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Rule. Clerk of the House, to refer maps, &c., to the Committee on Printing... 100

to make out list of reports to be made to Congress by
public officers

to furnish the governors and State legislatures with
copies of the journal ......

14 to note and put together at the end of the journal all questions of order...

15 notice of bills to be given to.....

115 shall certify bills which have passed.....

127 duty of, in relation to amendments in Committee of the Whole.......

107, 109 to cause journal to be completed and distributed within thirty days..

16 shall retain in library of his office two copies of all printed documents ...

17 to furnish members with bound documents

18 to cause the laws to be indexed....

20 to make or approve all contracts..

21 to make out weckly a list of business on the Speaker's table.......

19 powers of, prior to election of Speaker

146 Clerks to Committees, not to be employed without the order of the House. 73 Commit, motion to, order in which, to be entertained with reference to

other motions ..
effect of not making, after second reading of Senate

54 not to be repeated on same day, or at same stage of proposition...

42 if previonsly made, to be voted upon after main question ordered...

42, 43

132 in order after the second reading of a bill

118 Commi'tees, to be appointed by Speaker, unless otherwise ordered. how appointed by ballot...

67 who shall be chairman....

68 member excused from serving on more than two

69 to meet on call of two members (if chairman be absent).... 70 when and in what order they shall be called for reports

51 not to be called further after occupying two days....

51 motion to refer to standing, takes precedence of motion to refer to select ....

43 standing, to be appointed at commencement of each Con

74 du ties of, viz: of Elections.

75 of Ways and Means

151 on Appropriations... .74, 76, 77, 119, 120




Committees, standing, duties of, viz: on Banking and Currency..

on the Pacific Railroad.
of Claims.....
on Commerce
on Public Lands
on the Post Office and Post Roads.
for the District of Columbia.
on the Judiciary....
on Revolutionary Claims
on Public Expenditures.
on Private Land Claims.
on Military Affairs..
on the Militia..
on Naval Affairs.
on Foreign Affairs.
on the Territories...
on Revolutionary Pensions
on Invalid Pensions...
on Roads and Canals
on Coinage, Weights, and Measures
on Patents...
on Public Buildings and Grounds..
of Accounts....
on Mileage
on Mines and Mining.
on Freedmen's Affairs..

on education and Labor..
on Agriculture,
on Manufactures,

duties of, not defined
on Indian Affairs,
on the Revision of the Laws, )
additional, to be appointed at the commencement

of each Congress ....
duties of viz: on so much of the public accounts )

and expenditures as relate to the

Department of State ;
on so much of the public accounts

and expenditures as relate to the

Treasury Department;
on so much of the public accounts

and expenditures as relate to the

Department of War;
on so much of the public accounts

and expenditures as relate to the
Department of the Navy;





Rulo. Committees, standing, duties of, viz: on so much of the public accounts

and expenditures as relate to

the Post Office;
on so much of the public accounts

and expenditures as relate to 103

the Public Buildings; and
on so much of the public accounts

and expenditures as relate to

the Interior Department.
joint, on Enrolled Bills, (joint rule)...

on the Public Printing. (See also Extract
from the Law, page 199)..

100 on the Library of Congress, (joint rule).... 20 Regents in the Smithsonian Institution. (Act

of Congress.) shall have leave to report by bill or otherwise.... 71 shall not sit during the sitting of the House..... 72 not to employ clerks without leave of the House.. 73 business before, at end of one session to be resumed at commencement of next session

136 Committee of the Whole House, how formed

105 chairman of, may clear lobby and galleries

9 how to proceed in calling the calendar of ..

129 how to proceed in cases of bills ....

107 must first entertain all motions for laying or increasing taxes.J10, 111 appropriations must be first discussed in...

112 rules of the House to be observed in

113 how to report amendments.

108, 109 may originate motions....

108 effect of report by, to strike out the enacting clause

123 Committee on the state of the Union, motion to refer to, takes precedence. 43

House may go into, at any time.... 104
debate in, on special orders to be con-

fined to measure under considera.

114 debate may be closed in...

145 roll to be called, &c., if found without a quorum

106 five minutes' debate allowed in, on

amendment, but may be closed on

a section or paragraph......... 60 how bills are to be taken up and considered in .....

114 order of propounding questions in.. 50 Commitment of motions and reports to be at the pleasure of the House. 47

Commitment, when different committees are proposed, their order
Conference committees, relative to, (joint rule).
Confidential communications or proceedings, relative to..
Consideration, question of ..
Conversation, private, members not to engage in..
Court of Claims. (See Claims, Court of.)



Debate, limited on appeal to one speech, unless by leave ....

not allowed upon resolutions on the day they are submitted .....52, 130
not allowed upon private bills on the first and fourth Fridays of
each month......

member shall confine himself to the question under, and avoid per-

in rising to, member shall address bimself to

"Mr. Speaker"

member may speak from the Clerk's desk

Speaker shall name the member who is first to speak....

no member shall occupy more than one hour in...

member reporting the measure may open and close

five minutes allowed to explain, and the same time to oppose

may be closed upon a section or paragraph, or pending amend-

member transgressing the rules in, to be called to order, and no
debate on appeal....

when decided out of order, not to proceed in case of objection,
without leave of the House ...

shall be liable to the censure of the House...

called to order for words spoken in, words spoken to be taken
down in writing ....

if business intervene before, he shall not be held to answer......

no member shall speak more than once to the same question,

unless by leave, or he be the mover, proposer, or introducer of
the pending proposition...

while member is speaking, no one shall hold private discourse or
pass between him and the Chair.....

not allowed on motion to ercuse from voting

not allowed on motions to adjourn, to fir the day to which House

will adjourn, or lie on the table. ...
not allowed on any question pending the previous question.... 133
not allowed on questions relating to the priority of business. 66
in Committee of the Whole may be closed ......

on special orders, to be confined to measures under consideration. 114
Departments, calls for information from .....

Clerk to prepare a list of reports to be made by ..... 13

Rule. Disorder in the galleries and lobby

9 Division of the House

4 Division of questions, in what cases to be called for...

46 to strike out and insert, not divisible...

46 on internal improvement bills

121 Divine service, not to be performed in the hall without consent of the Speaker.....

6 Documents, members to be furnished with an extra set, bound

18 two copies of, to be retained in House library.

17 relative to printing extra numbers of.....

45 (See Extract from the Law, page 199.) Doorkeeper, to be elected at commencement of each Congress..

10 vote for, to be taken vida doce.

10 oath of office of.....

10 required to execute 134th and 135th rules strictly ...

27 appointees of, subject to approval of Speaker

10 required to take and report inventory of furniture, &c..... 27 Duties or taxes, propositions to impose or increase....




11 10 23

142 123 123 100 123 126

Elections, how to be conducted...

previous nomination necessary, except where members are


votes to be taken dita voce.. Electoral dotes, counting of, (joint rule) Employés of the House, not to receive extra compensation or act as claim

Enacting words, effect of motion to strike out..

where bill is reported with recommendation to strike out.
Engraving, to be referred to House members of Committee on Printing.
Engrossment to be in a fair round hand......
Engrossed bills not to be amended by riders ...

while on their passage between the two houses, (joint

(See Bills.)
Enrolled bills, Committee on, may report at any time....

to be examined by the committee ......
provision for the appointment of the Com- (joint.rule)..

mittee on.......
to be signed by the presiding officers of the houses, (joint

how to be presented to the President, and the time to be

noted, (joint rule)
not to be presented to the President on the last day of ses-

sion, (joint rule)







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