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demand upon the above appropriation to meet expenses, which could not be foreseen, and for which, of course, no provision was made, amounts in the aggregate to a large item.

After the most careful analysis of the expenses of this institution, for the two years included in this report, we are convinced that it will require eight thousand dollars annually, to meet the expenses arising from the various sources enumerated above. We, therefore, recommend that in addition to the five thousand dollars, the sum of two thousand dollars be appropriated annually for the department of music and one thousand dollars for furnishing, repairs and contingencies.

The treasurer's report shows that the institution is indebted to the amount of two thousand four hundred and two dollars and ninety one cents for current expenses, which amount has been accumulating for several years. This deficit is due to facts above stated, that the annual appropriations were not sufficient to meet the necessary current expenses. It is vitally important to the interests of the institu. tion that some provision be made by your honorable body, to meet this deficiency at an early day.


The contract for the erection of the south wing was awarded to Messrs Franklin and Lovelace of Iowa City, for the sum of twentynine thousand one hundred and sixty dollars.

The foundation of the building was laid in the fall of 1868, and a portion of the material for the main structure was collected. The present season the superstructure has been erected. It is a substantial building of cut stone 32 x 60 feet with a rear projection 19 x 48 feet, the whole three stories above the basement.

It is constructed of the best material, thoroughly painted and covered with slate roof. The work has been prosecuted during a season unusually inclement, with commendable vigor, and has been completed in a manner highly creditable to the contractors and eminently satisfactory to the trustees.

The amounts appropriated by the Twelfth General Assembly for work shop, rear veranda, library and apparatus, painting and repairs,


furnishing, improving grounds and musical instruments, have been expended, to the best of our judgment, in accordance with the design of the appropriations, and to the best interests of the institution.

For the several items and balances we refer you to the treasurer's exhibit accompanying this report.


Two years since the General Assembly appropriated the sum of 5,000, to furnish the main asylum building with a new heating apparatus, the old having been found totally inadequate. At a subsequent meeting of the board of trustees, Messrs Finkbine and Chapin were appointed a committee to investigate the best methods of warming buildings of this character. After a thorough investigation the committee made the following report:


GENTLEMEN. —The undersigned, appointed by resolution of your body, to examine and report upon the best method of heating the asylum buildings, would report, That we have, in the execution of the trust confided to us, visited a number of public buildings in this State, together with both public and private buildings in Illinois, which are heated by furnaces and steam by both direct and indirect radiation. As the result of our investigation we would recommend that the system of heating by steam, with indirect radiation, combined with a fan driven by an engine, be adopted.

an engine, be adopted. The leakage of pipes either from corrosion or bursting, or any other cause, is not attended with danger. It does not require the heat to be shut off and the use of rooms to be dispensed with until repairs can be made.

It is less expensive than any other method and affords an equal amount of heat. We have examined the various plans presented by different parties, and would recommend that, when adopted, the board require the contracting parties to guarantee that the apparatus shall afford a uniform heat of not less than 65o Farenheit, to each and all the rooms heated, during the coldest weather.

In regard to the cost we have been unable to ascertain the exact amount, but the lowest figures we could obtain from responsible parties, agreeing to guarantee a uniform temperature, were $9,000, which includes engine, fan, pipes, and registers, of sufficient capacity for heating the main asylum building.

For the wing it will require a larger engine, boiler and fan than for the main building alone, which additional cost, together with the necessary pipes and registers, will be about $5,000. The above does not include the alterations and repairs to the main building to adapt it to this system of heating.

For construction of air chambers, repairs to floor, plastering and painting, we approximate the additional sum of $1,000.

In order to secure the greatest amount of safety, the furnace, engine and boiler should be in a separate building, situated in the rear of the main asylum building. The engine-house should be of brick with stone foundation, and covered with metal or slate roof. It should have a smoke-stack of brick, extending above the asylum building, in order to insure safety and a good draught. This building should either be two stories in hight or sufficiently large on the ground to furnish a wash and drying-room, where the steam and power could be used for laundry purposes. The cost of such a building, with the smoke-stack, will be $4,000. Making a total cost

$ for the necessary building and heating apparatus, of $19.000.

All of which is respectfully submitted.



The board of trustees adopted this report, and voted to use only 80 much of the appropriation of five thousand dollars as was necessary for repairs, until the whole subject could be referred to the General Assembly for consideration.

We respectfully urge that an additional appropriation of fourteen thousand five hundred dollars be made to enable us to carry out the design contemplated in the above report. A portion of the above estimate is for heating the wing, for which no appropriation has been made. The wing has been constructed with registers opening into each room, on the hypothesis that the General Assembly would deem it advisable to make the additional appropriation requested.

We again urge the imperative necessity of removing the furnaces now in use, and substituting some more improved heating apparatus, for the following reasons :

1. They are very unsafe. The institution has caught fire from them several times the past year.

2. They heat only a small portion of the building, and even that insufficiently except in mild weather.

3. They constantly emit smoke, and frequently in large quantities which irritates the already inflamed eyes of the pupils.

4. They consume an extraordinary amount of fuel for the amount of heat produced.

It will require about one thousand dollars, in addition to the above, to remove and reconstruct out-buildings.


The institution has long felt the want of a drain to conduct the waste water from the kitchen, laundry, etc. Other pressing wants of the institution have hitherto restrained us from presenting the subject for your consideration ; but we do not feel warranted in further delay, for, unless suitable drainage is provided soon, the surface soil will become so impregnated with impurities as to materially affect the well-water.

The services of a competent engineer were secured to survey the ground and report a plan of drain with estimates. He

reported in favor of an arch stone drain, with concrete bottom, at a total estimated cost of four thousand and thirty five dollars.

The cost of the drain is augmented by the fact of the large amount of excavation necessary to sink it below the basement floor.


The institution is entirely destitute of apparatus and conveniences for bathing; a matter of the utmost importance to persons with diseased eyes. We recommend that the sum of one thousand dollars be appropriated for a cistern, pumps and apparatus for two bathing We also recommend that the sum of two thousand five hundred and fifty dollars be appropriated for furnishing the wing and the sum of fifteen hundred dollars to purchase two pianos and a fire proof safe for institution records, these being the estimates made by a competent committee appointed for that purpose.


We estimate the sum of twelve hundred dollars necessary to replace fences and improve grounds.


The sum of fifteen hundred dollars, appropriated for the purpose of slating the roof of the main asylum building, was found insuffi. cient, and we ask that the further sum of two thousand five hundred and ninty-three dollars and twenty-two cents be appropriated. This amount includes an estimate for replacing the tin gutters and for painting and shading the belfry and cornice, which have not been re-painted since the construction of the building. For all of the above appropriations we have had itemized estimates made.

In the discharge of the trusts confided to us, we have thus endeavored to represent the condition of the Institution for the Blind at the present time, its wants and its necessities, all of which is respectfully submitted.


Members of the Board of Trustees.

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