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while employed on the building, by which for a long time he lost the entire use of his eyesight, and even now is almost totally blind.

Notwithstanding this misfortune, had it not been for the remarkably wet season, the building by this time would have been enclosed.

For the reasons stated in the communication of the superintendent to the board after the contract was let, it was deemed advisable to adopt certain changes in the building as therein suggested. We considered these changes necessary, and that we had the power, and it was our duty to make them. Mr. Craig claims that these changes have increased the cost of the work to him, and with a fair and reasonable compensation for this extra work, he can complete the buildings without loss to bimself.

The commissioners also regarded themselves instructed by the action of the legislature in adopting the Schwartz & Dilger plans to have the building heated by the Baker & Smith steam heating apparatus, and accordingly required Mr. Craig to construct his building with reference to its use and to contract for the same.

By requiring him to contract with a certain party for the heating apparatus, he claims he has been compelled to incur a far greater liability than if he could have had competition for the

We are satisfied, however, that the apparatus adopted is the best that have been submitted to us, although perhaps more expensive to Mr. Craig.

The work so far on the building is of the best character, plain and substantial, and the material of the best kind.

The superintendent estimates that it will require $15,000 more to complete the buildings and have it ready for occupancy at the time fixed by the contract. We therefore ask you to recommend an appropriation of this sum, to be placed at the disposal of the commissioners to be used by them in case such an amount is justly due to Mr. Craig by reason of any extra work done by him, or even if not due to him, and he should fail to carry out his contract, that the commissioners might have this sum available to secure the completion of the buildings before another appropriation could be made.

The superintendent has also in his report estimated the cost of


building the west wing. We consider it of the greatest importance that this should be erected before the buildings are occupied by the mutes. We regard it as absolutely necessary for the proper division of the sexes and to afford suitable and convenient rooms for the number of that unfortunate class now in our State that desire to avail themselves of the benefits of such an institution.

Since the last meeting of the commissioners at which you were present, God, in his providence, has removed from us one of our number, the lamented Dr. E. Honn.

At that meeting he was in apparent good health, and with as tair a prospect as either of us that his life would be prolonged to see these buildings completed in which he took so great an interest. Dr. Honn was an old citizen of this place and much esteemed by all who knew him. We mourn his lo88 as a citizen and fellow commissioner.



C. BALDWIN, President of the Commissioners of the Deaf and Dumb Asylum at

Councu Bluffs, Iowa, in account with the State of Iowa.


To cash received from State-DR.
Sept. 26. Auditor's warrant....
Jan. 11.

11. Auditor's warrant...

30. Auditor's warrant... Mar. 20. Auditor's warrant... April 7. Auditor's warrant...

8. Auditor's warrant. May 25. Auditor's warrant.... Jane 17. Auditor's warrant. ...

26. Auditor's warrant... July 20. Auditor's warrant.... Aug. 6. Auditor's warrant

25. Auditor's warrant.. Sept. 10. Auditor's warrant.

$1,778.70 5,612.00 5,679.00 2,907.50 6,431.93 2,203.75 4,145.44 5,139.92 1,688.46 5,519.37 3,900.81 4,176.88 6,362.48

24. Auditor's warrant..


Sept. 27. Auditor's warrant
Oct. 12. Auditor's warrant..
Nov. 12. Auditor's warrant...
July 24. Auditor's warrant..
Dec. 10. Auditor's warrant...

10. Auditor's warrant.....
10. Auditor's warrant.

3,338.25 5,539.12 4,771.00

94.15 300.00 6,850.00



Estimates to W. R. Craig-CR.

No. 1. December 24, 1868....
No. 2. January 28, 1869....
No. 3. March 13, 1869...
No, 4. March 31, 1869..
No. 5. May 14, 1869..
No. 6. June 12, 1869..
No. 7. July 14, 1869..
No. 8, July 30, 1869...
No. 9. Augnst 21, 1869....
No. 10. September 8, 1869....
No. 11. September 24, 1869..
No. 12. October 9, 1869....
No. 13. November 5, 1869..
No. 33. December,...

$5,148.00 4,271.25 2,483.50 8,248.60 4,145.44 5,139.92 5,519.37 3,900.81 4,176.88 6,362.48 3,338.25 5,539.12 4,771.00 6,850.00



No. 14.-September 22, 1868, S. W. Horton.......
No. 15.-February 1, 1869, H. D. Washburn..
No. 16.—March 15, 1869, Wm. Ward...
No. 17.—March 29, 1869, H. D. Washburn.
No. 18.—June 4, 1869, G. F. Smith...
No. 19.-June 10, 1869, D. Tutty
No. 20.-June 15, 1869, Wm. Ward.
No. 21.-November 30, 1869, D. L. Royer.
No. 22.-Wm. Ward, 4th qur. salary, 1869....
No. 23.-November, 1869, Schwartz & Dilger....


840.00 424.00

823.83 1,288.46

75.00 400.00 300.00 400.00 15.00


. . . .

No. 24.—May 29, 1869, Officer & Pusey
No. 25. - February 3, 1869, E. W. Davenport.
No. 26.—January 14, Wm. Ward....
No. 27.–March 16, Register Printing Company......
No. 28.—March, 1869, Nonpareil Printing Company..
No. 29.—March, 1869, Times Printing Company .....
No. 30.- March 19, Edwards & Beardsley...
No. 31.—March 4, C. H. Babbitt
No. 32.—-5th qr. salary, Wm. Ward

4.15 131.00 400.00 26.00 10.00 12.00

6.00 10.00 400.00



I have the pleasure of introducing to you W. R. Craig, of Nebraska City, a master mechanic desirous of examining the plan of your prospective asylum. Mr. C. was heartily recommended to our school board by James Sweet, and others, and has fully sustained his good name here as a builder and gentleman-having completed our new school to the entire satisfaction of all our people. Very respectfully,



Will you please inform us what has become of Mr. Craig? Does he intend to file his bond, or not? If not, please return the contract. We must know at once what is to be done.

C. BALDWIN, for Commissioners.

Mr. Craig filled his bond yesterday ; left it with me for certificates, but I have been too busy to finish it up. Will forward bond and conract on Monday. Mr. C. informed me he had written you directing grading to be done, in order to commenco work first of next month.

Yours, truly,


COUNCIL BLUFFS, July 29. 1868.



GENTLEMEN :-I propose to erect and complete the main building and one of the connecting wings of your institute, in accordance with plans, drawings and specifications, for the sum of one hundred and twenty-one thousand five hundred dollars.


Know all men by these presents, that we, W. R. Craig as principla, and James Sweet and Robert Hawke, as soreties, are held and firmly bound to Gov. Samuel Merrill, Thos. Officer, C. Baldwin, and E. Honn, as commissioners to receive bids for the building of the Iowa State Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, at Council Bluffs, Iowa, in the full sum of five thousand (5000) dollars, for the faithfnl payment of same we bind ourselves, heirs, executors and administrators by these presents.

The condition of the foregoing obligation is such, that whereas the above named commissioners, as such, have advertised and called for bids and proposals for erecting and constructing the building for such institution at Council Bluffs, Iowa, and whereas the said W. R. Craig, as a builder, has submitted a proposal for erecting and build. ing the edifice for such institution, (reference being had to the enclosed notice published by such commissioners.)

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