of Engine & Boat Manu-

facturers, Inc., and the Outboard Boating Club of America..

Smith, Spencer M., Jr., Citizens Committee on Natural Resources.

Stroud, Richard H., executive vice president, Sport Fishing Institute -
Taylor, John I., assistant legislative director, American Farm Bureau


Towell, William E., director, Missouri Conservation Commission.--

Statements submitted by-

American Forestry Association, submitted by Fred E. Hornaday,

executive vice president

American Institute of Park Executives, submitted by Alfred B.


American Recreation Society, Inc., submitted by Ray R. Butler,

executive director.

Devereaux Butcher, editor, National Wildlife News-
Hon. Edmund G. Brown, Governor of the State of California.
C. R. Gutermuth, vice president, Wildlife Management Institute ---
Hon. John E. Moss, a Representative in Congress from the State of

California, accompanying statement of Hon. Edmund G. Brown..
North Carolina Recreation Commission, Raleigh, N.C., submitted by

Ralph J. Andrews, director.

Laurance S. Rockefeller, Chairman, Outdoor Recreation Resources

Review Commission

Hon. Margaret Chase Smith, U.S. Senator from Maine, accompany-

ing letter from the Inland Fisheries and Game Department of


Society of American Foresters, submitted by John R. Meyering,

assistant executive secretary

Hon. Leonor K. Sullivan, a Representative in Congress from the State

of Missouri, accompanying a wire from Hon. John M. Dalton,

Governor of Missouri.

Paul Mason Tilden, editor, National Parks magazine.

H. G. Wilm, commissioner of conservation, State of New York..













MONDAY, JULY 9, 1962


Washington, D.C. The subcommittee met, pursuant to recess, at 2:30 p.m. in room 1324, House Office Building, Hon. J. T. Rutherford (subcommittee chairman) presiding:

Mr. RUTHERFORD. The next bill for consideration is H.R. 11165, by Mr. Aspinall, and companion bills by Mr. Johnson of California, Mr. Kyl of Iowa, Mrs. Pfost of Idaho, Mr. Rivers of Alaska, Mr. St. Germain of Rhode Island, and Mr. Saylor of Pennsylvania. These bills are designed to promote the coordination and development of effective Federal and State programs relating to outdoor recreation, and to provide financial assistance to the States for outdoor recreation planning, and for other purposes.

These bills were introduced as a result of an executive communication from the Department of the Interior, dated April 4, 1962, and reflect recommendations of the Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission. Comments on the legislation have also been received from the General Accounting Office, dated June 18, 1962.

Without objection, H.R. 11165, by Mr. Aspinall, will be printed in the record at this point; also the report or letter from the Secretary of the Interior dated April 4, 1962, addressed to the Speaker; and the report of the Comptroller General of the United States of June 18, 1962, signed by Mr. Joseph Campbell. Without objection, it is so ordered. (The documents above referred to follow :)

[H.R. 11165, 87th Cong., 2d sess. ] A BILL To promote the coordination and development of effective Federal and State

programs relating to outdoor recreation, and to provide financial assistance to the States for outdoor recreation planning, and for other purposes

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Congress finds and declares that the general welfare of the Nation requires that all American people of present and future generations shall be assured the availability and accessibility of such quantity and quality of outdoor recreation resources as are necessary and desirable for the physical, spiritual, cultural, recreational, and scientific benefits which such outdoor recreation resources provide; and that timely and coordinated action is required by all levels of government on a nationwide basis to conserve, develop, and utilize such resources for the benefit of the American people. SEC. 2. As used in this Act except as the context otherwise may require

(a) The term "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Interior.

(b) The terms “State” and “United States" include the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa.


(c) The term "outdoor recreation resources” means land, waters, and associated resources in the United States, and interests therein, improve ments thereon, and access thereto, including areas of historic significance and such forests, rangelands, wetlands, fish and wildlife, and other natural resources as may serve other beneficial purposes, which provide, or may in the future provide, opportunities for outdoor recreation. The term "outdoor recreation" means the use and enjoyment of outdoor recreation re


TITLE I-RESEARCH, COORDINATION, AND PLANNING Sec. 101. In order to carry out the purposes of this Act, the Secretary is authorized, after consultation with the heads of other Federal departments and agencies concerned, to

(a) prepare and maintain a continuing inventory and evaluation of the outdoor recreation needs and resources of the United States;

(b) prepare a system for classification of outdoor recreation resources; (c) provide technical assistance to States and their political subdivisions with respect to programs relating to outdoor recreation;

(d) encourage interstate and regional cooperation in the acquisition and development of outdoor recreation resources;

(e) sponsor and engage in reasearch relating to outdoor recreation, directly, or by contract, grant or cooperative agreements without regard to the provisions of section 3648 of the Revised Statutes (31 U.S.C. 529) when in his judgment such payments are necessary to facilitate such research.

(f) formulate and keep current an integrated nationwide outdoor recreation plan which shall take into consideration the plans of Federal agencies, States, and their political subdivisions, shall set forth the current and foreseeable availability of outdoor recreation resources and the needs and demands of the public for the use and enjoyment thereof, and shall identify critical outdoor recreation problems and propose steps for their solution, identifying desirable actions to be taken at each level of government and by private interests. The Secretary shall report at intervals of not more than five years on such plan to the President for transmittal to the Congress. When the plan is transmitted to the Congress, the Secretary shall transmit copies of the report to the Governors of the several States;

(g) undertake such studies and assemble and publish such information concerning outdoor recreation, either directly or by contract, as he deems appropriate, and disseminate such information without regard to the provisions of section 321n of title 39, United States Code;

(h) establish education and interpretation programs in cooperation with educational institutions in order to assist and encourage public use of outdoor recreation resources; and

(i) request any Federal department or agency for (1) such information, data, and reports, and (2) such advice and assistance, as may be necessary in carrying out the provisions of this title; and any department or agency which furnishes such advice or assistance may expend its own funds for such purposes, with or without reimbursement from the Secretary as may be agreed upon between the Secretary and the head of the department or

agency. SEC. 102. The complete files and records of the Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission shall be transferred to the Secretary on or before September 1, 1962.

TITLE II-PLANNING GRANTS TO STATES Sec. 201. To assist the States in meeting their primary responsibilities to provide outdoor recreation opportunities to the populations they serve and to encourage comprehensive planning by the States, in cooperation with their political subdivisions, for effective outdoor recreation resource programs, there is authorized to be appropriated not to exceed $50,000,000 for grants to States to assist them in the preparation of comprehensive statewide outdoor recreation plans, including the cost of training personnel for recreation planning and administrative responsibilities. Moneys appropriated hereunder shall be available until expended for payment to the States to assist each State for a period of not more than five years in a planning program approved by the Secretary, in accordance with section 203, commencing not later than June 30, 1964.

SEC. 202. The sum authorized to be appropriated under section 201 shall be apportioned among the several States as follows: (1) one-fifth shall be divided equally among the several States; and (2) three-fifths shall be apportioned in the proportion which the population of each State bears to the total population of the United States. The remaining one-fifth of such sum shall be available for grants to States, without apportionment as hereinabove provided, in such amounts as in the opinion of the Secretary may be required to meet the needs for outdoor recreation planning.

SEC. 203. (a) In determining the adequacy of any planning program submitted by a State for approval under this title, the Secretary shall consider whether such program

(1) designates a State agency (hereinafter referred to as the “State agency") to administer the planning program;

(2) provides for preparing and keeping up to date a comprehensive statewide outdoor recreation plan for assuring the availability and accessibility of outdoor recreation resources to its inhabitants in accordance with the purposes of this Act. The plan shall take into account relevant Federal resources and programs and shall be coordinated with any local, metropolitan, State, or regional comprehensive plans, including those prepared with the aid of planning grants under section 701 of the Housing Act of 1954, as amended (40 U.S.C. 461); and it may consist entirely or in part of components of an interstate plan developed in cooperation with agencies of another State or States;

(3) sets forth the procedures to be followed in carrying out such planning program, with adequate provision for coordination with all Federal, State and local agencies having responsibilities in such fields;

(4) provides that the State agency will make such reports in such form and containing such information as the Secretary from time to time may require to carry out his functions under this title;

(5) provides such accounting, budgeting and other fiscal methods and procedures as are necessary for the proper and efficient administration of the program, and provides that, upon request of properly authorized representatives of the Secretary, accounting and other fiscal records pertaining to such administration will be made available for inspection by such rep

resentatives. (b) Upon approval of the State planning program, the Secretary shall pay to such State from appropriations available therefor up to 75 per centum of the first year's cost of such State program; not more than 50 per centum of the second year's cost of such program; and not more than 35 per centum of the annual costs of such program during each of the subsequent three years: Provided, That in no case shall the total of such grants exceed the amount available to such State under section 202. SEC. 204. There are hereby authorized to be appropriated such sums as may

necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act. Nothing contained in this Act shall limit any authority of the Secretary under any other provision of law,



Washington, D.C., April 4, 1962. Hon. JOHN W. McCORMACK, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.

DEAR MR. SPEAKER: Enclosed is a draft of proposed legislation to provide for the coordination and development of effective Federal and State programs relating to outdoor recreation, and to provide financial assistance to States for outdoor recreation planning, and for other purposes.

We request that this bill be referred to the appropriate committee for consideration, and we recommend that it be enacted.

The report of the Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission emphasizes the fact that an adequate and diverse outdoor recreation opportunity for the American people requires carefully planned and effectively coordinated efforts by all levels of government and by private citizens and interests.

In the President's message to the Congress on conservation he proposed executive and legislative action to implement certain of the ORRRC recommendations at this time. To this end, the President will issue an Executive order establish

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