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or girl, and to hear the statement of the party appearing for him or her, and such testimony in relation to the case as may be produced, and if upon such examination and hearing, the said judge shall be satisfied that the boy or girl is a fit subject for the State Reform School, he may commit him or her to said school by warrant.

Seo. 15. The judge shall certify, in the warrant, the place in which the boy or girl resided at the time of his or her arrest, also his or her age as near as can be ascertained, and command the said officer to take the said boy or girl and deliver him or her, without delay to the Superintendent of said school, or other person in charge thereof, at the place where the same is established, and such certificate for the purpose of this act, shall be conclusive evidence of his or her residence or age. Accompanying the warrant, the judge shall transmit to the Superintendent, by the officer executing it, a statement of the nature of the complaint, together with such particulars concerning the boy or girl as the judge is able to ascertain.

Sec. 16. If the judge is of the opinion that the boy or girl is not a fit subject for the school, or if said boy or girl shall appeal from the decision of the court in which the conviction was had, he shall remand him or her to the custody of the officer who had him or her in charge, to be returned to the magistrate before whom the conviction was bad, to be dealt with according to law.

Sec. 17. If any parent or guardian shall make complaint to a county judge, or judge of a court of record, that any boy or girl, the child or ward of such parent or guardian, is habitually vagrant or disorderly, or incorrigible, it shall and may be lawful for said judge to issue a warrant to the sheriff or constable to cause said boy or girl to be brought before him at such time and place as he may appoint, when and where said judge shall examine the parties, and if in his judgment the boy or girl is a fit subject for the Reform School he may issue an order with the consent of the said parent or guardian indorsed thereon, to be executed by a sheriff or constable, committing said boy or girl to the custody of the Superintendent of said school for reformation and instruction till he or she shall attain the age of majority; provided, that security for the payment of the expenses of said complaint, commitment, and of carrying said boy or girl to the Reform School, and the expenses of board at such school, may, in the discretion of said judge, be required of said or guardian.

SEC. 18. No boy or girl shall be committed to said Reform School for a longer term than until he or she attain the age of majority, but the said Trustees, by their order, may at any time, after one year's service, discharge a boy or girl from said school as a reward of good conduct in school, and upon satisfactory evidence of reformation.

SEC. 19. Any boy or girl committed to the State Reform School, shall be there kept, disciplined, instructed, employed, and governed,


under the direction of the Trustees, until he or she arrives at the age of maturity, or is bound out, reformed, or legally discharged. The binding out or discharge of a boy or girl as reformed, or as having arrived at the age of maturity, shall be a complete release from all penalties incurred by conviction of the offense for which he or she was committed.

Sec. 20. If any boy or girl, convicted of a felony, committed to the Reform Schocl, shall prove unruly or incorrigible, or if his or her presence shall be manifestly and persistently dangerous to the welfare of the school, the Trustees shall have power to order his or her removal to the county from which he or she came, and delivery to the jailor of the said county, and proceedings against him or her shall be resumed, as if no warrant or order committing him or her to the Reform School had been made.

SEC. 21. Every person who unlawfully aids or assists any boy or girl lawfully committed to the Reform School in escaping or attempting to escape therefrom or knowingly conceals such boy or girl after his or her escape, shall be punished as provided by section 4292 of the Revision of 1860.

Sec. 22. For the purpose of immediately opening said school, the Trustees thereof shall accept the proposition of the Trustees of White's Iowa Manual Labor Institute made to the General Assembly, and lease for such term as they shall agree, not more than ten years, the lands, buildings and appurtenances belonging to said Manual Labor Institute, and at once proceed to prepare for and open a Reform School thereon as soon as possible, as a temporary establishment; and when open, the fact shall be published by said Trustees in one newspaper in each county in the State in which a newspaper is printed, whereupon those provisions of this act authorizing the commitment of persons to said school shall take effect; and it shall be lawful for the Trustees of said Reform School and Warden of the Penitentiary, in their discretion, upon the consent in writing of any convicts in said Penitentiary, of the proper age, to remove such convict to said Reform School, and when the permanent school shall be established and ready for opening, the said Trustees shall remove and transfer those persons at the temporary establishment to the permanent school, and all subsequent commitments shall be made to said permanent school; and for the purpose contemplated by this section there is appropriated the sum of fifteen thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be found necessary to be expended in discharging the expenses incurred, and in repairs and improvements made on, and liquidating a small indebtedness—not exceeding twenty. five hundred dollars-of said Manual Labor Institute, incurred in building the school edifice on said lands. Provided, That the making of the improvements and payment of the money contemplated by this act shall be under the exclusive control of the Trustees of the Reform School.

SEC. 23. This bill shall take effect and be in force from and after its publication in the lona State Register and the Iowa Evening Statesman, newspapers published in Des Moines, Iowa.

Approved, March 31, 1868.

I hereby certify that the foregoing act took effect by publication, as required by section 23 thereof, on the 4th day of April, A, D. 1868.

ED WRIGHT, Secretary of State.


Know all men by these presents :

That we, John H. Pickering, John Pyle, and William Marshall, Trustees of the White's Iowa Manual Labor Institute, of the first part, and Isaac T. Gibson, John A. Parvin, E. O. Clemans, James D. Ladd, M. A. Dashiell, and W. J. Moir, Trustees of the State Reform School, of the State of Iowa, of the second part, witnesseth : that the said trustees of the first part, for, and in consideration of the sum of two thousand and five hundred dollars, cash in hand, paid to them by the said trustees of the party of the second part do agree, and by these presents, do hereby lease to the State of Iowa, for the term of ten years from the date thereof, a certain tract of land with the appurtenances thereto belonging. Known as White's Iowa Manual Labor Institute, situated in the county of Lee, State of Iowa, to be occupied and used by the State of Iowa, for a Reform School, for juvenile offenders, with the express contract that the said Trustees, of the State Reform School may, at any time declare this lease terminated and give the Trustees of the party of the first part, immediate possession thereof, and withdraw all personal property which they may have on said premises. And it is hereby understood and agreed by the parties hereunto, that the party of the second part, does hereby, in consideration of the covenant, heretofore expressed, lease of the party of the first part a certain stone quarry, purchased by the party of the first part for the use of the party of the first part, and it is understood, by, and between the parties hereto, that the party of the first part, does hereby lease to the party of the secoud part the said land, known as, White's Manual Labor Institute, containing 1440$ acres of land in conformity with the provisions of chapter 59, of the acts of the Twelfth General Assembly, of the State of Iowa. Witness our hands, this, April 29, 1868.



John PYLE,

W. J. Moir,




Penitentiary of the State.





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