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The SPEAKER replied that the morning hour by the Judiciary Committee to move that the bill expenses are numerous and various. Many of had not yet expired.

and report be referred to the Committee of the them are set forth in the report which I have just Mr. HARRIS moved that the rules be suspended Whole on the state of the Union, and that 2,000 | presented; and many more will probably be reade and that the House resolve itself into Commit- copies of the same be printed for the use of the manifest by the answers--which will soon be furtee of the Whole on the state of the Union. House.

nished by the Department of the Interior—10 a seMr. McNAIR. I have been waiting very pa

The SPEAKER. If the gentleman moves to ries of interrogatories which were addressed to the tiently for this matter to get through, to report a print extra copies of his bill and report, accord- | Secretary of that Department, under a resolution resolution from the Committee on Agriculture. ing to the rule it must go to the Committee on of inquiry from this House. But, sir, sufficient, The SPEAKER. The gentleman must be Printing.

as I before stated, will be made manifest by the aware that discussion is not in order during the Mr. McLANAHAN. 1 move, then, that the report, which is now submitted, to show the nependency of a motion to go into Committee of the usual number of copies of the bill and report becessity of immediate legislative action on the subWhole on the state of the Union. printed.

ject. Mr. McNAIR. I expected that the call of the The bill and report were then referred to the The regulation of the fees to be received by the committees would have been gone through with. Committee of the whole on the state of the il ministerial officers of the courts is a task of more Mr. McLANAHAN. I ask the gentleman to Union, and ordered to be printed.

than ordinary difficulty and complexity. The withdraw his motion for one moment, so as to Mr. McLANAHAN. I now move that the printing of the bill and report for the use of the allow me to present a report.

bill just referred to the Committee of the Whole House is absolutely necessary. And the subject Mr. HARRIS. If the gentleman could effect on the state of the Union be made the special or- is one of such grave and serious import that extra his object, I would certainly do it.

der of the day for the 25th of February next, and numbers of the report should be printed, so that Mr. CARTTER. He cannot do it until after from day to day thereafter until disposed of. the whole country may understand both the known the other committees have been called.

Mr. CARTTER objected.

abuses and the proposed reform. The report and Mr. HARRIS withdrew his motion.

Mr. MEADE. I desire to inquire if the gen- | the bill should find a wide circulation over the Mr. McLANAHAN asked the unanimous con- tleman from Pennsylvania, (Mr. McLanahan,) | land. We ask, therefore, that a number of copies, sent of the House to make a report.

did not make a motion to print an extra number corresponding to the exigencies of the case, may Mr. OLDS objected. of copies of this report?

be printed, in order that all who desire to investiThe question was then taken on the motion to The SPEAKER. He did, but the motion was gate the matter may have every facility which it is lay the resolution on the table, and the result was not at the time entertained. The Chair, however, in the power of the committee to furnish. Sir, -yeas 77, nays 73; as follows:

upon reflection, is of the opinion that if the motion there is no subject in which the people are more YEAS-Messrs. Abercrombie, Charles Allen, John Ap- is made as a report from the Committee on the interested than the one which is now brought to pleton, Barrere, Bocock, Breckenridge, Cartier, Chastain, l Judiciary, that it is competent for him to do so the consideration of the House; and while it deChurch well, Conger, Dawson, Dockery, Dunham, Eastman, Faulkner, Ficklin, Goodenow, Gorman, Hall, Har

without having it referred to the Committee on mands the prompt and energetic action of Conper, Isham G. Harris, Sampson W. Harris, Hascall, Haven, Printing.

gress, it is one which cannot be properly disposed Hebard, Hendricks, Hibbard, Hillyer, Holladay, Houston, Mr. McLANAHAN. I am instructed by the of without close investigation and calm reflection. John W. Howe, Thomas Y. How. Hunter, Jenkins, An- Committee on the Judiciary to move that 5,000 The motion to print 5,000 copies extra of the drew Johnson, James Johnson, John Johnson, Daniel T. Jones, George W. Jones, George G. King, Preston King, copies of the report be printed.

report was referred to the Committee on Printing. Khuns, Letcher, Lockhart, Mann, Huinphrey Marshall,

Tlie SPEAKER. That motion is in order. Mason, McLanahan, Meade, Miller, Millson, Miner, Molo- Mr. JONES, of Tennessee. Does the gentle mittee on Commerce to make a favorable report

Mr. MEADE. I am requested by the Comny, Henry D. Moore, Murpliy, Nabers, Orr, Outlaw, Sam

man from Pennsylvania say that he is instructed uel W. Parker, Phelps, Smith, Benjamin Stanton, Richard

in the case of a railroad company in Georgia, and H. Stanton, Abraham P. Stevens, Alexander H. Stephens, to move to print 5,000 copies?

ask that the bill reported by ihe committee on this Stuart, Sweetser, Benjámin Thompson, George W. Thomp

Mr. McLANAHAN. Yes, sir. son, Venable, Walbridge, Wallace, Watkins, Addison Mr. JONES. I understood the gentleman a ticular reasons why this should be done. I will

subject be put upon its passage. There are parWhite, Wilcox, Wildrick, and Woodward-77. NAYS-Messrs. Aiken, William Appleton, Babcock,

moment ago to ask for 2,000.
Mr. McLANAHAN. Mr. Speaker, it is proper,

state simply to the House the merits of the case. Thomas H. Bayly, Beale, Bell, Bibighaus, Bowie, Bren:

The Monroe Railroad Company, under acts of ton, Briggs, Busby, E. Carrington Cabell, Caldwell, l'hoinp- and perhaps necessary, that I should briefly state son Campbell, Caskie, Chandler, Clark, Cobb, Curiis, to the House some of the reasons that induced the

1832 and 1840, imported railroad iron, and gave George T. Davis, Dean, Doty, Edgerton, Edmundson, Committee on the Judiciary, through me, to pre- | bonds were to be canceled if the iron was laid by

their bonds for it in 1841, with security. Those Fitch, Florence, Fowler, Freeman, Henry M. Fuller, Thomas J. D. Fuller, Gainble, Gaylord, Gilinore, Green,

sent the resolution which I have just made. Grey, Grow, Hart, Henn, Robert W. Johnson, Martin, The extraordinary increase in the expenses of laid by the specified time, but it was laid during the

the 3d day of March, 1843. The iron was not McDonald, McNair, Morrison, Murray, Newton, Olds,

the judiciary, since the organization of that dePeaslee, Polk, Powell, Price, Riddle, Robbins, Robinson,

year 1843. “After this iron was laid upon the road, Savage, Schoolcraft, Schoonmaker, scudder, Scurry, Da: partment of the Government, led the committee

ihe Monroe Railroad Company was dissolved, vid L. Seymour, Origen S. Seymour, Frederick P. Stan- into an investigation of the causes that operated to

and became insolvent, and the road passed into ton, St. Martin, Stratton, Sirother, Taylor, Thurston, il produce this result. This investigation was neces

other hands. The securities were sued upon those Townshend, Tuck, Walsh, Ward,' Welch, Alexander sarily one of details, and all of the causes may not Wbite, and Yates-73.

bonds, and such suit is either now in progress, or have been satisfactorily ascertained; yet it is beSo the resolution was laid upon the table. Mr. STANLY moved to reconsider the vote report just submitted to show the necessity of lieved that sufficient will be made known by the judgment has been recovered against the securi

ties. They ask to be relieved from that bond, just taken, and to lay that motion on the table; prompt legislative action on the subject.

upon the ground that the equitable construction of which latter motion was agreed to.

the act of 1842 entitles them as much to relief as

In the year 1800, the expenses of the judiciary if their iron had been laid upon the track previous Mr. DUNHAM. I desire to inquire of the establishment of the United States, inclusive of Chair if the morning hour has not expired ?

to the first of March, 1843. This subject was the salaries of the judges, appear to have been The SPEAKER. It has expired.

before the last Congress, and referred to the Com$42,214; in 1820, $117,187; in 1830, $204,432; | mittee on Commerce, which made a favorable reMr. DUNHAM. Then I move that the rules be suspended, and that the House resolve itself $564,845. "During this period of fifty years the pop

in 1840, $373,695; in 1949, $469,223; in 1850, port thereon, with a bill for relief; but for some into the Committee of the Whole on the state of lulation of the United States increased at a ratio of

cause or other the bill was not acted upon during the Union; and upon that motion I ask for tellers. about three hundred and thirty-three per cent.,

the last session of Congress. Tellers were ordered, and Messrs. WATKINS

The Solicitor of the Treasury has given his whilst the expenses of maintaining the judiciary inand Mason were appointed. creased at the rate of about twelve hundred and

consent, in an informal way, that execution shall The question was then taken, and the tellers re

not be sued out against these parties, and that the thirty-seven per cent. Now, sir, it is not pretended ported-ayes 50, noes not counted. that increase of population is an exact rule by which until they shall have had an opportunity to apply

case shall not be prosecuted to final termination, So the House refused to go into committee. to estimate the increase in the expenses of our Mr. FICKLIN, from the Committee for the courts of justice; but it is a modegenerally adopted House, that a similar application has been made

to Congress for relief. I will state further to the District of Columbia, reported the following reso- for forming an estimate of the wealth, the business, lution, viz: and prosperity of our country at large. And it is

by one or two other railroad companies, upon the Resolved, That the Committee for the District of Colum- therefore, on the whole, perhaps as good a method

same grounds, and relief has been afforded to

them. I consider that this company is entitled to bia, while prosecuting their inquiry, under the order of the as can be selected for forming correct conclusions House, into the practice of issuing small notes as a currency, as to what would be a fair and proper increase in

relief upon an equitable construction of the three and not redeemable in cash, by irresponsible persons or corporations, within the District of Columbia, be and they are the expenses of the judiciary. 'The facts before

statutes which relate to the subject, one of which hereby authorized to send for persons and papers, and to stated cannot fail to show the undue and improper 1942. If the House wish to be more minutely

was passed in 1832, one in 1840, and the third in augmentation of expense, incident at this time to The question was taken, and the resolution th administration of justice in the circuit and

informed in the case, they can have the report

read. It is a short one. I ask the House to peradopted.

district courts of the United States. Mr. THOMPSON, of Virginia, asked the unan

In the northern district of the State of New mit this bill to be put upon its passage, that relief imous consent of the House to introduce a bill, of sustaining the United States courts, exclusive of | by all of the members of the committee. York the expenses of the General Government in

may be immediately afforded to the securities. It

is a very meritorious case, and was so considered which previous notice had been given, upon the same subject as the resolution just adopted. the salaries of the judge, marshal, and district at

The bill, being a bill for the relief of the Monroe Objection was made. torney, in the year 1830 amounted to $3,500, in

Railroad Company and their securities, was then Mr. McLANAHAN, from the Committee on

the year 1850 to $43,975; more than twelve times
as large as in the year 1830. In the State of Mas-

read a first and second time by its title. the Judiciary, reported a bill to regulate the fees sachusetts, in the year 1830, the amount paid by

Mr. HEBARD moved that the bill be referred and costs to be allowed clerks, marshals, and at- the General Government, exclusive of the salaries

to the Committee of the Whole House, made the torneys, in the circuit and district courts of the of the judge, marshal, and district attorney, was

order of the day for to-morrow, and, with the United States, and for other purposes; which was $9,586 13; and in the year 1850 $92,728; about ten read a first and second time by its title.

accompanying report, be printed; which motion times as large as it was in 1830. The causes which

was agreed to. Mr. McL, said: I am unanimously instructed have led to this extraordinary increase in judicial Mr. VENABLE, from the Committee on the

examine witnesses under oath.


Judiciary, made an adverse report upon the me- were severally read a first and second time by rial and report to the Committee on Military morial of Jehiel Brooks, praying authority to sue their titles, referred to a Committee of the Whole | Affairs. the United States for damages, in consequence of House, made the order of the day for to-morrow, Mr. STANTON. This is a claim presented by a suit instituted against him by the United States; and, with the accompanying reports, ordered to the heirs of Daniel Landon for property destroyed which was ordered to lie upon the table and be be printed, viz:

at Fort Wayne, in 1812. He went out there at printed.

A bill for the relief of Semoice, a friendly Creek the special instance of the commander of the Fort, Mr. HARRIS, of Tennessee, from the Com- | Indian;

in 1802, cultivated land, raised crops, and built a mittee on the Judiciary, reported a bill for the re- A bill for the relief of Ira Baldwin; and mill. It is claimed that he had a special promise lief of Andrew Smith; which was read a first and A bill for the relief of William H. Wells and of protection from the commandant of that Fort. second time by its title, referred to a Committee others.

He took his means there to the extent of $4,000, of the Whole House, made the order of the day Mr. MILLER, by unanimous consent of the and in 1812 his entire property was destroyed by for to-morrow, and, with the accompanying re- House, introduced a bill, of which previous no- the Indians. I thought, in the first instance, that port, ordered to be printed.

tice had been given, for an appropriation of money the proper reference of the claim was to the ComOn motion by Mr, KING, of New York, it for the improvement of the Missouri river, frommittee on Military Affairs. I move that it be re

its mouth to Council Bluffs; which was read a first ferred to the Military Committee, and the argument Ordered, That the Committee on the Judiciary be dis- and second time by its title, and referred to the of the Committee of Claims may go along with it, charged from the further consideration of the memorials Committee on Roads and Canais.

so that there need not be any fear of injustice of citizens of Dayton, Ohio, and of citizens of Newark, New Jersey, praying for the passage of an act for the pro

Mr. SMART, from the Committee on Military, being done. tection of American inventors; and that the same be re

Mr. EDGERTON. Claims under the law of Affairs, to whom was referred the petition of Wilferred to the Cominittee on Patents.

liam Mann, praying for compensation for services' 1816 have been allowed for the destruction of propOn motion by Mr. PARKER, of Indiana, it during the war of 1812, made an adverse report; | erty occupied for military purposes, but the law was which report was ordered to lie upon the table.

never has permitted payment for personal properOrdered, That the Committee on the Judiciary be dis- Mr. JOHNSON, of Arkansas. We have ac

ty, or for the destruction of buildings not occupied charged from the further consideration of the petition of complished a good deal of business to-day, more

as a military post, or of such a description that Hyacinth Riopelle, of Wayne county, Michigan, for the

the action of the Government had not imparted to passage of an act granting him a patent for a certain tract than the clerks can bring up, and I therefore move of land, and that it be referred to the Committee on the House adjourn.

them a military character. In this case the loss Private Land Claims.

The question was taken, and the House refused property, and she destruction of buildings not

was sustained by the Indians driving off personal On motion by Mr. PARKER, of Indiana, it, to adjourn.

claimed to be occupied by the United States troops. was

Mr. GORMAN, from the Committee on Mili

Mr. SWEETSER. I desire to call the attenOrdered, That the Committee on the Judiciary be dis- tary Affairs, reported “A bill for the relief of tion of my colleague to the fact, set forth in these charged from the further consideration of the petition of N. i Josiah P. Pilcher, late a private in company F, || papers, that Fort Mayre was a frontier post, and Clicks and other citizens of the United States, praying for the payment of moneys withheld and which were due them

second Kentucky regiment of volunteers in the that the property taken here by the claimants was by the provisions of certain treaties and generally for the

war with Mexico;" which was referred to the absolutely necessary at that time, in order to furredress of grievances, and that it be referred to the Com-Committee of the Whole, made the order of the nish the means of subsistence to the men at that mittee on Indian Affairs.

day for to-morrow, and the bill and report ordered station. He went there under the protection of Mr. PARKER also, from the Committee on the to be printed.

the commanding officer, and carried along with Judiciary, made an adverse report on the petition Mr. Wilcox, from the Committee on Mili- him his property. In the then condition of the of Samuel Drew, asking for the interest on the tary Affairs, reported a bill to be entitled "An act country, the troops of the United States were unarrears of pay due him as a soldier in the war of for the relief of Sergeant Leonard Skinner;" which able to protect the property. I understand the 1812; which was ordered to lie on the table and was referred to a Committee of the Whole House, interpretation given to the law of 1816 has been, be printed.

made the order of the day for to-morrow, and, that wherever the United States, or the officers of On motion by Mr. DEAN, it was

with the accompanying report, ordered to be the Army, have held out inducements to individOrdered, That the Committee on Military Affairs be dis-l printed.

uals to make investments, and they made those charged from the further consideration of the petition of Also, from the same committee, reported a investments for the purpose of affording the men Lucy Ann Roberts, the widow of Major John Roberts, and bill to be entitled "An act for the relief of the heirs. that it be referred to the Committee on Revolutionary Pen

at a station subsistence, they are regarded as unsions.

at-law of Anthony G. Willis, deceasd, which was ii der the protection of the United States, and if sufMr. FULLER, of Pennsylvania, from the Com

read a first and second time by its title, referred ficient protection has not been afforded to them, mittee on Revolutionary Claims, reported a bill

to a Committee of the Whole, made the order of the Government is to make good the losses they for the relief of the heirs of Lieutenant Bartlett the day for to-morrow, and, with report accompa- sustained. . That is my understanding.

Mr. DUNHAM. These claims have invariaHinds; which was read a first and second time by nying, ordered to be printed. its title, referred to a Committee of the Whole

Also, from the same committee, to whom was bly gone to the Committee of Claims.
referred the memorial of John Davis, praying for

Mr. EDGERTON. I make this statement as House, made the order of the day for to-morrow,' a pension and an allowance of bounty land, on regards this case: This man Landon, in 1802, and, with the accompanying report, ordered to account of disability incurred while in the service be printed.

On motion by Mr. FULLER, of Pennsylvania, of the United States during the war with Mexico, on the lands of the United States. He was an it was

made an adverse report; which was ordered to lie army contractor, or the agent of army contractupon the table and be printed.

The produce raised upon his land was sold Ordered, That the petition and papers of Thomas Morriso Georgia, bere were drawn from thie files of the House, Land Claims, to whom was referred the memorial 1812, the Indians made a descent upon the place;

Mr. NABERS, from the Committee on Private by him to those stationed at Fort Wayne. In Mr.JENKINS, from the Committee on Private of Elliott McCulloch, praying relief in relation to drove off nis stock, and burned his building. He

was then acting as agent for an army contractor, Land Claims, reported a bill for the relief of Rob-i a section of land, made an adverse report; which ert Nelson; which was read a first and second was laid upon the table.

or issuing commissary; and for this property there time by its title, referred to a Committee of the

Mr. NABERS also, from the same committee, | destroyed, he claims that the Government shall Whole House, made the order of the day for to reported A bill for the relief of Jeremiah Win- pay him. The committee came to the conclusion morrow, and, with the accompanying report, or- | its title, referred to a Committee of the Whole, and that the action of the Government had been in

gate;" which was read a first and second time by that there was no law authorizing its payment, He also, from the same committee, made adverse made the order of the day, for tomorrow, and opposition to the payment of claims of this char

acter. reports in the following cases; which were ordered with the report, ordered to be printed. to lie upon the table and be prin!ed, viz:

Mr. EDGERTON, from the Committee of Mr. SMART. I am in favor of the report of The petition of Joseph Newell, asking relief in Claims, to whom was referred the memorial of the gentleman from Ohio, and will call the attenregard to a section of land located in the Indian the heirs of Daniel Landon, asking remuneration tion of the House to the 91st rule; which reads as

for losses sustained in the last war, made an ad- | follows: country; The petition of Joseph Roberts, of Breckenverse report, and moved that the report be laid " It shall be the duty of the Committee on Military Affairs

to take into consideration all subjects relating to the miliridge county, Kentucky, asking for scrip of one upon the table. thousand acres of land in lieu of one thousand

Mr. STANTON, of Ohio. I ask the gentleman

tary establishment and public defence which may be re

ferred to them by the House, and to report their opinion acres granted to William Armstead by the State of i to withdraw the motion.

thereupon; and also to report, from time to time, such Kentucky; and

Mr. EDGERTON. I will withdraw the mo- measures as may contribute to economy and accountability tion.

in said establishinent." The petition of William B. Ross and others, of Florida, praying that the warrants of certain grants House to refer that 'memorial to the Committee on this subject. From the little experience I have

Mr. STANTON, of Ohio. I rise to ask of the I shall now make but one remark in relation to confirmed to Arredondo may be located upon other Military Affairs. I will make a statement that had upon the Military Committee, I am satisfied public lands. Mr. THOMPSON, of Virginia, from the Com- that reference. cannot fail, I think, to induce the House to make that it is becoming a mere clainis committee and

that there is a wrong use made of it. I, for one, mittee on Private Land Claims, reported the fol- Mr. STANTON, of Tennessee. I rise to a am opposed to the reference of these claims to that lowing bills; which

were severally read a first and question of order.' The gentleman is making a committee. I do not think the rule so intended. second time

by their titles, referred to a Commit- report from a committee, and of course cannot with I think, as we have a Committee of Claims, tee of the Whole House, made the order of the draw the motion that is made by order of the com- | (and a very efficient one it is,) that such claims day for tomorrow, and, with the accompanying mittee.

should be referred there. This reference has been reports, ordered to be printed, viz: A bill for the relief of William McFarland; and from the committee.

Mr. EDGERTON. I was making a report i properly made to that committee, and I really

hope this report will be adopted. I move to lay A bill for the relief of Patrick Gass.

The SPEAKER. The gentleman has made an the report upon the table. Pending which, Mr. MILLER, from the Committee on Private adverse report. It is moved by the gentleman On motion by Mr. FULLER, of Maine, vand Claims, reported the following bills; which Il from Ohio, (Mr. Stanton,) to refer the memo- The House adjourned.




ciates, merchants residing in Baltimore and Rio It is represented that from these abuses large Mr. CABELL, of Florida, gave notice of bills to survey

de Janeiro, for the transportation of the mail in numbers of our fellow-citizens emigrating to Calithe military reserves at Tampa Bay and Pilatka, in the State of Florida, and for the erection of a marine hospital at Apa

steamers from Baltimore and Norfolk to St. fornia lose their lives or their health by disease lachicola, in said State.

Thomas and Barbadoes, in the West Indies, Para, li engendered on board these boats. Mr. THOMPSON, of Virginia, asked, and obtained leave Pernambuco, and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, and The petitioners say they believe that a thorough to withdraw the papees in the case of William Sparks, now Montevideo in Buenos Ayres; which was referred | investigation by a committee of Congress, with on file in the office of the Clerk of this House, and that the

to the Committee on the Post Office and Post same be referred to the committee on Invalid Persons.

power to send for persons and papers, would disRoads.

close scenes occurring on board some of these PETITIONS, &c.

PAPERS WITHDRAWN AND REFERRED. boats that could find a parallel only in the horrors The following petitions, memorials, &c., were presented On motion by Mr. HALE, it was

of the middle passage in the African slave trade. under the rule, and referred to the appropriate committees: Ordered, That the petition of Thomas Butler, on the

Not professing to have a personal knowledge By Mr THOMPSON, of Virginia: The petition of

files of the Senate, be referred to the Committee on Com- how far these representations are well founded, I Lewis Turner, of the county of Preston, Virginia, praying

believe the subject is worthy of the most thorough for a pension on account of permanent injury to his health in the war of 1812.

On motion by Mr. HAMLIN, it was

investigation, and trust it will receive the attenAlso, the petition and papers of Margaret Garwood, widow Ordered, That Anna McLean have leave to withdraw

tion of the Committee on Commerce. With that of Samuel Garwood, praying for a pension on account of her inemorial and papers.

view I offer the following resolution: a permanent injury received by her said husband in the baitle of Lake Erie, in the flag-ship of Perry, which per

On motion by Mr. SHIELDS, it was

Resolved. That the Committee on Commerce be instruetmanently injured him for life, so as to prevent bim from Ordered, That the documents on the tiles of the Senate,

ed to inquire whether any legislation is necessary to preproviding for his family. relating to the claim of Lewis A. Thomas and Thomas

vent abuses in the conveyance of passengers by steamboats By Mr. DEAN: The petition of citizens of the District Rogers, be referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs.

from the Atlantic ports to those of California. of Columbia for a new and enlarged building for a post ottice, in the City of Washington.

On motion by Mr. JONES, of lowa, it was

Mr. GWIN. I have only to say that I thank

the Senator from Maine for bringing this subject By Mr. STRATTON: The petition of Robert B. Sut

Ordered, That the petition of Jolin Le Roy, on the files clitic and 58 others, citizens of New Jersey, praying the of the Senate, be referred to the Committee on Pensions.

to the attention of the Senate. I have heard great enactment of a law probibiting entirely the importation of On motion by Mr. CLEMENS, it was

complaints of these abuses, and I hope the comintoxicating liquors.

mittee will give to the subject its early attention; By Mr. MOORE, of Pennsylvania : The petition of the

Ordered, That the petition of Charles G. Gunter, on the Society of Friends, of Philadelphia, for the repeal of the files of the Senate, be referred to the Committee on Private

and if there are such abuses that they will recomLand Claims. fugitive-slave law.

mend to the Senate the passage of a bill imposing By Mr. CHURCHWELL: The memorial of Robert On motion by Mr. UNDERWOOD, it was the severest penalties on the owners of the steamJames, of Tennessee, praying for the remission of duties on Ordered, That the petition of citizens of Paducah, Ken

ships. I have no doubt that many lives have been inachinery imported by him as an einigrant, for his own

tucky, on the files of the Senate, relating to the establish- lost in consequence of the abuses which exist on use and benefit.

ment of a port of delivery, and iinproving the harbor at that By Mr. SEYMOUR, of New York: The petition of Jole,

board those steamers. place, be referred to the Committee on Commerce. Coii & Co., to be refunded duties on merchandise damaged

The resolution was adopted. while in transitu from one warehouse to another for ex

On motion by Mr. SHIELDS, it was portation. Ordered, That the documents on the files of the Senate

DISCIPLINE IN THE NAVY. By Mr. CABELL, of Florida: The memorials of William relating to the incorporation of a Mutual Insurance Coin- Mr. BADGER. I have been directed by the H. Andrews, George S. Jennings, Josep! D. Morris, Ed- pany in the city of Washington, be referred to the Commit- Committee on Naval Affairs to offer some amendward R. Ives, George J. Lehnbaun, Lliram T. Mann, and tee for the District of Columbia. Joel B. Smith, assistant marshals of the State of Florida,

ments to the bill heretofore reported from that for additional compensation for taking the last census.

REPORTS OF STANDING COMMITTEES. committee to enforce discipline and promote good By Mr. WALBRIDGE: The petition of William T. Mr. SOULE, from the Committee on Com- l conduct in the naval service of the United States, Lawrence, and 137 other citizens of Tompkins and Che

merce, to which was referred the memorial of the As I desire to have that biil taken up and considmmg counties, New York, praying for the establishment of a tri veekly mail route from Havana, in the county of

citizens of Appalachicola, praying that Samuel ered at some early day, I hope that by the unanChemung, to Ithica, in the county of Tompkins, via Odessa, Bray, keeper of the Dog-Island light-house, on the imous consent of the Senate these amendments Cayuta ville, Eufield, Centre, &c.

coast of Florida, may receive some remuneration may be laid on the table and printed. By Mr. HAVEN: The remonstrance of Mugridge and

for the losses sustained by himself and family The amendments were received informally, and Clark, and other citizens of Bufalo, being bread and cracker bakers of that place, against extending or renewing the pat- during the gale of the 230 and 24th of August, | ordered to be printed. ent to Tilliam R. Nevins, of New York, for a machine for 1851, submitted a report, accompanied by a bill

CUBAN PRISONERS IN SPAIN. rolling douch and cutting crackers and biscuit, giving the for his relief. reasons of the remonstrance at length. The bill was read and passed to the second read. || imprisoned and pardoned by the Queen of Spain


The bill for the relief of American citizens lately By Mr. St. MARTIN: The memorial of Nathan C. Folger in relation to Mexican indemnities. ing.

was read a first and second time by its title, and Also, the petition of Nanetle Dijean, widow Padron,

Ordered, That the report be printed. prasmg for relicf.

referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. By Mr. MCHANAHAN: The petition of citizens of Perry

Mr. S., also, from the Committee on the Post county and Union county, in the State of Pennsylvania, for Office and Post Roads, to which was referred the

BILLS FROM THE HOUSE. the establishment of a mail route from Miller's Town, in memorial of Thomas Rhodes, submitted a report,

A message was received from the House of Perry coun'y, to Mifflinburg, in Union county. By Mr. IIENN: The petition of T. H. P. Duncan and 98

accompanied by a bill for his relief; which was Representatives by Mr. FORNEY, its Clerk: others, asking for mail routes from Corydon, Wayne coun- read and passed to a second reading.

Mr. PRESIDENT: The House of Representatives have ty, Iowa, via Grand River, to Princeton, Missouri, and from Mr. HUNTER, from the Committee on Fi- passed a joint resolution for the relief of Elizabeth Prewitt, Corydon to Charitou Point, and for weekly service thereon.

widow and executrix of Robert C. Prewitt, deceased; als, nance, to which was referred the bill providing

a bill entitled " An act for the benefit of the Carmelite Nonfor carrying into execution, in further part, the nery in Baltimore; in which resolution and bill they request IN SENATE.

12th article of the treaty with Mexico, concluded the concurrence of the Senate.

at Guadulupe Hidalgo, reported the same without They were read a first and second time by their FRIDAY, January 30, 1852. amendment.

titles, and referred, the first to the Committee on Prayer by the Chaplain, Rev. C. M. Butler. He said that he should have now asked for the Post Office and Post Roads, and the latter to PRIVATE BILL DAY.

its consideration, but that he understood the the Committee on Finance. On the motion of Mr. NORRIS, the execution of Senator from Louisiana, (Mr. Soule,] who was

UNITED STATES COURTS IN DELAWARE. the order by which Friday of each week is devoted

not now ready to proceed, desired to be heard to private claims, was suspended until one o'clock.

upon the subject. He should, however, ask for its Mr. BRADBURY. I desire to call up the bill consideration at an early day.

concerning sessions of the courts of the United EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATION. Mr. SOULE intimated that he desired to exam

States in the district of Delaware. I do this at the The PRESIDENT pro lem. laid before the Senate || ine some documents relating to the subject-matter

instance of the Senator from Delaware, (Mr. a letter from the Treasurer of the United States, com- of this bill, before he proceeded to its discussion.

BAYARD.] The bill provides for a change of the municating copies of his accounts of receipts and · Mr. BRODHEAD, from the Committee of sessions of the United States courts in that disdisbursements for the service of the Post Office Claims, to which was referred the petition of the trict, which are to be held very soon. I hope the Department for the year ending 30th June, 1851; Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company, sub

Senate will allow the bill to be taken up, so that it which was read. mitted an adverse report; which was ordered to be

may be passed at this time. I move to postpone On motion by Mr. H-UNTER, it was printed.

the prior orders, with a view to taking up that

bill. Ordered, That it lie on the table. PASSENGERS BY STEAMBOATS TO CALIFOR

The motion was agreed to, and the Senate proPETITIONS.


ceeded to consider the bill as in Conmittee of the Mr. PEARCE presented the memorial of Au- Mr. BRADBURY. I have been requested in Whole. gusta Ogden Boyd, praying the continuance of behalf of a number of highly-respectable constit- It provides that the Courts of the United States her pension; which was referred to the Committee uents to call the attention of the Senate to abuses in and for the district of Delaware, shall hereafter on Pensions,

alleged to exist in the conveyance of passengers be held at New Castle, in the said district; that Mr. DODGE, of lowa, submitted a document by steamboats from the Atlantic porto to Califor- there shall be two regular terms of the circuit in support of the petition of citizens of Kanesville, nia.

court of the United States in said district, which Iowa, for a grant of land for the benfit of that town; The abuses complained of are :

shall commence on the third Tuesday of June, and which was referred to the Committee on Public 1. That these boats, in violation of their public third Tuesday of October, in each and every year Lands. Mr. FELCH presented the petition of John ber of passengers than they can properly accomengagements, take ordinarily a much larger num- hereafter; and that there shall be four regular

terms of the district court of the United States for Gray, praying remuneration for a pair of horses modate, or is consistent with health and safety: taken by the United States troops during the last

the said district, which shall commence on the

2. That the supply of food is often deficient in second Tuesday of April, June, September, and war with Great Britain; which was referred to the quantity, and of the poorest and most unwholeCommittee of Claims.

January. The bill also provides, that the office of some quality.

the clerk of the circuit court for said district, and Mr. PRATT presented the memorial of Henry 3. That ihe treatment of passengers, the sick the records of the said court, shall be kept, either Mankin, praying that the Postmaster General may even, by others and crews of the boats, is somebe authorized to contract with him and his asso

at Wilmington or New Castle, as may be directed times cruel in the extreme.

by an order of the judges of said court, made

[ocr errors]

either in term or during vacation, and entered on their term of service, they accounted, as in duty The bill was reported to the Senate, and ordered the records thereof; and that the office of the clerk | bound, to R. R. Crum, quartermaster, delivering to be engrossed for a third reading. of the said district court, and the records thereof, to him all invoices and goods in their possession. shall be kept at either of the said places, as may

PRIVATE LAND CLAIM. Although they were employed by Crum as his asbe directed by the judge of the said district court, sistants, the Government has endeavored to hold

The bill to confirm the claim of John Ervin to by an order made in term or during vacation, and them responsible as its agents, because they signed

a certain tract of land in the Bastrop Claim, was entered on the records thereof. the vouchers as Assistant Quartermasters; but

read a second time, and the Senate proceeded to It further provides that no process issued or there was no contract between them and the Gov- consider it as in Committee of the Whole. proceedings begun in either of the said courts shall ernment. They were not commissioned by the It provides that John Ervin shall be confirmed be voided by this change of the place and time of Government in that character, but they acted in his title to the land on which he resides, in the holding the said courts, and that all process, bail under Crum, a regularly-qualified commissioned

State of Louisiana, to the extent of six hundred bonds, or recognizances, returnable at the next officer of the Government. They received a great and forty acres, to be taken by legal subdivisions terrn of said courts, shall be returnable and re- deal of property as Crum's agents, and they ac

so as to include his improvements; and that a patturned at the terms of said courts, respectively, counted for it all; but Crum being in default to the

ent be issued to him for a legal survey of the same, next occurring after the passage of this act, in the Government, they were held accountable. The under the direction of the Surveyor General for same manner as if they had been made so return- affidavit of Cash and Ellis is sustained by the affi- said State; provided that this act shall amount only able on the face thereof, and shall have full effect davit of Crum, who says that they acted as his

to a relinquishment of title on the part of the Uniand force, and that all continuances shall be made agents, and as such were authorized to receive large ted States. to conform to the provisions of this act. supplies. He says he held them responsible to

Mr. FELCH asked for the reading of the reThe bill was reported to the Senate without him, and that he demanded and received of them port. amendment, and was ordered to be engrossed and all their papers, vouchers, invoices, and receipts. It was read accordingly. It appears from it that read a third time.

They fully accounted for and properly applied all twenty-three years since Mr. Ervin settled on and NAVAL APPOINTMENTS.

the stores received by them.” The Government improved a tract of land in the Bastrop Claim, in did not give them their regular pay, but withheld

the State of Louisiana, on which he has ever since The Senate proceeded to consider the resolution, it from them, and the committee thought that

resided. Previous to his settlement the land had submitted on the 27th instant by Mr. Hale, in

Crum, the quartermaster, and not Giles and been sold by the grantee to a Mr. Ballanger, who, relation to the tenure of appointments in the naval

Ellis, should be held liable to the Government for after having made some improvements, abandoned service; and the resolution was agreed to, as fol- any deficiencies or arrearages in his department as

it and left the country, and has not been heard lows: quartermaster or commissary.

of since, nor has any agent or heir appeared for Resolved. That the Committee on Naval Affairs be in- Mr. HUNTER. That seems to be a bill which him. In consequence of this, the claimant has not structed to inquire into the expediency of providing by law

been enabled, as he intended to do, to purchase the that appointments in the naval service of the United States requires the Government to pay agents who were

But he has held shall hereafter be for a limited time, which shall be ex

employed by this Mr. Crum. 'I think this ought title of Ballanger to the tract. pressed in the commissions,

not to be done. I hope the bill will be passed by peaceable and uninterrupted possession long enough

informally. ADVERSE REPORTS.

io give him, under the laws of Louisiana, a title

Mr. BÅDGER. As the chairman of the Com- by prescription against all claimants except the The Senate proceeded to consider the adverse reports on the President's desk, which had been

mittee on Military Affairs, who reported this bill, United States. An act of Congress was passed made from committees on memorials referred to is not in his place, I move to postpone its further

on the 3d of March, 1851, which intended to give consideration until to-morrow.

a donation to settlers of twenty years standing and them. The question in each case was on concur

The motion was agreed to.

upwards. It provided that the title of the United ring in the report of the committee, and the Sen

Siates should be relinquished against such persons. nate decided atfirmatively on the following:


This claimant would have been entitled to the benThe petition of Leonard J. Thomas;

The bill for the relief of John T. Sullivan was efit of this act but for the fact that he did not hold The petition of Charles H. Blood;

read a second time, and considered as in Commit- || his lands of the original grantee. This being a The petition of Joseph Hill and Sons;

tee of the Whole. It provides that the Postmas- mere technical point, the claimant, of course, is The petition of José Baya;

ter General be authorized and required to pay to within the spirit and intention of the act of 3d The petition of Phebe Glover;

John T. Sullivan $1,670, out of the funds of the March, 1851. The committee state, also, that the The petition of John H. Patterson;

Post Office Department, for folding, cutting, and claimant is a very old man, and that it would be a The petition of Samuel M. Bootes;

quarto binding 17,500 copies of laws and instruc- very important thing for him, in his old age, to The memorial of Robert Piatt;

tions to postmasters, under a contract made with have his title settled. The petition of George E. Paine and Polly Teal, him by the Postmaster General on the 27th of Mr. FELCH. The chairman of the committhe children of Brinton Paine, deceased;

April, 1839; and also for folding, stitching, and tee, (Mr. Downs,] who reported this bill, is not The petition of Samuel Crapin;

binding other laws and regulations subsequent to in his seat. I would like to know what has been The petition of Hugh W. Dobbin;

said contract, and for the storage of said laws. our legislation on this subject heretofore. The petition of Samuel Prisleau;

The bill was reported to the Senate and ordered Mr. HALE. This was a subject of consideraThe petition of Thomas Flanagan; to be engrossed for a third reading.

tion in the Committee on Private Land Claims, The petition of Sarah Bennett; and


and the committee unanimously agreed that this The petition of A. J. Williamson.

case required the attention of Congress. It is a The Senate proceeded to consider the adverse

The bill for the relief of Joseph Gideon was

case in which an individual has occupied his land report of the Committee of Claims on the petition read a second time, and considered as in Commit

for more than twenty years; but the land was so of William A. Duer, administrator of William

tee of the Whole. It provides that the proper situated that, for some reason or other, it was not Duer, deceased; and, accounting officer of the Treasury be authorized

open to entry. This individual has occupied the On motion by Mr. BADGER, it was ordered and directed to settle and adjust the accounts of

land for more than twenty years. Nobody has to lie on the table. Joseph Gideon, as acting purser of the United

disturbed him; nobody but the United States can States store-ship Fredonia, from December 18, disturb him. The committee deemed it proper MARY W. THOMPSON.

1847, to May 16, 1848, and from June 8, 1848, to that the claim of the United States to the land The Senate resumed, as in Committee of the January 18, 1851, and to pay him the difference which he has occupied for more than twenty years Whole, the consideration of the bill for the relief between the compensation of a captain's clerk and should be relinquished. I hope the bill will pass. of Mary W. Thompson; and no amendment being an active purser for that time.

This claimant is a very old man, and this is but a made, it was reported to the Senate, and ordered Mr. FELCH called for the reading of the report trifling matter. to be engrossed and read a third time. of the Committee on Naval Affairs.

The bill was reported to the Senate without DAVID C. CASH AND GILES U. ELLIS. The Secretary read it accordingly. It sets forth

amendment. that Joseph Gideon was duly appointed by the The Senate proceeded to consider, as in Com

Mr. HUNTER. I prefer that the bill should mittee of the Whole, the bill from the House of commander of the store-ship Fredonia an acting

lie over unul the Senator who reported it shall be Representatives for the relief of David C. Cash purser on board, and that he faithfully executed

in his seat, and we can hear some further explaand Giles U. Ellis. the duties of purser in the Gulf of Mexico and on

nation of it. I move to lay the bill on the table. The bill provides that the Secretary of the

the Pacific coast, for the period mentioned in the The motion was not agreed to.

bill. He also, at the same time, discharged the Treasury be authorized and directed to pay to

Mr. SOULE. I hope this bill will pass. I am David Ć. Cash, late lieutenant, and Giles. U. compensation; but the committee deem him enduties of captain's clerk, for which he received

sorry there should be any opposition to it. If Ellis, late a private in the Seminole war in Florida, titled to the additional amount now proposed to

there is any opposition, I hope it will lie on the whatever may be due to them on the monthly rolls

table until my colleague, who reported it, shall be be given to him. for military service in said war. On this bill the

in his place.

The bill was reported to the Senate and ordered Committee on Military Affairs of the Senate re

Mr. 'HALE. I think the Senate did not listen ported adversely. to be engrossed and read a third time.

to the reading of the report. If the Senate will Mr. HUNTER called for the reading of the re


give their attention to its reading, I think there port.

The bill for the relief of John O. Means was

will be no necessity for a speech; for the report The Secretary read the report of the Committee read a second time, and considered as in Commit- states the case very plainly. I ask that the report on Military Affairs of the House of Representa- tee of the Whole. It provides that the proper

be again read. tives, from which it appears that David C. Cash accounting officer of the Treasury Department be

The report was again read. and Giles U. Ellis served in the war with the authorized to settle and adjust the account of John

Mr. UNDERWOOD. I would like to hear the Seminole Indians, Cash as a lieutenant, and 0. Means, an acting purser on board the United act of the 3d of March, 1851, referred to in the Ellis as a private. They were engaged by Rich. States brig Dolphin, under the appointment of the ard R. Crum of the Commissary Department, to commander of the squadron on the coast of Africa, 1 Mr. GWIN. I have no doubt as to the justice disburse supplies to the troops, and they well and and to allow him the pay of a purser while in the of this claim. I hope the Senate_will pass it. truly discharged that duty. At the expiration of ll discharge of the duties of that appointment.

The Senator from Louisiana, (Mr. Downs,) who

report, read.

[ocr errors]


reported this bill, is not in his seat; and if there | Bastrop, or those holding under him, where the land has Mr. UNDERWOOD. If it be the will of the is any objection to the bill, I hope it will be passed been occupied and cultivated for twenty years.

Senate to act on the bill now, I wish to state a few

Second: All bona fide claimants of "head rights," for over until he shall be here. For myself, I know not exceeding six hundred and forty acres, their heirs or

objections to it. of no objection to the bill. legal representatives, where the original claimant came

Mr. BADGER. Let it lie over, then. Mr. UNDERWOOD. There is this objection Spanish Government and De Bastrop, even though the land

over and settled the land under the contract between the Mr. SOULE. Then I will move to postpone to it, in my mind: I believe that this Bastrop

the further consideration of the bill until to-inorwas not actually

sold or conveyed to such original claimClaim has recently been determined by the Su- ants by the said De Bastrop. preme Court of the United States to be an invalid Third: All bona fide claimants for not exceeding six The motion was agreed to.

hundred and forty acres, as actual settlers prior to the twenclaim, and good for nothing. It seems that a retieth December, eighteen hundred and three, where they

GEORGE POINDEXTER. cent act has been passed extending preemption have held such continued possession as to show that they A bill for the relief of George Poindexter, rerights to the settlers on that claim. Hence, I identified themselves with the ownership of the land. suppose, this gentleman is entitled to a preemption

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That after the expi: I then taken up and read a second time, and con

ported by the Committee on Military Affairs, was right in common with other settlers. But he sets

ration of the twelve months aforesaid, it shall be the duty

of the register and receiver, pursuant to such instructions as sidered by the Senate as in Committee of the up a claim from a man by the name of Ballanger, may be given by the Commissioner of the General Land Of Whole. who, he says,

purchased from Bastrop, the orifice, to make a report with the notices, and all the testi- Mr. BRODHEAD. Is there a report accomginal grantee. The fact is evident, and he alleges it himself in his petition, that he intended to pur

as in their opinion come within the principles recognized panying that bill? If there is, I would like to

under the several heads mentioned in the foregoing section, hear it read. chase from Ballanger; but he never did acquire and which according to those principles ought to be con- The PRESIDENT. There is a report which any right or title whatever. It is, therefore, a firmned, and such as in their opinion ought to be rejected.

was made some years past, but no report has been case of a donation of land, as much so as any

made this session. Does the Senator from Penndonation that has ever been presented to the con- . duty of the Commissioner of the General Land Office to

sylvania wish that report to be read? sideration of Congress. I therefore called for the thereon; and all claims recommended for confirmation shall Mr. DAWSON. If the Senator from Pennsyl. reading of the act of the 3d of March, 1851, re- be reserved from sale until the final action of Congress on

vania will allow me, I will state, that this bill has ferred to in the report, for the purpose of seeing the report aforesaid, and blic Slaidos reported as rejected been reported upon year after year, and the Dewhether Congress had established the principle of

SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, That the claims num- partment has recommended the payment of the making donations to settlers on this claim for bered forty, forty-four, forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven, claim. The only difference that arose between the twenty years' settlement. If that be the case, I forty-eight, and hinty-one, favorably reported on by Daniel

claimant and the Department is, that he wanted see no objection to placing this individual on the

Louisiana, and entered in the first class of his

report, dated' certain words employed to which the Department same footing with others; although I might have

first of January, eighteen hundred and twenty one, but on would not consent. objected to such legislation originally. In regard account of being within the limits of the Bastrop Grant, Mr. BRODHEAD. I am satisfied, and withto all these matters, which I have condemned for have been excluded from the confirmatory provisions of so many years here, I have gone upon the printhe second section of the act of Congress approved Febru

draw the objection. ary twenty-eight, eighteen hundred and twenty-three, en

The bill was then reported to the Senate withciple, that when you establish a certain rule, all

titled "An act supplementary to the several acts for the ad- out amendment, and was ordered to be engrossed persons should fare alike under it. Let all enjoy justment of land claims in the State of Lousiana," be and for a third reading. the same benefits whose claims are alike. I called the same shall be held confirmned, in the event of the final for the reading of the act with that view. Until adjudication of the Bastrop claim in favor of the United

WILLIAM MILLER. States as aforesaid : Provided, That this confirmation shall we can look into the matter, I think no injury only operate as a relinquishment

of title on the part of the

The Senate next proceeded to consider a bill for can be sustaind by letting this bill lie over. United States, and shall in no way prejudice or affect any

the relief of William Miller. Mr. HALE. If there be any objection to sale, or other right existing at the tinie when the survey This was a bill reported from the Committee on this bill after I shall state a single fact, I will not

shall be executed, of the claims hereby conditionally con- Pensions, and provided that the Secretary of the interpose any objection to its being laid over. It Bastrop Grant as aforesaid, and upon the return of approved Interior be directed to place the name of William will be seen that the last clause of the bill is in plats of survey for the

claims specified in this section, re- Miller, of the State of Maine, on the roll of invalid these words:

linquishment patents shall be issued as in other cases. pensioners for life at $8 per month, commencing

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That in the event of a “Provided, That this act shall amount only to a relinfinal adjudication, in favor of the United States, of the Bas

on the 1st of January, 1852. quishment of title on the part of the United States." trop Claim, as contemplated by the first section of this act,

The bill having been read a second time, was That is all it will do. I understand the Bastrop | every bona fide settler, on any part of said land, at the time considered by the Senate as in Committee of the Claim as matter of a disputed title, and that the of the extension of the public surveys over the same, who Whole. There being no amendment, it was reSupreme Court of the United States has decided that the grant was void. Congress, in 1851, at the

years of age, and an actual' housekeeper thereon, and who, ported back to the Senate, and ordered to be enbut for the reservation heretofore made of said land for the

grossed for a third reading. last session, passed an act for the relief of the set- claim of the said Bastrop, would have been entitled to a

EZRA WILLIAMS. tlers on the claim, by which it was provided, that right of preëmption under some one of the preëmption laws, the title of the United States should be relinquished be, and he is hereby authorized to enter the quarter section

A bill for the relief of Ezra Williams was read so resided on, or by adjoining legal subdivisions, so as to a second time, and considered by the Senate as in against all settlers who had been there over i wenty include his residence and land cultivated or improved, Committee of the Whole. The bill provided that years. This gentleman has been there for twenty- any number of acres not to exceed one hundred and sixty the Secretary of the Treasury be directed to pay three years, not on land of the United States, but

to said Ezra Williams the sum of $500, in full for on land granted by Bastrop to a Mr. Ballanger, ingráinn to the satisfaction of the register and receiver, as

in ordinary cases, at any time within a year after the public his services in preparing an alphabetical index, who has never appeared to claim it. Hence he surveys are so extended over said land. has a good title by prescription, as against Bal

Approved March 3d, 1851.

under the direction of Richard M. Young, Com

missioner of the Land Office. langer, or anybody else but the United States. It Mr. SOULE. The Senate will perceive, from has been decided that his case does not come the act which has just been read, that very few amendment, and was ordered to be engrossed for

The bill was reported to the Senate without within the purview of the act; but the United cases are plainer than the one now presented to States does not own the claim. All he asks is, our consideration. I myself am not willing, nor,

a third reading. that the United States shall relinquish what claim indeed, am I ready now, to express any opinion

IRA DAY-INTEREST ON CLAIMS. it has, if any, and leave him to contend with Bal- as to the rights the claimant may hold under the The bill for the relief of Ira Day, of Vermont, langer and his heirs, if they ever should come. laws of Louisiana, considering him as holding was read a second time, and considered as in ComYou may postpone the bill for twenty years, but adversely

to those who may claim under Ballan- mittee of the Whole. It provides that the Postyou can never get the facts any plainer than they ger. I do not wish, therefore, to intimate what | master General be authorized and required to pay are. These are the facts of the case. Now, if the i my opinion may be on that question. But cer- to Ira Day, of Vermont, $1,008 90, together with Senate wish it to lie over after this statement, 1 tainly the Senate will not insist upon acting on the interest thereon from the 1st of July, 1837

, shall interpose no objection. this case in the absence of the Senator who has out of the funds of the Post

Ofice Department, in Mr. DAWSON. "Let it lie over.

presented it, and
who is familiar with its merits, full for the

balance due to him for transporting the
The Secretary, in pursuance of the request of and who could explain any difficulty which any mail from Royalton to Burlington, in the aforesaid
Mr. Underwood, then read the following act: Senator might perceive in the way. I will, there- State, from January, 1833, to July, 1837.
An Act for the settlement of certain classes of private land fore, make a call upon the generosity and good Mr. HUNTER. I perceive, Mr. President,

claims within the limits of the Baron de Bastrop Grant, feeling of the Senate to let ihe matter lie over, that there is an allowance for interest provided for and for allowing preëmption to certain actual settlers, in the event of the final adjudication of the title of the said

until my colleague shall be able to attend. in that bill. This is altogether unusual, and I De Bastrop, in favor of the United States.

Several Senators. Certainly.

move to amend the bill by striking out the words Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa

Mr. BADGER. The honorable Senator from " together with the interest thereon from the 1st tires of the United States of America in Congress assem- Louisiana misunderstands entirely the purpose of day of July, 1837.", bled, That in the event of a final adjudication by the court in favor of the United States, on the Baron de Bastrop" be laid over. We consider this a plain case. We ginia will hear the report read before he makes

Mr. UPHAM. I hope the Senator from Vir claim in Louisiana, under the act of Congress approved on the 17th June, 1844, entitled "An act to provide for the want to pass the bill. The reading of the report that motion. If he will attend to the report

, he i adjustment of land claims within the States of Missouri, of the committee, and the reading of the act of will see the ground on which this interest is recom* Arkansas, and Louisiana, and in those parts of the States of Mississippi and Alabama, south of the thirty-first degree sively that Congress intended to provide for a class Congress, passed March 3, 1851, shows conclu-mended to be paid.

Mr. HUNTER. I am quite willing to hear rivers," the register and receiver for the Ouachita land dis- of cases precisely like the one now presented to the report read. ttric, Louisiana, shall give public notice of the fact, in some our consideration. It is only by a technical diffi- The Secretary read the report, from which it newspaper circulating in the vicinity of the land, and within twelve inonths from and after the date of the first publica

culty that this person is precluded from the bene- || appeared that two bills had' heretofore been retion of such notice, it shall and may be lawful for any ori- fits of the act.' And why should we not at once ported for the relief of the petitioner-one in 1839 ginal claimants of the classes hereinafter mentioned in this pass the bill, and release to him the title of the and the other in 1840—and that the facts of the section of the present act, their heirs or legal representa- United States, if it has any ?

case were set forth in a report to the

Senate during tives, to file with the aforesaid register and receiver notices descriptive of their claims, and specifying their precise lo

Mr. SOULÉ. If that be the intention of the Sen- | the third session of the twenty-fifth Congress. calities and area, with the testimony in support of the same:

ate I shall interpose no objection. On the con- From that report it appeared that James Barker First : All bona fide claimants by purchase from De- trary, I shall be quite willing to pass the bill now. and others were contractors for transporting a

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