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Among the first points secured with the aid of the appointment made the society by the last General Assembly, was that of procuring and fitting up a room for the uses of the society.

It will be noticed, by reference to our last biennial report, that at that time the society was entirely destitute of a place wherein to keep its property, or to meet for the transaction of its business; consequence of the demand for the rooms at that time occupied in the University building, for University purposes.

The Board have been fortunate in securing a pleasant room in a building heretofore occnpied as a church, (“The Stone Church,” N. S. Presbyterian) for the very moderate sum of two hundred dollars annually. They regret to say, however, that their tenure of this building is very uncertain, owing to a change of ownership resulting from the late union of the long divided church, the Old and New School Presbyterian, and the consequent new uses that are demanded for it, and new value placed upon it.

The necessary fixtures to preserve and make useful display of it books, papers, pamphlets, letters, manuscripts ; also its mineralogical cabinet and natural history department; its antiquarian and general historical collections, of articles symbolic of the spirit or representative of the customs of the times past, and current, have required an expenditure amounting to $887.69.

Another item of prominent expenditure is that for


Since the organization of the society, the newspapers of the State have been accumulating, and have been carefully preserved and filed for binding. It is now a little less than one-half accomplished, at an expense of $432.00.

The Board feel a special pride in this branch of its collections; believing it to be the only files which approximate to any thimg like a general collection of the newspapers of the State.

From these files alone could a pretty accurate history of the events transpiring within the State for the last decade be written.

There are now 486 bound volumes of newspapers upon our shelves, and about 600 volumes unbound upon our files, increasing at the rate of one hundred weekly.


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The Annals of Iowa, a historical periodical published Quarterly, has been increased in size to an average of one hundred pages each number. This has been published at a cost of $747.30 for the year 1868, and of $749.60 for the year 1869. Making a total cost for the two years of $1,496.90.

In this periodical, effort has been made to collect as far as possible the early and current history of the State, in every department of public interest, from direct, original sources; by historical sketches of counties, cities, and institutions, by biographical histories, and descriptive statements of transactions of local import, that bear upon prominent events, or prominent individuals, and upon every point which explains or throws light upon the condition, or customs of the people, of the early days of the commonwealth, or marks the origin and growth of public interest, or manifests the characteristics, or spirit, of its citizens' at any era of its history.

A little less than a thousand pages of this varied class of State and Western history have gathered in this work, and scattered over the State and through our exchanges into every State of the Union, for present public reference, and deposited in our archives for the use of those who shall come after 118.

The expenditures for salaried services during the biennial period covered by our report are as follows, viz:


To corresponding secretary.........
To librarian...

$1,300 00




These constitute the leading expenditures; the balance for sundries, amounting to $332.91, are specifically shown in the accompanying report of the treasurer marked (A) with vouchers appended, marked (B).

Recapitulation of expenditures for the biennial period ending December 7, 1869.

Rent of historical rooms .....
Repairs and fixtures...
Publication of annals.
Salaries to officers....

$ 300.00


413.00 1,496.90 2,200.00


Total ....


The receipts of the Society, as shown by the report of the treasurer, amount to $7,589.79.

There remains in his hands therefore, after deducting expenditures, $1,959.39.


The following is the present condition of the affairs of the Society, as regards the objects for which it was organized, viz:

It has low in its possession, gathered from a great variety of sources and by varivus ways, the following property of special bistorical interest.



Bound volumes...

Unbound books and pampblets

Miscellaueous books and pamphlets for exchange.. 3205
Total books and pamphlets on hand, Dec. 1st, 1869 8910
Relics and articles of historical value, with zoologi-
cal and mineralogical specimens...


Bound volumes of newspapers
Unbound volumes of newspapers..


Total volames of newspapers....


It is in receipt of over one hundred newspapers weekly, published within the State. It receives upwards of thirty historical periodicals regularly from publishers at various points of the United States and Canada.

It is in exchange relations with thiry-seven historical societies, and public institutions devoted to some branch of historical collections, viz:

Historical Society of Ohio.
American Antiquarian Society of Massachusetts.
Boston Numismatic Society of Massachusetts.
Massachusetts' Historical Society.
New England Historical Society of Massachusetts.
Historical Collections, Essex Institute, Salem, Massachusetts.
New York Historical Society.
American Ethnological Society, New York.
American Statistical Society, New York.
American Numismatic and Archäological Society, New York.
Long Island Historical Society.
Chicago Historical Society, Chicago, Illinois.
Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Minnesota Historical Society.
New Hampshire Historical Society.
New Jersey Historical Society.
Rhode Island Historical Society.
Delaware Historical Society.
Maine Historical Society.
Wisconsin Historical Society.
Dakota Historical Society.
Missouri Historical Society.
Montreal Historical Society, Canada.
Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.
State Library of Iowa.
Library of the State University of Iowa.

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