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the same foundation with the claim of Lieutenant it were located by the original holder, the amount war-to be in full compensation for all extra ser Powell, which has already been paid. I ask that was to be paid by the Treasury.

vices, expenses, and losses sustained by him dathe memorial and the letter of the Fourth Anditor The PRESIDÉNT. The Chair will ask leavering that period, according to the spirit of the ac accompanying it, be referred to the Committee on to interrupt the honorable Senator. The Chair of March 3, 1849, to provide for the seulement Naval Affairs.

finds, on inquiry, that the bill is in the possession accounts of public officers and others, who may They were so referred.

of the House of Representatives. The House have received moneys arising from military cua

must, therefore, first act upon the report of the tributions or otherwise in Mexico. REPORTS FROM STANDING COMMITTEES.

committee of conference; and, until the bill is re- The bill was reported to the Senate without Mr. FISH, from the Committee on Naval Af

turned from the House, there can be no action of amendment, ordered to be engrossed for a third fairs, to which was referred the petition of Fran- the Senate in regard to it.

reading; and was subsequently read a third time cis B. Stockton, praying the return of a certain Mr. SHIELDS. If the vote cannot be taken and passed. sum paid by him, submitted a report, accompanied at this time on the report, I suppose it will hardly by a bill, for his relief; which was read and passed be necessary to explain the amendment. I move

STATUTES AT LARGE. to the second reading. that the report be printed, and that will, perhaps,

Mr. BRADBURY. I move to take up the ja..! The report was ordered to be printed.

save me the necessity of making any explanation resolution authorizing the purchase of the nice Mr. UPHAM, from the Committee on the Post of the matter when it comes up again.

volume of the Laws of the United States. I slated Office and Post Roads, to which was referred the Mr. BADGER. I trust that the honorable Sen-yesterday the reasons which required the early petition of H. N. Denison, praying payment for ator from Illinois will now give an explanation of passage of this resolution; but I am desired by a . a draft, submitted an adverse report; which was the amendments.

Senator who was not here yesterday to recapitia ordered to be printed.

Mr. SHIELDS. As it may save trouble on

late the reasons why action on this resolution is Mr. FELCH, from the Committee on Public

another occasion, I will state the purport now. necessary. It provides for the purchase of the Lands, to which was referred a memorial of the The bill, as proposed to be left by the committee

ninth volume of the Laws of the United Sigles icr Legislature of Alabama, in relation to extending of conference, gives compensation to the registers | distribution, in accordance with the provisions of the time for selecting school lands, reported a bill || and receivers, makes bounty land warrants as- the act of August 8, 1846. The destruction to extend the provisions of an act, approved Feb. signable in all cases, and enables either the origi- the Library by fire deprived the members of the ruary 26, 1845, entitled “ An act to amend an act nal holder or the assignee to locate them upon any

House of Representatives of the use of the volto carry into effect, in the States of Alabama and land subject to private entry at the time of the lo

umes of the laws which were there. There is Mississippi, the existing compacts with these | cation, and they themselves pay the expenses. If need of this volume now, for the accommodaliwa States, with regard to the five per cent. fund and the warrants are to be located on lands where the li of the committees of the House; and this volume is the school reservations; which was read and passed minimum price is more than $1 25, as for instance, also needed for distribution, under the provisiocs to the second reading.

on the reserved land in Illinois and other States of that act, to the heads of departments, and foreign He also, from the same committee, to which where the price is $2 50, the person who holds the Governments. I hope there will be no objection to were referred documents relating to the claim of John Newton, submitted an adverse report; which due in cash. With this exception, the bill is the warrant can make the location by paying the resi- taking up the resolution.

The motion was agreed to, and the joint resoluwas ordered to be printed. same as it passed the Senate.

tion was read a second time, and considered as He also, from the same committee, to which

The report was ordered to be printed.

Committee of the Whole. was referred the petition of citizens of Guthrie

It authorizes the Secretary of State, in compà. county, lowa, praying for a donation of land for


ance with his request made to the Committee on a county seat, submitted an adverse report; which Mr. SHIELDS submitted the following resolu- the Judiciary, to purchase of the publishers of the was ordered to be printed. tion; which was agreed to:

Statutes of the United States one thousand copies Mr. BRADBURY, from the Committee on the

Resolved, That the Committee on Commerce be requested of the ninth volume of the Statutes at Large nok Judiciary, to which were referred the papers in to inquire into the expediency of so amending an act enti- published, and to cause them to be distributed as the case of Walter Colton, submitted a report, tled "An act for the better security of the lives of passen- the first and eighth volumes were distributed by accompanied by a bill for the relief of the legal

gers on board vessels propelled in whole or in part by
steam,” as to exclude steam ferry-boats from the operntion

the act of August 8, 1846.
representatives of Walter Colton; which was read
thereof, so as to obviate the injury and detriment that have

Mr. BRADBURY. I beg leave to read a com: and passed to the second reading.

been occasioned to the owners of such boats, by including munication addressed by the Secretary of State të The report was ordered to be printed.

them within the regulations and requirements of such lat. the chairman of the Judiciary Committee:

Also, to provide for the release of such ferry-boats as may ASSIGNABILITY OF LAND WARRANTS. have been seized under the provisions of such law, and

DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Mr. SHIELDS, from the managers on the dismiss all legal proceedings instituted against them, and

WASHINGTON, January 15, 182.) repay all fines and penalties that may have been assessed or

Sir: I beg leave, through you, respectfully to call ti* *part of the Senate, on the disagreeing votes of the decreed against the owners of such boats for the violation tention of the Committee on the Judiciary to thr prepreny iwo Houses on the bill, entitled “* An act to make of the provisions of said act; and to provide that the law of authorizing this Department to purchase one thouse shall hereafter be construed, as originally intended, not to

copies of the ninth volume United Statules at Large-LA land warrants assignable, and for other purposes, apply to steam ferry-boats.

tle & Brown's edition--for distribution in the same mane reported that they have met the managers on the

as were the one thousand copies of the first eight roluwes, part of the House, and after full and free confer


under the act of August 8, 18-16. ence, have agreed to recommend to their respective The engrossed bill granting the right of way

There appears to be a necessity for this purchase, from Houses, to strike out the word “ act," where it

the fact that the index to the Statutes at Larue, just pole and making a grant of land to the State of Iowa, , lished, and intrusted by the Senate to this Department is? first occurs in the third line of the first proviso in aid of the construction of certain railroads in distribution, embraces the contents of the ninth rolure, proposed to the first section of the bill by the said State, was read a third time. On the question

not in its serial or pamphlet form, but as a complete and House, and insert in lieu thereof the word 'larcs. Shall the bill pass ?” the yeas and nays were

tinct volume, corresponding with those previously publised

by authority of Congress. Insert after the word " located,'' in the said third demanded by Mr. Broducad, and resulted as fol- I have the honor to be, sir, very respectfully, your obedi. line of said first proviso, the words, according to lows:

ent servant,

DANIEL WEBSTER. the legal subdivisions of the public lands, and in one

To llom. A. P. BrTLER,

YEAS.-Messss. Atchison, Adams, Badger, Bell, Borbody. And with these amendments, they recom

Chairman oj the Committee on the Judiciuty, land, Brooke, Cass, Clemens, Dodge of Wisconsin, Dodge

Uniled States Senate. mend that the Senate recede from their disagree. of Iowa, Douglas, Downs, Felch, Fish, Foot, Geyer, Gwin, ment to the amendments of the House to the first Jaunes, Jones of lowa, Jones of Tennessee, King, Mangum,

The price which is fixed by the publishers of section of the bill.

Mortovi, Rusk, Seward, Shields, Smith, Soule, Underwood, this volume is regarded as a very reasonable one,

Walker, and Weller-30. Strike out all after the word warrants, in the

considering the manner in which it is got up and

NAYS-Messrs. Badger, Bayard, Bradbury, Brodhead, twelfth line of the second section, to the end of the Chase, Hamlin, Mason, Norris, Pratt, and Wade-10, its size. ( hope there will be no objection to the section. And with this amendment, they recom

passage of the resolution.

WILLIAM SPEIDEN. mend that the House recede from its amendment,

The resolution was reported to the Senate withstriking out all of said bill after the first section.

Mr. BADGER. I am directed by the Conimit- out amendment, and ordered to be engrossed fit a
James Shields,

tee on Naval Affairs to ask the Senate to take up third reading.
Alpheus Feuch,
this morning, and dispose of, the bill on the pri-

vate Calendar, for the relief of purser William

Managers on the part of the Senate.

Speiden. The reason for asking it is this: in the
GEORGE W. Jones,

belief of the committee, this is a very plain case, Mr. BRADBURY. Before proceeding to the GEORGE BRIGGS,

in which the relief desired should be extended to consideration of the special order of the day, ! Graham N. Fitch,

the party. He has been ordered to sea, and ex- desire to call the attention of the Senate again in Managers on the part ng the House.

pects soon to leave the United States, to be absent the bill providing indemnity to sufferers by Frera

perhaps several years; and if the relief is to be spoliations. I do not propose to take it up to-day, Mr. S. I will state, for the information of the extended to him at all, it ought to be before he but I desire that some day may be designated Senate, that the only change that has been made in the Senate bill is in regard to one principle.

goes away. I move to take up that bill; but if when it may come up. It was made the special

any unexpected difficulty should arise, of course order for a day, more than a month ago. The The report of the Committee of Conference leaves it can be laid aside.

Senator from Michigan, (Mr. Feuch,I underthe bill precisely as it was when it left this body, The motion was agreed to.

stand, desires to address the Senate on the subject. including a provision for the compensation of The bill was accordingly read a second time, and I hope we may fix on some day this week for its registers and receivers-giving them the ordinary was considered hy the Senate as in Committee of consideration; and I hope we will name the dark compensation for their services, only requiring the Whole. It directs the accounting officers of


in order that that the holder of the warrant, whether he is the the Treasury to allow to William Speiden two bill is to come up. I hope it will not be post. assignee or the original holder, shall pay the offi- and a half per cent. upon the amount of military poned beyond this week, or at furthest not beyond cer himself. This bill makes the warrants very contributions received by him, while acting as Monday

next. valuable; and hence we have made this change. purser to the United States frigate Congress, and Mr. CLARKE. I would be leave to ask As the Senate bill originally stood, the assignee as paymaster and commissary to the land forces ! whether the honorable Senator from Michigan w! paid the officers for locating the warrants; but if on the coast of the Pacific, during the Mexican be ready to-morrow to submit his remarks to le

may be understood when the


speak todayi

and I think it is due to him, as he of. Chce propise o aro es to make it read, that

up the bill.

Senate. There is nothing very special after the amendments were made in the substitute; also, the table at a very early period of the session; and consideration of these non-intervention resolutions amendments to make it conform to the lowa land I would just remark, that if Congress or the Sento-day. Will the Senator be ready to speak, if bill, which this morning was read a third time and ate intend to appropriate any money for that obthis bill shall be taken up to-morrow?

passed. An amendment was also made, on his ject, it is high time that it should be done, so that Mr. FELCH. I was a member of the special ' motion, by which two several bills were incorpo- the Executive may be making arrangements to committee to which this matter was referred, and rated into one, so that this bill not only makes have the work go on before the warm season combeing so unfortunate as to be in the minority of provision for a railroad from Hannibal to St. Jo- ! mences. It is a measure which has been discussed the committee in my views on it, I proposed to seph, but also for a railroad from St. Louis to the time and again in this body, and I do not propose give the matter a full investigation, and to present western boundary of the State of Missouri. now to resume the discussion upon it. I hope some views to the Senate, when the question shall Mr. DAVIS. I would suggest to the Sena- the Senate will take it up, and give a silent voie, come up for consideration. I had commenced an tor from Missouri, that in the proviso of thecom- one way or the other, without any discussion, unexamination of that kind. The papers and docu- | mittee's amendment, the same amendment should less some gentleman is anxious to be heard upon ments referred to in the case are very voluminous, be inserted which was made to the Iowa bill yes- it. and it is a labor of weeks to go through them. Iterday; and I therefore make the motion to strike Mr. CHASE. I wish to inquire of the honor: have not been able as yet to pursue that examina- out the words "provided that the right of way able Senator from Kentucky, [Mr. UNDERWOOD,] tion on account of illness during the last two shall not exceed one hundred feet on each side of whether this bill relates to an improvement in the weeks. I shall now, perhaps, be ready to pursue the line of said roads, and a copy of the survey,' Ohio river, with respect to which there has been it, and to consent to the matter coming up in a and insert the following:

very serious disagreement among those who navivery short time. If the Senator will permit the Provided, That in locating the railroads aforesaid, and gate that river, as to the propriety of the improvematter to lie over, say for a week, it will accom- assigning the limits to the easement, no more lands shall be ment, and what the location is? modate me better than a shorter time. If, howtaken from the United States than is necessary for a conve

Mr. UNDERWOOD. It is a dam which was ever, I should be able to conclude my investiga- | transportation, including stations, with the usual building put in the Ohio river by the action of this Gov

, for tion sooner, I would consent to its being taken up of all kinds, turn-outs, and such other appurtenances as are ernment, just above Cumberland Island, so as to at an earlier day.

usually enjoyed by railroad companies, and a copy of the throw the water into a chute next to Smithville. Mr. CLARKE. I move, then, that the Senate location."

It is now in such a situation that it must be either proceed to the consideration of the special order The amendment to the amendment was agreed removed or repaired. of the day.

Mr. CHASE. There is a very great diversity Mr. MÄNGUM. The honorable Senator from The PRESIDENT. The Chair would suggest 'of opinion with regard to the propriety of that reTennessee (Mr. Jones] has the floor upon the that an amendment to the lowa bill was made to pair, as I know very well from conversation with special order, but the condition of the Senate insert the words “to be recorded," at the end persons engaged in navigation upon that river. Chamber is such that it is impossible that he can of

The PRESIDENT. The question is on taking A copy of the survey of said road, under the direction is now, for the first time, about to address the of said Statc, shall be forwarded to the proper local land Mr. CHASE. I hope it will not be taken up Senate at length, that the Senate should give him

otticers respectively, and to the General Land Office, at
Washington city, within ninety days after the coinpletion

at the present time.
a fairer opportunity of being heard. With that
of the same, 10 be recorded."

Mr. 'UNDERWOOD. Why not take it up, view, I move that the Senate do now adjourn. Mr. BRADBURY asked for the yeas and nays

It would be proper to make that amendment to

and let the gentleman assign hio reasons for opthis bill.

posing the bill now? We can as well appropriate on the motion. Mr. CASS. I would suggest to the honorable

The suggestion was adopted, and the amend

this afternoon to that object, as any other. This ment as amended was agreed to.

is a matter of pressing importance if anything is Senator from North Carolina that there can be no

Mr. BRADBURY. Before the bill is reported

to be done at all. If we do anything, now is the sort of objection to allowing this matter to lie over, to the Senate, I would like to inquire of the Sen.

time to do it, because the season is coming on to accommodate the honorable Senator from Tenator from Missouri what number of acres of land

when everything should be ready for the work. nessee; but there is no reason why we should adis appropriated by this bill, and what portion of

If you postpone the matter till June or July, the journ. the land will be found to be alternate sections on

best part of the season will have passed away beMr. MANGUM. I withdraw the motion to each side of the road ?

fore anything can be done. It is a matter of some adjourn, and move that the special order be post

Mr. ATCHISON. The Senator from Maine urgency that we should act upon it now. poned until to-morrow at one o'clock.

Mr. "CHASE. I should have no objection to The PRESIDENT. The Senator, probably, is

makes an inquiry. He wants to know the quannot aware of the order in which the special orders | tity of land which is to be appropriated by this taking up the bill now, but that we all came here bill for these railroads. I am told that upon the

this morning expecting that a different subject come up. The Chair will call them over, so that Northern Railroad from Hannibal to St. Jo

would be taken up, and supposing the usual time the Senator may see. The first is a bill to improve | seph-there cannot be obtained, within the fifteen

of the Senate would be occupied by another ques. the navigation of the Upper Mississippi. miles of that road, exceeding one half million

tion. I wish for a litile time to look at the reports Mr. JONES, of Tennessee. I am much obliged of acres, and refuse land at that. The road is to

that have been made concerning this subject. I to the honorable Senator from North Carolina for be two hundred miles in length-or one hundred

am not certain that I shall oppose the passage of the suggestion which he has made on my behalf. and eighty upon a direct line, though it is sup

the bill, but I wish for an opportunity of informing It must be obvious to every Senator here that the room is uncomfortable. But, so far as I am conposed that with the necessary curves it will be

myself more fully with regard to it. about two hundred miles. As to the road on the

Mr. UNDERWOOD. Very well, then, let it cerned, if it is the pleasure of the Senate, I am willing to go on to-day. I feel that the Chamber south side of the river, my colleague can, perhaps, pass. I withdraw my motion.

RAILROADS IN ARKANSAS. give more information than I can; but I am told is uncomfortable; yet if Senators prefer that the that it will not exceed two hundred and twenty

Mr. BORLAND. As I do not think there is debate should go on now, I am ready, and I submit

five miles, with alternate sections on each side. any other business pressing upon the attention of the question to the Senate. It is a matter of very

The Senator can make the estimate himself. I the Senate, I would ask that we take up the bill great indifference to me. If the Senate wish me

have not made a calculation of the exact number | granting lands to the State of Arkansas for the io proceed now, I can probably say what I have of acres.

same purpose as those granted in the bill which to say, as well to-day as at any other time. Mr. ATCHISON. Although the Senator from

Mr. BRADBURY. I would inquire further, passed for the State of Missouri to-day, and that Tennessee expresses entire indifference as whether any arrangements have been made by the which passed for the State of Iowa yesterday It

is a bill of precisely the same character, resting on whether he shall go on now or not, I presume that State, by which this land is immediately to pass the honorable Senator from North Carolina had

into the hands of railroad companies or specu- precisely the same principles, and I think it might lators?

be acted upon to-day as well as at any other time. some authority for saying that the Senator from

Mr. ATCHISON. No, sir. Each of these The motion to take up the bill was agreed to. Tennessee would prefer to go on to-morrow. roads has a charter from the State of Missouri.

The Senate, as in Committee of the Whole, Mr. MANGUM. I do not suppose that any gentleman would like to speak at length to-day.

That State has appropriated $3,000,000 to assist accordingly proceeded to consider the bill granting Mr. ATCHISON. Certainly; and I am ready,

in the construction of the roads. Private stock to the State of Arkansas the right of way and a

upon one of them, I am told, has been taken to the portion of the public lands, to aid in the construcas I presume every. Senator is ready, to accord amount of $1,200,000, and upon the other, from

tion of the Arkansas Central Railroad, from a this indulgence to the Senator from Tennessee. I therefore move to postpone all the special and $800,000 to $1,000,000, The State of Missouri, point on the western bank of the Mississippi river, general orders prior to the bill granting the right I believe, has made no disposition of the lands, for opposite the town of Memphis, Tennessee, by the of way to the Sute of Missouri, and a portion | whether the Government of the United States we have always considered it a doubtful matter, way of Little Rock, to a point on Red river, on

the border of Texas. of the public lands, to aid in the construction of a railroad from Hannibal to St. Joseph, in said would grant anything, even the right of way. She

The Committee on Public Lands had reported has made no disposition of lands to be granted, as

the original bill, with the model substitute, as in State. The motion was agreed to. far as my knowledge extends, to railroad compa

other similar cases. nies, or otherwise, for the construction of these

On the motion of Mr. BORLAND, the bill was RAILROADS IN MISSOURI. roads.

amended to make it conform to the bills as amended The Senate proceeded, as in Committee of the

The bill was reported to the Senate as amended, 1 granting land for like purposes to the States of Whole, to the consideration of the bill granting, the amendments were concurred in, and the bill

Lowa and Missouri. the right of way to the State of Missouri, and a was ordered to be engrossed for a third reading.

Mr. BRADBURY. I desire to ask the Senator portion of the public lands, to aid in the construc

from Arkansas the same question, in relation to tion of a railroad from Hannibal to St. Joseph, in


this bill, which I asked in relation to the Missouri said State, which was reported from the Commit- Mr. UNDERWOOD. I rise to ask the Senate bill; namely, what number of acres of land this tee on Public Lands, with an amendment in the to take up and act upon a bill, which I propose bill proposes to appropriate? And, in the same shape of a substitute, which the committee has they shall decide without any argument on my connection, I would like to have the Senator inform adopted as a uniform bill for all such purposes. part. It is a bill for

the improvement of the Cum- the Senate, how many millions of acres of land were On the motion of Mr. GEYER, several verbal berland dam in the Ohio river. It was laid upon il granted to the State of Arkansas last session?


[merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

Mr. BORLAND. I have not made any esti- sin to select the residue of the lands to which that Mr. HAMLIN. I would ask for the reading mate of the number of acres granted to the State of State is entitled, under the act of the 8th August, of the report which accompanies the bill, but that Arkansas by this bill. The road runs from the 1846, to aid in the improvement of the Fox and I think I can state the facts more succinctly than Mississippi river, through the centre of the State, Wisconsin rivers. I desire that it may be taken | they are set forth in that report, and what will be to the western frontier. The State is about three up. I would not now make the motion but that satisfactory to the Senate. There has never been hundred miles in width, from east to west. The our Legislature is in session, and if the bill is a marine hospital north of Boston, though we grant applies to land for six miles on each side of passed it will be necessary that it should be passed have a distance of coast of five hundred miles bethe road, giving the alternate sections. The esti-soon, in order to enable the Legislature to take tween Boston and the Province of New Brunswick. mate I have not made; it is not material that it some action on the subject at the present session. | There are in the State of Maine near forty thou. should be made. I have not deemed it necessary, It is just such a bill as has been passed for the sand seamen who at different times follow the sea and therefore I have not sat down to make the cal- State of Illinois, and I hope there is not to be any for a living. We contribute to the seamen's fund culation. I would say that along the line of the distinction made between the two States.

somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000 anno. road a large portion of the land is in the hands of The motion to take up the bill was agreed to, ally. The severities of our climate and the large proprietors, so that perhaps not more than half and the Senate proceeded to its consideration as in number of our seamen, are the facts upon which will be given along the line of the road within the Committee of the Whole.

that report was based, and I think I need not say six miles.

The PRESIDENT. The bill is reported with anything more. I have the facts before me for a With regard to the question as to the amount an amendment. The committee propose to strike full explanation, but I will stop unless some Senof swamp land granted to Arkansas, I I will say, out these words:

ator shall desire a further statement. that it is impossible to tell the amount, because “ That the Governor of the State of Wisconsin shall be,

Mr. BADGER. That is quite enough. the selections have not been made. But even if and he is hereby authorized to select the balance of the Mr. BORLAND. Lest ii may be supposed they were made, and amounted to millions, I

land to which the State is entitled under the provisions of that I am opposed to the passage of this bill, in

the act of 8th of August, 1846, to aid in the inprovement of would say, that they are not worth anything at the Fox and Wisconsin rivers, out of any of tiie unsold and

consequence of the inquiry I made, I rise to say all, until the State has expended all that she can unappropriated lands in the State."

that I cordially approve of it, and only wished in ever receive for them, in converting them into

know whether there was any difference between good land.

And to substitute these words:

this bill and those which have formerly been passed The bill was then reported to the Senate, and

“That the Governor of the State of Wisconsin shall be, the amendments made in Committee of the Whole, and he is hereby authorized to select, out of any unsold and

on this subject. Among the first things which unappropriated lands in that State, the balance of the land

I did when I came here, was to ask for an approwere concurred in. It was then ordered to be en- to which that State is entitled under the provisions of the priation for the erectien of a similar hospital in my grossed for a third reading.

act of 8th August, 1816, within the limits of the grant of own State. I then went into an estimate of the

land, to aid in the improvement of the Fox and Wisconsin
rivers, which could not be assigned to the State under the

amount which was held by the Government of the The Senate, as in Committee of the Whole, proprovisions of said act, in consequence of the same having

vast sums of money taken from seamen, which I ceeded to the consideration of the bill, granting to been previously sold or otherwise disposed of.”

held ought to be appropriated liberally for this and Mr. BADGER. There is a slight verbal amend

similar purposes: the State of Alabama, the right of way, and a donation of public land, for making a railroad from

The Senator from Maine says there are near ment which I would suggest; which is to strike Selma to the Tennessee river.

out the word “balance,” and insert the word forty thousand seamen in Maine. I say, then, that This bill was of the same character as the bills “ residue."

I think they are entitled to $100,000 a year; for making grants of land for similar purposes, in the

The amendments were agreed to.

they each pay $2 40 a year into the Treasury, not States of Iowa, Missouri, and · Arkansas, and

The bill was then reported to the Senate, the by a tax, but it is paid out of their wages, being the several amendments adopted in regard to these

And it is no matter amendments were concurred in, and the bill was

twenty cents per month. bills, were incorporated in this bill. It was reordered to be engrossed for a third reading.

what kind of a vessel or craft they go upon, eren

if it is a raft, each man so employed has dedacied ported to the Senate, the several amendments were MARINE HOSPITAL AT PORTLAND. concurred in, and the bill was ordered to be en

from his wages $2 40 a year, so that these forty

Mr. HAMLIN. I move that the Senate take thousand seamen in Maine are entitled to $100,00 grossed for a third reading. up the bill making an appropriation for the erec

per annum. NAVAL HOSPITAL AT NEW YORK. tion of a marine hospital at Portland, Maine. I Mr. HAMLIN. I did not understand the inMr. BADGER. I ask the Senate to take up a

think it is a bill which will commend itself to the quiry made by the Senator from Arkansas as joint resolution, reported from the Committee on favorable consideration of the Senate. It will being dictated by a spirit of opposition, and if

, Naval Affairs, for the purpose of disposing of it stand on its own merits.

from the manner in which I replied to him, he at this time. It is a joint resolution, authorising Mr. BORLAND. That bill asks for an appro- || supposed that I did, he is entirely mistaken. The the straightening of the boundary lines of the naval priation for building or continuing a marine hos- Senator from Arkansas will recollect that all perhospital at New York. We passed a resolution pital. I would like to inquire of the Senator from sons in Maine who are seamen, do not follow the some time ago; and, in consequence of it, some Maine, whether there is any reason why a differ- sea all the time, or at the same time; perbaps difficulty arose, which renders this resolution ne. ent course should be pursued in regard to that bill not one half. Besides, the amount of money cen. cessary. I move to postpone the previous orders than is pursued in regard to appropriations for tributed by the seamen of Maine, is paid mostly to take it up.

other purposes? I know that heretofore appro- | in other States. The seaman is entitled to relief The motion was agreed to; and the resolution priations for marine hospitals have been included wherever he may be. For that purpose these was considered by the Senate, as in Committee in the general appropriation bills, and I recollect hospitals are erected all over the country, which of the Whole.

that on one occasion a long discussion occurred on are designed to furnish that very relief The resolution was read. It proposes to author

a motion to strike out a similar appropriation from Mr. FELCH. I would inquire whether the ize the Secretary of the Navy, on the part of the the general appropriation bill. Now, I wish to $30,000 is for the purchase of grounds, or whether United States, to carry into full affect an arrange

know the reason why a difference should be made This is the commencement of an operation which ment made with the coterminous proprietors, in this case,

is to be carried out by further appropriations: I whereby a certain part of the eastern boundary of

Mr. HAMLIN. I have stated that I was wille would like to know whether there is to be any the lands of the naval hospital at New York is ing to let this bill stand upon its own merits, and limit to this appropriation? straightened, as will appear by reference to a map,

not to have it depending on the general appropri- Mr. BADGER. It will certainly require further signed by the said proprietors and the commission-ation bill to bring it through. The only difference appropriations.

ers for running the said line on the 28th of Novem- | that I know of is, that I propose to bring it up Mr. HAMLIN. The bill, Mr. President, has . ber, 1848, and approved by the Secretary of the

and pass it in a bill by itself; and I do not know no limitation, nor do I think it should have any. Navy, on the 18ih of December, in the same year, why it should not commend itself to the good It may be that $30,000 will be found sufficient to so that without any pecuniary consideration from

sense of the Senate, because I am willing to trust complete the whole work, but it is hardly advisathe one to the other, the slips of land on the south

it to its own merits. The other course named by ble to restrict it to that sum, for we shall then and west sides of said line according to said plan the Senator was irregular. This is the correct and have but one single marine hospital north of Bosshall become the property of the United States, and parliamentary course.

ton, and it should be made to accommodate a large so much on the other side as now belongs to the

Mr. BADGER. I can suggest another reason, number of persons. Let the matter be subject to United States, shall become the property of the

in addition to that suggested by the Senator from the direction of the Treasury Department. abutting proprietors respectively:

Maine, why it is proper that this bill should be Mr. BADGER. If there be any doubt about Mr. BRADBURY. I would like to hear an acted upon now. I doubt whether the motion the sum, you had better make it $50,000 instead explanation from some gentleman who is on the

could be made to insert this bill in the general ap- of $30,000. committee which reported this bill, as to whether propriation bill, unless the sense of the Senate had Mr. HAMLIN. No, no; let it go at $30,000. it is to involve any considerable expenditure in

been taken upon it, under the restrictive rule which Mr. STOCKTON. I move to amend the bill the purchase of lands. we adopted last session.

by striking out “ thirty” and inserting " fifty," Mr. BADGER. If the Senator from Maine The question was then taken on the motion to so as to make the sum $50,000. had listened to the resolution when read, he would postpone the previous orders to take up the bill, Mr. HAMLIN. If the Senator from New Jerhave learned that it does not involve the expendi- and it was agreed to.

sey will allow me, I will ask him to withdraw ture of a single sixpence. The boundary is irreg

The bill was then read a second time, and con- that amendment. I know the feelings which ular, and the objeci is to make a straighi line, and sidered by the Senate as in Committee of the prompt him to offer it; but the Department has to make an exchange of small slips of land.


. It provides that the Secretary of the suggested that $30,000 should be applied for, and No amendment being offered, the resolution was Treasury be authorized and directed to purchase I think it would be better to adhere to that sum. reported to the Senate, and ordered to be engrossed suitable site in Portland, in the State of Maine, Let a further sum be appropriated hereafter when for a third reading.

or in such place in the immediate vicinity thereof necessary. SELECTION OF LANDS IN WISCONSIN.

as he shall deem proper, and to cause to be erect- Mr. STOCKTON. Well, well; I withdraw the

ed thereon, under his direction, a marine hospital amendment. . for

Mr. BELL. I do not rise for the purpose of introduced a bili to authorize the State of Wiscon- || that purpose the sum of $30,000 is appropriated. | opposing this bill

, but I should like to know from

[ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small]

my honorable friend from Maine, why this bill is Mr. BADGER. I shall be extremely glad to Mr. PEASLEE. I appeal to gentlemen to let brought in as a separate measure? Heretofore, have some day named when we can consider this that be done, as it will occasion no debate. They when we have established marine hospitals, the bill; but I must say to the Senator, that the bill have been on the Speaker's table for a long time. appropriations for them have been required to be which has been reported from the Naval Commit- Mr. POLK objected. incorporated in the general appropriation bill. tee for the establislıment of a dry dock and navy- The SPEAKER. The gentleman from TenNow, I do not ask this from mere idle curiosity yard in California, we of the Naval Committee nessee asks the unanimous consent of the House to know the history of this bill, but because I feel ihink is entitled to the consideration of the Senate to make a report from the committee of confermyself charged here to do so.

There is a strong before the bill to which he alludes. After that ence, on the bill making bounty land warrants necessity for something being done for that por- shall have been disposed of, I shall join with him | assignable. tion of the country which I represent on this floor- to take up his bill.

Mr. JONES. I will merely remark that there something for the waters of the Mississippi. I Mr. BRADBURY. I will name Wednesday is at least as much interest felt in the country, by think we should have a marine hospital there, for the consideration of the French spoliation bill. that class of people who have received but little of where there is not unfrequently a great deal of Mr. BADGER. Oh, no.

the benefits of the Government, in regard to the suffering, and particularly during the last three or Mr. BRADBURY. The Senator from Cali- || land warrant assignment bill, as in the deficiency four years, when the cholera was prevalent. If fornia (Mr. Gwin) says he has no objection to bill. It will take, I apprehend, but a short time gentlemen have not attended to the statements made agreeing to that day.

to dispose of the report of the conferees. in the public prints in regard to the suffering which Mr. BADGER.' If he has no objection to it, I Mr. HOUSTON I feel as much interest in the has been endured on these waters, they can have have not.

enactment of a law to make land warrants assignno idea of them, much of which suffering, how- Mr. BRADBURY. If it is the common under- 1 able as the gentleman from Tennessee, or any ever, might be alleviated by the establishment of l standing that the bill will be taken up on that day, other gentleman upon this floor. I have given marine hospitals. I have no doubt that this bill I am satisfied.

my votes all through, without any consumption is a very proper one; but I want to learn from the Mr. GWIN. On Monday we can take up the of time to attain that result. If I understand the chairman of the Committee on Commerce whether Calendar, and the bill to which the Senator from condition of the report of the conference commitchere are not to be other bills, general bills, for the North Carolina alludes stands first upon it. If tee, it will consume much time in debate, unless support of hospitals, and whether they propose we do so, as I hope we shall, of course that bill the gentleman from Tennessee, after he has subthe establishment of any new hospitals in that will come up first for consideration.

mitted the report, calls for the previous question general bill. I merely ask this question for inform- Mr. FELCH. I do not wish to delay action upon it. If he will do that, so that the House ation, not that I wish to obstruct the passage of upon the French spoliation bill; but if the Senate may be brought directly to a vote, I will not interthe bill, but to know why this measure is to be will set apart Monday of the week after next for pose any objection. passed now, contrary to ihe custom which has its consideration, it will suit me much better than Mr. JONES. I cannot make that promise, bebeen adopted heretofore.

any other time. I am sure there are other bills cause I shall have to explain the report, and others Mr. HAMLIN. There is now pending in the which will require the attention of the Senate, and may wish to say romeihing; and I could not be House-if I may be allowed to refer to that occupy their whole time, until that day. I there expected to move the previous question. The body-as we see by its proceedings, a measure fore suggest Monday of the week after next. gentleman, or some one else, can obtain the floor, for che relief of sick and disabled seamen. There Mr. BRADBURY. When the subject was be- and call for the previous question. is annually made, in the appropriation bills, an fore the select committee, the making of the report Mr. STANLY. I object to the introduction of appropriation of a sum certain for that purpose, was delayed some time for the accommodation of the report, unless the gentleman calls for the preover and above the sum which arises from the my friend from Michigan. The publication of the vious question after its submission. payment of twenty cents per month from the sea- report was then delayed. At the time for calling Mr. JONES. I cannot promise to do that, if it men's wages. This bill has nothing to do with it up for consideration, it was again postponed is not passed from this to the end of the session. that. It is a bill for the erection of a hospital, not until February 16th, at the Senator's request. It Mr. HOUSTON. If the gentleman from Tenone making an appropriation for sick and disabled has already been postponed some two or three nessee will make his explanation, and then move seamen, otherwise than erecting for them in Maine, times. I trust, therefore, the Senate will consent the previous question, I do not think it will be obwhere there is no hospital, a seamen's home. The to have it considered on Wednesday next. jected to. subject-matter was referred to the Committee on The PRESIDENT. There is no motion before Mr. STANLY. To that I will not object. Commerce, and they have reported the bill. There the Senate.

Mr. JONES. If there be no objection, then I was also a memorial referred to that committee, for On motion by Mr. BADGER, the Senate then

will do so. another hospital in the State of Louisiana. On adjourned.

Mr. FOWLER. I rise to a question of order. that they have reported, or directed the Senator

It is, whether the motion of the gentleman from from Louisiana (Mr. Soule) to report, a bill.

Alabama, (Mr. Houston,) having been made at We have not sought to incumber the one bill by


a late hour of the day yesterday, comes up under the other. While it is true, as I have stated, that

WEDNESDAY, March 17, 1852.

the morning hour. many of our hospitals have been erected by at- The House met at twelve o'clock, m. Prayer by The SPEAKER. It is a privileged question; taching a specific appropriation to our appropria- | the Rev. Littleton F. Morgan.

and comes up as the unfinished business of yestion bills, still, I think it is no objection to this bill The Journal of yesterday was read and approved. terday. that we seek for its passage in the ordinary way of doing legislative business, trusting to its own


Mr. FOWLER. I would suggest to the gentleintrinsic merits for a favorable action of the Sen

Mr. PEASLEE. There are, Mr. Speaker, man, and all others, to let that pass until the upon your table, a number of communications from morning hour has transpired, and to allow com

mittees to make reports, and permit the business Mr. BADGER. I suggested to my friend from

the Executive departments, which it is important upon the Speaker's table to be taken up and reMaine, that there was a separate reason why this should be referred to some of the committees. I

ferred; then the House can proceed to the business bill should receive the support of the Senate. If hope the House will unanimously consent that proposed by the gentleman from Alabama. gentlemen will attend to the alteration which was they shall be taken up and referred; it will occupy The SPÉAKER. The Chair again inquires made, at the last Congress, in the rules of the a few moments.

whether the proposition of the gentleman from Senate, in respect to the general appropriation

The SPEAKER. The first business in order

Tennessee (Mr. Jones] is objected to. bills, they will see the extreme importance of its is the motion made by the gentleman from Ala

Mr. HOUSTON. I will not object, under the being passed; for if a general appropriation billbama (Mr. Houston) on yesterday, to close deshould come here, and the Senate should not have bate upon the deficiency bill. The gentleman arrangement that the gentleman shall move the passed this bill, or a resolution declaring the profrom New Hampshire asks the unanimous con

previous question after its report shall have been priety of it, this appropriation could not be moved sent of the House to submit a motion that the


Mr. ABERCROMBIE. I object. as an amendment to it. The 30th rule of the Sen- House proceed to the business upon the Speaker's ate is as follows: table, so far as communications from the Depart

QUESTION OF ORDER. “ No amendment, proposing an additional appropriation, ments are concerned.

Mr. JONES. I wish to submit a question of shall be received to any general appropriation bill, unless ASSIGNABILITY OF LAND WARRANTS. order. At what time is it in order for a committee it be made to carry out the provisions of some existing law,

Mr. JONES, of Tennessee. I will state, for or some act, or resolution, previously passed by the Senate

of conference to report? There is nothing in the during that session,” &c.

the information of the House, that whenever it is rules which specifies the time; there is nothing in Now, if the Senate pass this law, although it

the pleasure of the House to receive the report of parliamentary practice which prescribes the time; should not be reached in the House, it will then

the committee of conference upon the disagreeing but I have no recollection, on any occasion, of a be competent to move this appropriation in the

voles of the two Houses upon the bill providing report of a committee of conference having been general appropriation bills.

for the assignability of land warrants, they are excluded by an objection. It seems to me, from The bill was reported to the Senate without ready to report,

the nature of the case, that it must be at all times amendment, and ordered to be engrossed for a

MEMBERS. Let us have it now.

in order, because it is business nearest to perfecthird reading.

Mr. HOUSTON. I apprehend that the report tion, and business upon which both Houses are

of the conference committee, when made, will engaged at the same time. FRENCH SPOLIATIONS.

create considerable debate, and I therefore feel it The SPEAKER. The Chair does not recollect Mr. BRADBURY. Before the Senate adjourns, to be my duty to object, if that objection will pre- of any instance where objection was made to the I desire to come to an understanding as to when vent its reception at present.

introduction of the report of a committee of conthe French spoliation bill shall be considered. If The SPEAKER. If the gentleman will allow ference; and there is no rule giving ahe report of some day next week--Monday, Tuesday,or Wed- the Chair, the gentleman from New Hampshire such a committee preference over the report of nesday-can be designated, and we can have an (Mr. PEASLEE) submits a motion that, by the any other committee. understanding upon the subject, I intend not to unanimous consent of the House, the communica- Mr. JONES. There is no time specified; when press

the Senate to consider it before that time. I tions from Departments upon the Speaker's table will it be in order, then, for them to make a rehope some day will be named when, by common be taken up, read, and referred to the proper com- port? I think that they can report at any time. consent, we can take it up. mittees.

The SPEAKER. The report will be in order,


when reports from committees are called for. The The second amendment to be inserted after the The second was then read, as below. The part recollection of the Chair is, that the practice of word “ located,” in the third line of the same pro- in italics is proposed by the conference committee the House will show that reports of committees viso, is that the warrant shall be located in one to be stricken out: of conferences have never been objected to, but body, and according to the legal subdivision of the Sec.2. And be il further enacted, that the registers and have been made at any time during the sittings. United States. This, sir, was thought necessary receivers of the land offices, shall hereafter be deserulle Mr. JONES. As there seems to be no settled by most of the committee, if not all, in order to

authorized to charge and receive for their services ia loca

ting all military bounty land warrants, issued since the practice, and no time specified, when a committee prevent a person holding a one hundred and sixty

eleventh day of February, eighteen bundred and forty of conference can report, I will, for the purpose of acre warrant from locating it upon forty acre tracis seven, the same compensation or percentage to wt ch they determining the question one way or the other, in four different sections, or one holding an eighty are entitled by law for sales of the public lands fos cash, a take an appeal to ihe decision of the Chair. The acre warrant from locating it upon two forty acre

the rate of one dollar and twenty-five cents per arre; the

said compensation to be hereafter paid by the asiguées House can thus decide whether it is in order for tracts in different half sections. This is done in

holders of such warrants, where they have been transferred them to report whenever they are ready, or not. order to require the holder of a warrant to locate under the provisions of an act of Congress, and the regulee

Mr. STUART. I do not understand the Chair his one hundred and sixty acre warrant upon one tions of the General Land Office; and to be paid out of the as deciding that question. section, and the holder of an eighty acre warrant

Treasury of the United Stales upon the adjustment of the The SPEAKER. The Chair does decide, being upon a half section lying in one body. For in

accounts of said officers, where it shall be shoun, to the id.

isfaction of the Commissioner of the General Land 0,ice, called upon to do so, that the business first in order, stance: it is to prevent the locating of an eighty- that the warrant was located by the sollier or warrantés, er is the motion made by the gentleman from Ala- acre warrant upon the northeast quarter and south- his next of kin, as provided for by law. bama, to close the debate upon the deficiency bill. east quarter of the same section, or forty in one Mr. JONES. That is the only amendment That is the opinion of the Chair. From this de- section and forty in another. That is the only which the committee of conference propose to cision an appeal is taken.

effect of that; and these amendments met with the make to that portion of the Senate bill which was Mr. HOUSTON. I trust that the gentleman unanimous approbation of the conferees on the stricken out by the House. The second section of who objected to the acceptance of the report of part of both Houses.

the Senate bill, as it came here, proposed to give to the committee of conference, will let it be disposed Then we recommend this amendment, that the the registers and receivers, each, the same fees that of this morning, in the way suggested, to save Senate shall recede from the disagreement to these they were entitled to if the land should be entered time; and that bills, which have been a long tiine two provisoes proposed by the House to the first and paid for with money. The latter branch of it before the House, may be disposed of. amendment of the bill. The only other amend

proposes that when the warrant shall be located The SPEAKER. The Chair would state to ment we propose, is to strike out of the second

by the original warrantee, the soldier or his legal the House that, but for the pendency of the ques- section of the bill, afier the word “ warrants,” the representatives, then it shall be paid out of the tion submitted by the gentleman from Alabama, following:

Treasury of the United States. This amendinen: the Chair would be strongly inclined to decide, (as “ Where they have been transferred under the provis- proposes to strike out that part which requires the practice, in the opinion of the Chair, has been ions of any act of Congress, and the regulations of the ihai the fees after locating to be paid out of the that way,) that it would be in order for a com

General Land Office; and to be paid out of the Treasury of mittee of conference to report at any time. The the United States upon the adjustment of the accounts of

Treasury, and requires the locator, whether the such officers, wliere it will be shown to the satisfaction of original holder or the assignee of the warrant, in Chair, however, is free to confess that he knows the Commissioner of the General Land Ofhce that the war- all cases hereafter to pay the fees himself. I con of no rule that would guide him in this matter; rant was located by the soldier or warrantee, or his next of

curred with the committee of conference in striking nor has he recollection of a case, during his ser- kin, as provided for by law."

out this part, and requiring the locators to pay the vices here, where objection was made to the report Mr. MEADE. I should like a further expla- | fees themselves; but I did not concur in that part of a committee of conference.

nation about locating the warrants according to of the amendment fixing the fees, because I think Mr. PHELPS. I will suggest to the gentleman || legal subdivision. Suppose the warrant is an the fees are too large. They will be fifty cents to from Alabama that he withdraw his resolution for eighty-acre warrant, I would ask my friend from each officer, or, rather, one dollar for the locatior of the closing of debate upon the deficiency bill, and Tennessee, (Mr. Jones,] could that eighty-acre

a forty acre warrant, and two dollars for the loca. let us dispose of this report. He can move his warrant be laid upon the south half of a quarter tion of an eighty acre warrant, and four dollars for resolution again at any time.

section, or on the east or west half of the same the location of a one hundred and sixty acre war. Mr. HOUSTON. 'I dislike to do that, but with section?

rant, or two dollars to each of the officers; when the hope that I will be able to get the floor again Mr. JONES. My impression is, and I think the labor for the forty acre warrant is exactly the to move it, I will withdraw my resolution and al- this is the universal understanding of the amend- same as that for the one hundred and sixty acre low the course suggested to be pursued. ment, as proposed by the committee of confer

warrant. Then I concur in striking out that part THE REPORT OF THE CONFEREES. ence, that you can lay it on the north half, the which made the fees a tax upon the 'Treasury, and Mr. JONES, of Tennessee. Under the decis

south half, the east half, or the west half of the would have concurred in the balance of it, if the ion of the Chair I then submit the following re

section; but that you must take one of the halves fees had not been as large as they are. port from the committee of conference on the dis- || laying broadside to each other; that is, that you By the third section of the Senate bill, it is proagreeing votes of the two Houses with regard to

shall not take one quarter from a corner in the posed to pay to the registers and receivers who the land warrant assignment bill:

south west or the other in the southeast, so as to I have gone out of office, as well as those who are The managers on the part of the Housc on the disagree

connect them by corners. You may, by legal now in office, the same fees for the location of war. ing votes between the two Houses on Senate bill No. 146, subdivisions, select either the north, the south,

rants heretofore located, as they would have been entitled “ An act to make land warrants assignable and for the east, or the west half of a quarter section under entitled to if the land had been entered, and the other purposes." have met the managers on the part of the Senate--and, after full and free conference, have agreed to an eighty-acre warrant. I do not know that I

money paid for it. I was opposed to this section, recommend to their respective Houses to strike out the word

understand all the regulations about the Land We cannot tell exactly what will be the cost upon "act” where it first occurs in the third line of the first pro- Office, but it is very clear and distinct that the land

the Treasury. But there have been seventy-five viso proposed to the first section of the bill by the flouse, must be located in one body, and according to the thousand one hundred and sixty acre warrants is. and insert in lieu thereof the word “Jaws ;” insert after the word “ocated” in the said third line of said first proviso the

legal subdivisions of the public lands of the United sued under the act of February, 1847, and upwards words " laccording to the legal subdivision of the public

States, subject to private entry. I understand of six thousand forty acre warrants, making the lands and in one body ;” and with these amendments they from some of the gentlemen around me from the aggregate amount of lands under that law some recommend that the Senate recede from their disagreement new States, that, according to legal subdivisions, thing over 12,000,000 acres.

There will also be to the amendment of the House to the first section of the they cannot take the north half or the south hall be some five or ten thousand warrants more issued Strike out all after the word “ warrants," in the twelfth

of a quarter section with an eighty-acre tract, but under that law. What proportion of these war; line of the second section, to the end of the section; and,

that it must be either the east half or the west half rants have been located, it is impossible for any of with this amendment, they recommend that the House re- under the decisions and regulations of the Departcede from its amendment striking out all of said bill alter

us to tell at this time. But suppose that the whole the first section.

ment. However that may be, it is according to of them have been located, then the fees or com JAMES SHIELDS

the legal subdivisions of the public lands in one missions upon them, according to this law, wouid ALPHEUS FELCI, body; and I think that will be found to be correct. TRUMAN SMITH, As to the other amendment, the House will recol- sixty acre warrants, and one half upon the forty

be $302,304; one fourth upon the one hundred and Managers on the part of the Senate. G. W. JONES, lect, that by the second section of the Senate bill,

acre warrants having been paid by the locators of GEORGE BRIGGS, they proposed to pay to the registers and receive

the warrant, except where the original warrantee GRAHAM N. FITCH, ers the same fees for locating all military bounty located himself. None of those fees have been Managers on the part of the House. land warrants of every description that they

woulų paid, and they are all to be paid out of the TreasMr. JONES. I ask now that the Clerk read be entitled to if the same tract of land were entered

ury. the first proviso as proposed to be amended. and the money paid for it, estimating the warrant Mr. DUNHAM. I will state that out of the The Clerk read it, as follows:

at $1 25 per acre: that is, one per cent. upon the whole number of warrants issued under the Mex: Provided, That the warrants which have been, or may amount to each of these oscers. hereafter be issued in pursuance of said laks, or of this act, Mr. JOHNSON, of Arkansas. Will the gen- thousand, there have been located only six thnu

ican bounty land law, something like seventy-five may be located according to the legal subdirisions of the public lands in one body, upon any lands in the United

tleman allow me to interrupt him for a moment? sand by assignees. States subject to private entry at the time of such location I find it impossible to keep up with the gentle- Mr. JOHNSON, of Arkansas. Does the gen, at the minimum price.

man's explanations, and understand them from the Mr. JONES. of Tennessee. The first amend- li method which he pursues now. I would suggest are all that have been issued ?

tleman pretend to say that seventy-five thousand ment proposed by the comunittee is to strike out the woru act, in the third line of the first pro

Mr. DUNHAM. I say about that number has be read'as he comments upon them. It is important' been located under the Mexican bounty land law viso of the House, and to insert the word “law” to us all that we should understand what he means; Sixty-six thousand of these land warrants were in its stead That is done for the purpose of but we cannot follow him in this way: making the proviso conform to the first section of

located by the original grantees of the warrants; the act. The first section of the act provides that Mr. JOHNSON. I do not understand what value,

as provided for by this law. I have doculand warrants given under the laws of the United this amendment is.

ments to show it. States, shall be assignable. That is the only ef- Mr. JONES. The Clerk will read the second fect of that amenement. section of the bill.

Mr. CAMPBELL, of Illinois. I should like to see the documents.


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