Illustrations of British History, Biography, and Manners, in the Reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary, Elizabeth, & James I: Exhibited in a Series of Original Papers, Selected from the Mss. of the Noble Families of Howard, Talbot, and Cecil; Containing ... a Great Part of the Correspondence of Elizabeth and Her Ministers, with George, Sixth Earl of Shrewsbury, During the Fifteen Years in which Mary, Queen of Scots, Remained in His Custody, Volumen2

J. Chidley, 1838

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William Fleetwood to the Earl of Derby New Years Day
Richard Bagot to the same April 16
Lord Talbot to the Earl of Shrewsbury May 26
Lord Burghley to the Earl of Shrewsbury May 27
Lord Howard to the same June 21
John Stanhope to Lord Talbot Dec 22
to the Earl of Shrewsbury Feb 4
Shrewsbury Oct 12
Robert Brakinbury to the same Nov 20
Francis Needham to the Earl of Shrewsbury Nov 24
John Stanhope to the same Dec 9
Sir Charles Cavendish to the Countess of Shrewsbury
The Earl of Essex to the Earl of Derby Jan 17
Translat dun Pasquille intitule Le Caquefagisme
Lords of the Council to the Justices of Assize on
The Earl of Essex to the same July 7
The same to the Earl of Essex July 13
Anthony Ashley to the same Sep 8
The Earl of Shrewsbury to the Justices of Derbyshire
The same to Lord Burghley Sep 16
The same to the same
Sir Robert Cecil to the same April
Mey Bishop of Carlisle to the same July 22
Sir John Stanhope to Sir Robert Cecil Oct 3
Lords of the Council to the Earl of Shrewsbury Aug 5
The Earl of Lincoln to the Earl of Shrewsbury Jan 7
Lords of the Council to the same June 26
Lord Lumley to the same Sep 30
Sir Robert Cecil to the Earl of Shrewsbury
Narrative of the execution of the Duke de Biron at Paris 2
Sir Thomas Edmonds to the Earl of Shrewsbury Aug 3 561 1
Sir Thomas Edmonds to the Earl of Shrewsbury Sep 1 568 1
The same to the same Sep 18
Sir Robert Cecil to the Earl of Shrewsbury Sep 20

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