The World's Great Classics: A short history of the English people, by J.R. Green. History of civilization in Europe, by F.P.G. Guizot

Timothy Dwight, Julian Hawthorne
Colonial Press, 1899
Library Committee: Timothy Dwight ... Richard Henry Stoddard, Arthur Richmond Marsh, A.B. [and others] ... Illustrated with nearly two hundred photogravures, etchings, colored plates and full page portraits of great authors. Clarence Cook, art editor.

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Página 408 - Knyghton, had I but served God as diligently as I have served the king, He would not have given me over in my grey hairs.
Página 159 - And the City of London shall have all its ancient liberties and free customs, as well by land as by water; furthermore we will and grant, that all other cities and boroughs, and towns and ports, shall have all their liberties and free customs.
Página 308 - Good people," cried the preacher, " things will never go well in England so long as goods be not in common, and so long as there be villeins and gentlemen. By what right are they whom we call lords greater folk than we? On what grounds have they deserved it? Why do they hold us in serfage? If we all came of the same father and mother, of Adam and Eve, how can they say or prove that they are better than we, if it be not that they make us gain for them by our toil what they spend in their pride?
Página 373 - The king started a little, and said, " By my faith, my lord, I thank you for my " good cheer, but I may not endure to have my laws " broken in my sight; my attorney must speak with
Página 49 - Amid tears and farewells the day wore away to eventide. "There is yet one sentence unwritten, dear master," said the boy. "Write it quickly," bade the dying man. "It is finished now," said the little scribe at last.
Página 366 - ... and when I had advised me in this said book, I deliberated, and concluded to translate it into English, and forthwith took a pen and ink, and wrote a leaf or twain, which I oversaw again, to correct it; and when I saw the fair and strange terms therein, I doubted that it should not please some gentlemen, which late blamed me, saying, that in my translations, I had...
Página 200 - More yellow was her head than the flower of the broom ; and her skin was whiter than the foam of the wave ; and fairer were her hands and her fingers than the blossoms of the wood-anemone amidst the spray of the meadow fountain.
Página 366 - And certainly our language now used varieth far from that which was used and spoken when I was born...
Página 43 - ... day of my trouble. 17 Unto thee, O my strength, will I sing : for thou, O God, art my refuge, and my merciful God. PSALM 60. Deus, repulisti nos. OGod, thou hast cast us out, and scattered us abroad : thou hast also been displeased ; O turn thee unto us again.
Página 150 - Foul as it is, hell itself is defiled by the fouler presence of John." The terrible verdict of the King's contemporaries has passed into the sober judgement of history.

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