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Reconsider, motion to, not in order in cases of bills introduced on Mondays during morning hour...

130 Refer, motions to, order in which question to be taken on.

43 Reporters to be admitted, and have places assigned them by the Speaker. 135 must state, in writing, for what paper or papers employed....

135 shall not be admitted if engaged as claim agents...

135 Reports to be made by the officers of government, list of, to be made out by Clerk at the commencement of each session..

13 Reports of committees, not acted on at first session, to be acted on after

the first six days of second session, as though

no adjournment had taken place, (joint rule). 21 . to be called for as soon as the journal is read....

51 may be committed at pleasure.

47 may be by bill or otherwise..

71 Reports of the Court of Claims to be continued from Congress to Con

gress-placed on calendar, &c. (See

also Extract from the Law, page 200.) 122 Resolutions, when they may be submitted...

52, 130 only one at a time .....

52 every alternate Monday set aside for.

130 those giving rise to debate to lie over ..

130 cannot be amended by adding other resolutions

48 requiring assent of the Senate, to be laid on the table one day before acting on, &c......

143 calling on executive officers for information to lie one day. 53 name of member moving ..

32 orders, votes, &c., requiring the President's approbation,

shall be signed and presented as ju case of bills-see
Bills, (joint rule)..

passed one house and lost in the other, notice to be given,
(joint rule).....

12 not to be presented to the President on the last day of the session, (joint rule).

17 of State and Territorial legislatures, when they may be introduced.....

130 Riders, engrossed bills not to be amended by

126 Rooms, Speaker to dispose of unappropriated

5 Rules, how to be amended, rescinded, or suspended

145 motion to suspend, may be entertained every Monday, one hour

after the journal is read, and the last ten days of the session... 145 may be suspended at any time to go into Committee of the whole on the stute of the Union

104 pending, or motion to suspend, no dilatory motion, except one to adjourn, in order

161 these, to govern present and succeeding Congresses, unless otherwise ordered









Saturday, private bills take precedence on

first and fourth set apart for private bills not objected to
Secret session, relating to

during the rebellion, (joint rule)
Senale, all orders to be laid on the table one day which require the assent

of the......
bills and resolutions, when to be read
consider messages from ...
messages to and from, (joint rule).

messages from, to be repeated at Clerk's desk. ...
S-rg ant-at-arms to be elected at the commencement of each Congress..

vote for, to be taken dida voce....
oath of office of..
general duties of..
the mace to be borne by, when in the execution of his

office ...
fees of, for making arrest, travelling expenses, &c....
shall keep pay and mileage accounts, draw and pay

over money, &c.
shall give bond, with surety
to pay mileage, upon the report of the Committee on

Speaker shall take chair every day at hour to which House adjourned...

shall preserve order, decide questions of order subject to appeal,

may speak to points of order in preference to other members.
shall rise to put a question.....
manner in which questions shall be put by.
shall state the result of vote by tellers....
shall examine and correct the journal before it is read.
shall have a general direction of the ball......
may name members to perform the duties of the Chair for the day.
shall appoint all committees, unless the House direct otherwise.
shall vote in all cases of ballot, and where his vote, if given to

the minority, will make a tie....
shall sign all acts, addresses, and joint resolutions..
all writs, warrants, and subpænas shall be under the hand and

seal of..
shall have power to order the galleries and lobby to be cleared..
may admit stenographers, and assign them place in writing .
petitions handed to the Clerk to be subject to the control of
shall name member who is first to speak

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65 38 25 105


5 146



Speaker, while question is being put by, or he is addressing the House,

members to keep their seats, and not hold private conversation.
shall state motions when made and seconded .
to sign checks for pay and mileage of members..
to appoint chairman of the Committee of the Whole.....
no person to perform divine service in the hall without consent of.
shall have the control and disposal of the unappropriated rooms

on the House side of the Capitol....
election of, to be conducted in accordance with these rules
communications from executive departments for consideration of

committees to be addressed to
Speaker, pro tempore, may be named by the Speaker for the day....
Speaker's table, business on, how reached, and manner of disposing of..

shall be attended to only at time specified in

54th rule.....

. weekly statement of, to be prepared by Clerk Special orders, all debate on, shall be confined to measure before com

mittee ...

general appropriation bills may be made, at any time...
State legislatures, when joint resolutions of, may be introduced
Stationery, allowance of, to members and delegates.
Stenographers, relative to......

shall not be admitted if engaged as claim agents
Strike out and inseri, motions to, indivisible.....
Strike out, motion to being lost, effect of.
Strihe out enacting clause, motion to, effect of.
Subpænas to be signed by the Speaker, &c.


55 19

114 119 130 154 135 135 46




Tazes, &c., respecting the imposition of..
Tellers, when to be appointed .......
Tie totes, made so by the vote of the Speaker, defeat the proposition

110, 11]

4 7


Unfinished business, at adjournment, when to be resumed.

all other, when to be resumed....




Vita voce, election to be held by .....

10 Vote, separate, may be taken on each item of internal improvement bill. 121

not to be given by a member who is interested or without the bar... 29, 30 every member present shall vote unless excused...

31 to be given rita coce in the election of officers

10 Voting, manrer of......

4 who are to be excluded from..

29, 30



Voting, how members are excused from .....

members not to visit the Clerk's desk while vote is being taken.
names of members not, to be entered on journal and published

in "Globe"


[blocks in formation]

Veas and nays, one-fifth of the members present may order, (Constitu-

tion,) to be taken alphabetically ..
when calling, no one to go near the table..
names of members not voting by, to be entered on journal

and published in "Giobe". .






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