Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science, Volúmenes33-34

Chemical news office., 1776

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1876 for this volume

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The volume is OBVIOUSLY from 1876, not 1776

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Página 131 - ... ultra-red, and the minimum in the ultra-violet. Taking the maximum at 100, the following are the mechanical values of the different colours of the spectrum : — Ultra-red 100 Extreme red 85...
Página 228 - ... an error. He also considered that in a lake of so complicated a form as that of Geneva observations would be required at at least ten different points, and a complete solution of such a case would be analogous to the study of magnetic intensity in the manner suggested by Gauss. NOTICES OF BOOKS. Science made Easy : A Series of Familiar Lectures on the Elements of Scientific Knowledge most required in Daily bife.
Página 265 - TATE in the Chair. The following Candidates were elected Members of the Society : — Horatio Waddington, Esq., late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Página 87 - A DICTIONARY of CHEMISTRY and the Allied Branches of other Sciences. By HENRY WATTS, FRS assisted by eminent Contributors.
Página 29 - FRS, president, in the chair. — The following candidates were elected members of the Society : — Mr.
Página 241 - Trade may by licence under the hand of one of the secretaries or assistant secretaries, direct such association to be registered with limited liability, without the addition of the word limited...
Página 121 - The variations in the luminosity of a " standard " candle will cease to be of importance. Any candle may be taken ; and if it be placed at such a distance from the apparatus that it will give a uniform deflection, say of 100 divisions, the standard can be reproduced at any subsequent time ; and the burning of the candle may be tested during the photometric experiments by taking the deflection it causes from time to time, and altering its distance, if needed, to keep the deflection at 100 divisions.
Página 104 - President, in the Chair. AFTER the minutes of the previous meeting had been read and confirmed, and the names of the visitors announced, the following names were read for the first time : — Messrs.
Página 81 - ... limits what it can ; a still more watery one will make the brain dropsical, and produce all the conditions of mechanical pressure on the brain. All these processes are the necessary consequences of the affinities of the phosphorised substances, and, these being known, the phenomena could be predicted, if they were not sufficiently known as phenomena, though hitherto destitute of an explanation. Thus the so-called brain-fungus, the continued protrusion of brain-matter through apertures of the...

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