Treasury Decisions Under Customs and Other Laws, Volumen65

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1934
Vols. for 1904-1926 include also decisions of the United States Board of General Appraisers.

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Página 737 - Congress by this act intended, whenever the President, upon investigation of the differences in costs of production of articles wholly or in part the growth or product of the United States and of like or similar articles wholly or in part the growth or product of competing foreign countries...
Página 418 - Treasury determines that a class of merchandise is being, or is likely to be, sold in the United States at less than its fair value, the Secretary shall so advise 'the Commission.
Página 682 - ... shall simultaneously and unconditionally, without request and without compensation, be extended to the other high contracting party, for the benefit of itself, its nationals and vessels.
Página 624 - Ivory, wood, or metal, or whether cut, carved, or otherwise wrought by hand from the solid block or mass of marble, stone, or alabaster, or from metal, or cast in bronze or other metal or substance, or from wax or plaster, made as the professional productions of sculptors only; and the words "painting,
Página 285 - ... the actual market value or wholesale price of such merchandise as bought and sold in usual wholesale quantities, at the time of exportation to the United States...
Página 490 - The President shall by proclamation approve the rates of duty and changes in classification and in basis of value specified in any report of the commission under this section, if in his judgment such rates of duty and changes are shown by such investigation of the commission to be necessary to equalize such differences in costs of production.
Página 771 - Dutch standard in color, tank bottoms, sirups of cane juice, melada, concentrated melada, concrete and concentrated molasses, testing by the polariscope not above seventyfive degrees, ninety-five one-hundredths of one cent per pound, and for every additional degree shown by the polariscopic test, thirty-five onethousandths of one cent per pound additional...
Página 879 - Where the language of a statute, in its ordinary meaning and grammatical construction, leads to a manifest contradiction of the apparent purpose of the enactment, or to some inconvenience or absurdity, hardship or injustice, presumably not intended, a construction may be put upon it which modifies the meaning of the words, and even the structure of the sentence.
Página 11 - Act, but the repeal of existing laws or modifications thereof embraced in this Act shall not affect any act done, or any right accruing or accrued, or any suit or proceeding had or commenced in any civil cause before...
Página 282 - The export value of imported merchandise shall be the market value or. the price, at the time of exportation of such merchandise to the United States, at which such or similar merchandise is freely offered for sale to all purchasers in the principal markets of the country from which exported, in the usual wholesale quantities and in the ordinary course of trade, for exportation to the United States...

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