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&c.,to be furnished


upon the President


&c., to the House

tlie Committee


By resolution of February 16, 1867, he is directed to List of members urnish the “Globe," at each session, a list of the mem- to publishers of the Ders, with their post office address and the number of their seats. Journal, 2, 39, p. 405.

The following duties are imposed upon the Clerk by the Rules of the House, viz:

He shall attest all writs, warrants, and subpænas issued Attests writs. by the House.Rule 8.

Ile shall enter upon the Journal, subject to the control Enter petitions. and direction of the Speaker, such petitions and memorials as may be handed to him by members for reference.Rule 131.

He shall cause to be delivered all propositions adopted Delivers calls by the House, requesting information from the President, and heads of deor directing it to be furnished by the heads of departments.Rule 53. [His practice is to deliver in person all calls upon the President, and to transmit calls upon the departments by a messenger or through the mail.

He shall refer all drawings, maps, charts, or other shall refer maps, papers, which may at any time come before the House members of for engraving, lithographing, or publishing in any way, Printing to the members of the Committee on Printing on the part of the House.-Rule 100.

He shall prepare and cause to be delivered to each Shall prepare list member, at the commencement of every session of Con- made by officers gress, a list of the reports which it is the duty of any officer or department of the government to make to Congress.-Rule 13.

He shall, at the end of each session, send a printed copy Shall send cop; of the Journals of the House to the executive, and to to States. each branch of the legislature, of every State.-Rule 14.

By the act of July 20, 1868, is provided that the In regard to ad. provisions of section ten of an act“ making appropriations the for sundry civil expenses of the government for the year er places. ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, and for other purposes," approved March two, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, be, and they are hereby, extended to one additional newspaper in the District of Columbia from the date of the approval of said act, the same to be selected by the Clerk of the House of Representatives.

of reports to


of government.

ies of the Journal

vertisements in

District of Columbia and othShall distribute

And also, that all advertisements, notices, proposals for contracts, executive proclamations, treaties, and lass to be published in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, shall be published in the papers now selected under the provisions of section ten of an art approved March second, eighteen hundred and sixtyseven, entitled "An act making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the government for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, and for other purposes," and shall also be published in the paper selected under the provision of the second section of this act: Provided, That no advertisement to any State, District, or Territory other than the District of Columbia, Maryland or Virginia shall be published in the papers designated, unless at the direction first made of the proper head of a department.--Sess. laws (2d sess. 40th Cong.)

p. 82.

Shall enter no

which pass.

House bills which раB8.

Shall enroll and

&c., which both houses.


Shall prit decis. He shall note all questions of order, with the decision, ions of questions of order at end of and put them together at the end of the Journal of every Journal.

session-Rule 15.

He shall enter upon the Journal notices of bills which tices of bills.

may be handed in by members.-Rule 15. Shall certify bills He shall certify a bill that has passed, noting the day

of its passage at the foot thereof.-Rule 127. Shall sign all He shall sign all House bills which have passed the

House.-Joint Rule 5.

He shall enroll on parchment all House bills which shall certify House bills,

have passed both houses.-Joint Rule 6. And shall certify on the back of the roll that the bill originated in the House of Representatives.-Joint Rule 9. And all orders, resolutions, and votes which are to be presented to the President for his approbation, shall also, in the same manner, be previously enrolled, examined, and signed.

Joint Rule 10. Entry of amend- He shall enter on a separate paper all amendments

adopted in Committee of the Whole to a bill or report.Rules 107, 109. [The 107th Rule refers to manuscript bills, having been adopted prior to the practice of printing bills.]

He shall, within thirty days after the close of each Journal and indeix session of Congress, cause to be completed the printing

ments in committee.



preserve one bound copy of

each member.


er's table.

and primary distributions, to members and delegates, of thirty days after

adjourn munt. the Journal of the House, together with an accurate index to the same.-Rule 16. He shall retain in the library of his office, for the use" Shall retain in

library two copies of the members there, two copies of all the books and of all public ducuprinted documents deposited in the library.Rule 17.

He shall have preserved for each member of the House Shall an extra copy, in good binding, of all the documents all documents for printed by order of either house at each session.-Rule 18. He shall make a weekly statement of the resolutions Shall make week

ly statement and bills upon the Speaker's table.—Rule 19. [This state-business on Speakment is printed and placed upon each member's table every Monday morning. There is, in like manner, placed Weekly, state

ment of billx, &c., upon their tables, every Friday morning, a statement on calendar also

prepared. of all the bills and resolutions upon the calendar, designating whether in Committee of the Whole House or of the Whole House on the state of the Union.] The number prefixed to the section of a bill, being He numbers the

sections of bills. merely a marginal indication, and no part of the text of the bill, the Clerk regulates that.-Janual, p. 1ļ1. [He also gives numbers to the bills and joint resolutions as they are introduced or reported.]

Messages (between the two houses) shall be sent by such persons as a sense of propriety in each house may determine to be proper.Joint Rule 4. (All messages He conveys merfrom the House to the Senate are conveyed by the Clerk ute. or one of his assistants.

In addition to the foregoing, there are various other Other duties of duties appertaining to the office of Clerk, under the usage and practice of the House, which are discharged by himself and his appointees.

He prepares estimates of the expenses of the House of Prepares Representatives, and disburses the contingent fund of the burres contingent House, keeping accounts with the treasury of the United States of the various items of appropriation for that object. He also disburses the salary fund of the various Pays salaries. officers and employés of the House.

He keeps the minutes of proceedings in the House, Keeps Journal. and makes out, subject to the control of the Speaker, the Journal of said proceedings, in readiness for the same to be read at the next ineeting of the House. He also

And also bills and joint resolu. tions.

sages to the Sen


esti. dis




of Committees of the Whole.


prepares the index to the Journal at the end of each

session. Keeps minutes He keeps the minutes of proceedings in Committees

of the Whole; records all votes taken by yeas and nays, and prepares copies of the same for the printer of the Journal.

He reads all messages, bills, and other papers required

by the House to be read, and calls the roll of members. Keeps the files.

He keeps the files of the House, preserving all peti tions and other papers belonging to its archives, arranged alphabetically, and under the head of the Congress at

which they were last acted upon. Kceps bill-book. He keeps a book in which are entered, numerically,

the titles of all bills and joint resolutions; opposite which are noted, as they occur, all proceedings of the House thereon; also all proceedings of the Senate as they are

reported to the House. Papers ordered He places appropriate endorsements upon all papers to be printed, &c., endorsed, &c. presented in the House, and, after entering the same in

books kept for the purpose, sends to the Government Printing Office all such as are ordered to be printed, and to the appropriate committee such as are referred with

out printing. Engrosses bills

Ile engrosses upon paper all bills, joint resolutions, and resolutions of the House, and amendments of the House to Senate bills and joint resolutions which pass the House of Representatives, certifying the date of the passage of the same at the foot thereof.

He enrolls upon parchment all House bills and joint resolutions which have passed both houses, certifying upon the back that the same originated in the House, and then delivers them to the Committee on Enrolled Bills.

IIe journalizes all petitions and other papers handed to him under the 131st rule, and having endorsed them appropriately, takes them to the rooms of the proper committees, and there enters them in the committee books. He also keeps what is called the “ Petition Book," in which is entered, alphabetically, each petition as presented, and the further action of the House thereon as it occurs.

and resolutions.

Enrolls bills and resolutions,

Petitions referred uuder rule.




He keeps what is called the “Newspaper Book,” in Newspapers. which are entered the accounts of members under the newspaper resolution, and orders from the publishers such newspapers and periodicals as may be directed.

He contracts for and furnishes to members all books Books. voted to them by the House, and keeps the accounts of the members for the same.

He distributes to members, governors, State legisla- Public tures, &c., all public documents (other than extra num. bers) required by law, rule, or resolution to be distri. buted.

He purchases, keeps, and distributes the stationery Stationery. required for the use of the House. (See STATIONERY.)

He keeps the library of the House, in which are kept Library. copies of all documents printed by order of either house.

CLERKS OF COMMITTEES. “ No committee shall be permitted to employ a clerk

ployed at the public expense without first obtaining leave of cave. the House for that purpose.”Rule 73. [Such leave is committees usually granted to a portion of the committees, for a part to employ. or the whole of the session, as they may deem the service necessary; and four of the committees have permanent clerks, viz: of Claims, by resolution of February 18, 1813; of Ways and Means, by resolution of Februzary 18, 1856; on Public Lands, by resolution of May 27, 1862; and on Appropriations, by resolution of December 12, 1865.]

Not to be em


which have leave


and of what nu

There shall be appointed, at the commencement of each when :appointed, Congress, a Committee on Coinage, Weights, and Meas-ber. ures, to consist of seven members, and to this committee shall be referred all bills, resolutions, and communications to the House upon that subject.-Rule 148.

Duties of


and of what nun. ber.

There shall be appointed, at the commencement of when appointed. each Congress, a Committee on Commerce, to consist of nine members.-Rule 74.

“ It shall be the duty of the Committee on Commerce Duties of.

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