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Schenck, Robert C., a Representative from School districts, (bill H. R. No. 122) to repeal || Scofield, Glenni W., a Representative from
Obio- Continued.

an act entitled "An act to authorize the Pennsylvania-Continued.
joint resolution introduced by-

selection of, in lieu of the sixteenth sec remarks on the bill to provide for taking the
No. 44-io authorize works of art intended tion within the twelve-miles square res. ninth census. ........,553, 554, 555

for free exhibition to be introduced into ervation in the State of Alabama''-[By on the bill to renew certain Alabama land
the United States without payment of Mr. Taffe.]


duty ..............
...203 referred, 75.

on the bill for the publication of the opin-
concurrent resolutions submitted by-
School lands, bill (H. R. No. 101) authoriz-

ions of the Attorneys General.........631
providing for the appointment of a joint ing the selection of, on double minimum on the South Carolina contested election-
select Committee on Retrenchment lands in lieu of school sections on such Hoge vs. Reed...

[March 9, 1869)............. .............37 lands taken for preëmption or other par: on the bill relating to the Iowa Northern
for the appointment of a joint select poses--[By Mr. Sargent.]

Central railroad ...... ............645
Committee on Ordnance-[March 15, referred, 74.

on the bill in relation to the Freedmen's
1869] ........ ............38, 79, 203, 336 Schools, joint resolution (S. R. No. 41) donat. Bureau .......

.......... 645
suspending the sixteenth and seventeenth ing to the public, of Washington, District on the bill allowing parties in certain cases
joint rules-[April 6, 1869)...........556 of Columbia, the frame building located to testify ......

resolutions submitted by-

at the southeast corner of Twenty-Second on the bill to amend the tax act. ........ .707
for drawing for seats-[March 5, 1869], 20 street west and I street north, in said city. Seats, resolution for drawing for—[By Mr.
of notification to the Senate-[March 5, received from Senate, 228; referred, 230. Schenck, March 5, 1869.]
1869) .........


bill (H. R. No. 377) to provide a uniform agreed to, 20.
referring the credentials of Louis St. system of education for the public, of the Sergeant-at-Arms, election of....

Martin, Lionel A. Sheldon, and George District of Columbia-[By Mr. Welker.]
W. McCranie, claiming severally to be referred, 505.

Shafer, J. K., a Delegate from Idaho.......... 8
elected Representatives from the State Schumaker, John G., a Representative from

bilis introduced by-
of Louisiana, to the Committee of Elec New York .....


No. 228—to enlarge the jurisdiction of the
tions-[March 5, 1869)..................11 Science, bill (H. R. No. 317) to carry into

probate court in Idaho Territory.....196
for a select committee to inquire and effect two several decrees of the district

No. 352— to provide a library for Idaho
report what legislation is necessary court of the United States for the district

Territory ......

to provide for taking the ninth cen. of Louisiana in the cases of the British joint resolution introduced by,
sus-[March 9, 1869).............. ..37 vessels Volant and-[By Mr. Hale.]

No. 39-—to provide for the payment of
increasing the Committees on the Pacific referred, 335.

the salary of the district judge of Idahɔ
Railroad and on Patents-[March 9, || Scofield, Glenni W., a Representative from

and Montana Territories....... ..196
..38 Pennsylvavia.....

...2 Shanks. John P. C., a Representative from
in regard to the free navigation of the St. petition presented by...

..16 Indiana.....

Lawrence, &c.-[March 22, 1869)...203 bills introduced by-

petitions presented by ......231, 320, 345, 384
autborizing the Speaker to make a No. 358—for the relief of Joseph P. Fyffe, bill introduced by-

certain assignment of committee. commander in the United States Navy,
rooms-[March 29, 1869)..............336

No. 70--to distribute the number and

rank of Government employés among
in regard to a revision of tariff laws--[April No. 374—for the relief of William II.

the several congressional districts and
1, 1809]..

Harrison ....


.......... 73
reporis made by.

.587, 704 No. 375—for the relief of John Mc-
incidental remarks by......


joint resolutions introduced by-

36, 37, 79, 203, 336, 376, 556, 636, 704 resolutions submitted by

No. 16-granting the right of way to the
remarks on the organization of the House, 4, extending the time for taking testimony in

Memphis and El Paso Pacific Railroad
5, 10, 11, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
the contested-election case of Taylor rs.

Company from El Paso to the Pacific
on the order of business. ...

10, 100, 550

Reading, from the fifth district of Penn-
on the Louisiana election. 11, 12, 13 sylvania-[March 5, 1869.]

No. 17—directing the Secretary of the
on the Georgia election....... .16, 17, 18 authorizing the Committee on Naval

Navy to deliver possession and title
on the resolution for a Committee on Affairs to employ a clerk-[March 19,

without cost to the Crete Government,
Retrenchment......... ...........37, 38 1869. ] .........

through its accredited minister to this
on the resolution for a Committee on report made by........

Government, of the two monitors Mian-

...38, 79, 203 incidental remarks by....


tonomoh and Agamenticus, in condi-
on the bill relating to the internal revenue

59, 75, 79, 84, 230, 248, 288,

tion, and where they now lie in harbor,

306, 308, 374, 396, 398, 508, 550,

and to be without further cost to the
on the resolution of adjournment ........58

600, 606, 634, 645, 693, 712, 715

United States........

....... 73
on the bill to strengthen the public remarks on the organization of the House, 3,

No. 57—providing the manner of ratifying
cridit .......
...........60, 01

13, 14, 15, 16

the amendments of the Constitution
on the joint resolution to supply omissions on the Pennsylvania contested election-

of the United States by the several
in the enrollment of certain acts...117, Covode vs. Foster

States .........

.............. 75
118, 119, 120, 122, 123

13, 14. 15, 16, 139, 140, 141,

No. 46—for the relief of Mrs. Julia A.
on the joint resoluuon in regard to the

142, 143, 454, 455, 456, 466

Nutt, widow and legal representative
importation of works of art............ 203 on the resolution for a Committee on

of the late Haller Nutt, deceased, Mrs.
on the bill to repeal the civil tenure Retrenchment

.......... 37, 38

Eliza M. Dawson, and Miss Ella M.
.......317, 318, 376 on the resolution for a joint Committee on


.... 229
on the bill to amend the tax act........379,

Indian Affairs

.40, 56

No. 58-instructing the Secretary of War
382, 679, 704, 705, 706, 707, 708. on the resolution of adjournment........58

to appropriate surplus, waste, and con-
on the bill authorizing the prepayment of on the bill for the coinage of nickel.copper

demned property within the District of
interest .......


.82, 83

Columbia for the purpose of establish-
on tbe bill concerning penitentiaries in on the joint resolution respecting the gov-

ing and maintaining in the District of
the Territories .............

ernment of Virginia and Texas....... 144

Columbia a labor school for freedmen,
ou the Pennsylvania contested-election on the bill for the relief of Blanton Dun.

to become self-sustaining, and in wbich
Covode vs. Foster....... . 462, 463

can ......

.....147, 148

will be taught the art of labor to the
on the deficiency bill..........486, 489, 490 on the Indian appropriation bill......... 170

colored people......

..... 334
on the bill relating to Mexican claims, 508 on the bill extending the time for revising

No. 59—insťructing the Committee on the
on the bill to provide for taking the ninth

the statutes....


Militia to report a bill providing for fur-
..554 on the bill to establish a land district in

nishing artiticial limbs and other sup.
on the bill for the reconstruction of Wyoming.....

.... 248

ports to honorably discharged soldiers
Georgia ........

.604, 605
on the bill for the relief of Orlando

and seamen wben needed, from time to
on the bill to amend the judicial sys. Brown .....

time, during their natural lives....... 334
tem ......
......649, 650 on the bill to amend the judicial system, 837

No. 60—instructing the Committee on the
School, joint resolution (H. R. No.68) instruct on the joint resolution authorizing a bridge

Militia to report a bill directing the
ing the Secretary of War to appropriate at Paducah .........


Secretarv of War to furnish clothing to
surplus, waste, and condemned property on the order of business.... ....371, 550

inmates of all legally established sol.
within the District of Columbia for the on the bill for the relief of Jearum

diers' homes in the several States...334
purpose of establishing and maintaining Atkins ....


No. 61-to suspend the oyster tonnage tax
in the District of Columbia a labor, for on the bill for the relief of Joseph P.

of Virginia........

freedmen, to become self-sustainiug, and Fyffe.....


resolutions submitted by-
in which will be taught the art of labor to on the deficiency bill........ 487, 488 referring the credentials of Boyd Win-
the colored people--[By Mr. Shanks.]
on the bill relating to freedmen's hos-

chester and John M. Rice to the Com.
referred, 334.


...509, 510 mittee of Elections---[March 4, 1869], 6

........... 73

............ 164



Sbanks, John P. C., a Representative from Shy, Jacob, bill (H. R. No. 76) to grant a pen Soldiers-Continued.

sion to, of Ilinois-[By Mr. Burr.]

joint resolution (H. R. No. 19) relative to
resolution submitted by-
referred. 73.

certain discharged, of the third Arkansas
for continuing the investigation of the Simpson, W. D., a Representative-elect from cavalry--[By Mr. Boles.]

charges against Richard Busteed, dis South Carolina-see Contested Election. referred, 73.
trict judge of the United States for resolution extending the time in the con bill (H. R. No. 125) granting to the, of the
the district of Alabama-[April 5, tested-election case of Wallace vs., from

iwelfth and sixteenth regiments of one


South Carolina--[By Mr. Kerr, March year Indiana volunteers a bounty of
incidental remarks by ... 73, 81, 506, 507, 637 24, 1869.]

fifiy dollars-[By Mr. Holman.]
remarks on the organization of the House, referred, 248.

referred, 78.
6, 13, 19 bill (H. R. No. 364) to remove the disabil. bill (S. No. 37) to remove the charge of
on joint resolution ratifying amendments ities of, of Laurens Court-House, South desertion from certain, of the second
to the Constitution........


Carolina, under the fourteenth amend North Carolina mounted infantry.
personal and explanatory.
.................. 306

ment to the Constitution of the United received from Senate, 150; passed, 228 ;
on the bill relating to freedmen's hos States—[By Mr. Randall.]

enrolled, 281.
..........509, 510 referred, 438.

bill (S. No. 38) to remove the charge of
on the bill in relation to the Freedmen's resolution that in the contested case of Wal-

desertion from certain, of the thirteenth

lace vs., from the fourth district of South

Tennessee cavalry.
on the joint resolution respecting the retire Carolina, A. S. Wallace is prima facie

received from Senate, 228 ; referred, 230;
ment of General Heinizelman, 709, 710 entitled to a seat as Representative of reported and passed, 644; enrolled, 652.
Shawnee lands, joint resolution (H. R. No. 23) said district-[By Mr. Burdett, April 5, joint resolution (H. R. No. 37) in regard to
for the relief of settlers upon the absentee 1869.)

cbarges of desertion in cases of, honor:
in Kansas-[By Mr. Clarke.]
reported, 511; discussed, 713.

ably discharged-[By Mr. Boles.]
referred, 74.
Sisters of our Lady of Mercy, bill (H. R. No.

referred, 195.
joint resolution (S. R. No. 8) for the relief

330) for the relief of the, of Charleston,

joint resolution (H. R. No. 38) for the
of settlers upon the absentee, in Kansas. South Carolina--[By Mr. Bowen.]

relief of certain honorably discharged,
received from Senate, 150; read, 229, 336; referred, 335.

of the volunteer forces of the United
motion to take up, 408; read and dis-
Skeem, Jeremiah D., bill (H. R. No. 235) for

States Army-[By Mr. Cobb, of Wis-
cussed, 508 ; passed, 509; enrolled, 562.
the relief of John C. McQuinston and, of

remarks by-
Indiana-[By Mr. Coburn.]

referred, 195.
Mr. Clarke.....

229, 509
referred, 196.

bill (H. R. No. 254) to equalize the bounties
Mr, Julian

.229, 508, 509
Mr. Maynard....

of, sailors, and marines who served in

Slocum, Henry W., a Representative from
Mr. Van Horn .....
New York......

the late war for the Union-[By Mr.


Sheafe, C. A., a contestant from Tennessee

remarks on the joint resolution respecting
the retirement of General Heintzelman, 710

referred, 248.
see Contested Election.
resolution extending time in the contested.
Smith, John A., a Representative from Ohio, 2

joint resolution (S. R. No. 58) for the pro.

tection of, and their heirs.
election case of, vs. Tillman, from the Smith, Joseph S., a Representative from Ore-

received from Senate, 646; discussed and
fourth district of Tennessee--[By Mr.



passed with amendment, 696; recalled
Paine, April 7, 1869.]

petition presented by


from Senate, 698; returned,699; House
reported and agreed to, 588.
bills introduced by-

amendments agreed to by Senate, 703 ;
Shelby, Mis. Susan A., bill (H. R. No. 408) No. 109-to aid in the construction of the

enrolled, 712.
for the relief of-[By Mr. Holman.]

Oregon Branch Pacific railroad......... 74 remarks by-
reported and passed, 644.
No. 110--to amend an act entitled "An

Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts.......... 696
In Senate : received from the House, 625 ; act granting lands to aid in the con-

Mr. Dawes.

referred, 653.

struction of a railroad and telegraph

Mr. Holman..
Sheldon, Lionel A., Representative from line from the Central Pacific railroad,

Mr. Logan.


........ 646
in California, to Portland, in Oregon,'

Mr. Maynard

(See Contested Election.).

approved July 25, 1866..... .74 || Soldiers' homes, joint resolution (H. R. No.
resolution admitting, claiming the right to

No. 111-to authorize the Secretary of 60) instructing the Committee on the
represent the second district of Louisi. War to settle the expenses of two com. Militia to report a bill directing the Secre.
ana, to a seat without prejudice to the panies of Oregon volunteers... ......... 74

tary of War to furnish clothing to inmates
right of any person to contest said seat No. 217--to provide for the collection and of all legally established, in the several
[By Mr. Stevenson, March 31, 1869.]

permanent location of the several bands States—(By Mr. Shanks.]
reported, 406 ; discussed, 637, 638, 641; of Snake Indians in Oregon ........... 195 referred, 334.
agreed to, 644.

No. 263—to extend to the mouth of the S. P. Chase, joint resolution (H. R. No. 71)
Sheldon, Porter, a Representative from New Columbia river the land grant hereto to authorize the transfer of the revenue.
York ......

fore made for a railroad in Oregon, 306 cutter, from the lakes to the sea board-[By
incidental remarks by....

.479 || Smith, William J., a Representative from Ten Mr. Hooper, of Massachusetts. ]
Shelton, Mary E., bill (H. R. No. 30) granting

.2 referred, 506.
a pension to, and her children-[By Mr. bill introduced by-

Speaker, election of, James G. Blaine.........4
Jones, of North Carolina.]

address of.

No. 884-making an appropriation of
referred, 71.
Sherwood, Walter, bill (H. R. No. 108) for the

$200,000 for the purpose of building a

Specie payments, bill (H. R. No. 150) to pro-
relief of, and David W. Martindale-[By

court-house and post office at Memphis,

vide for a gradual resumption of-(By Mr.

Mr. Johnson.]


referred, 74.

referred, 193.
Smith, Worthington C., a Representative from
Shields, a contestant from Missouri-see


Spink, S. L., a Delegate from Dakota .........8
petitions presented by

Contested Election.

Smyth, William, a Representative from Iowa, 3
Ship-canal, bill (H. R. No. 100) granting lands petitions presented by .......... . 204, 439

bills introduced by
to the State of Wisconsin to aid in the Snyder, Abram G., bill (H. R, No. 266) for the

No. 134-to establish a land district in
construction of a breakwater, harbor, and,

relief of, of Watervleit arsenal, at West

Wyoming Territory...
at the head of Sturgeon bạy, in the county
Troy, New York--[By Mr. Washburn,

No. 135—to create an additional land
of Door, in said State, to connect the of Massachusetts. ]

district in the Territory of Dakota to be
waters of Green bay with Lake Michigan, reported, 307; passed, 308.

called the Pembina district............100
in said State-[By Mr. Sawyer.]
In Senate : received from the House, 293 ;

remarks on the Indian appropriation bill, 171
referred, 74.

referred, 305; referred anew, 345.

on the deficiency bill
joint resolution (H. R. No. 66) extending the Soldiers, bill (H. R. No. 50) to pension the, Stables, joint resolution (S. R. No. 21) author.
time for the completion of the Portage of the war of 1812-[By Mr. Maynard.)

izing the removal of the public, steam
and Lake Superior-[By Mr. Cleve. referred, 72.

saw-mill, and other buildings from the
bill (H. R. No. 53) to facilitate the pay-

Capitol grounds.
referred, 398.

ment of bounties to colored-[By Mr.

received from the Senate, 80; read, 138;
joint resolution (S. R. No. 61) extending the Arnell.]

passed, 139; enrolled, 174.
time for the completion of the Portage referred, 72.

remarks by-
Lake and Lake Superior.
bill (H. R. No. 59) to extend the provisions Mr. Cake......

received from Senate, 550; passed, 701 ; of the homestead act to the orphan

Mr. Hopkins

138, 139
enrolled, 712.
children of deceased, who are under Mr. Welker......

Sbober, Francis E., a Representative-elect from the age of twenty one years-[By Mr. | Starkweather, Henry H., a Representative
North Carolina...


from Connecticut...

(See Contested Election.)

referred, 72 ; printed, 84.

(See Contested Election.)

... 696




.......... 70




Obio .......


State Department, joint resolution (S. R. No. Steedman, General James B., joint resolution Stokes, William B., a Representative from
62) in relation to a site for a building for (H. R. No. 10) instructing the Secretary Tennessee.

of State to inquire into the alleged arrest petitions presented by...

received from Senate, 644; referred, 704; and imprisonment of, and other American bills introduced by
read, 713; passed, 714.
citizens by the Spanish authorities in Cuba,

No. 52—to renew certain grants of land
Statistics, bill (H. R. No. 304) to abolish
and for their release in case there be any

to the State of Alabama....... .......... 72
the Bureau of, in the Treasury Depart-
so arrested—[By Mr. Mungen.]

No. 183—to incorporate the Howard
ment-[By Mr. Sargent.]
referred, 72.

Industrial Educational Association, 194
referred, 335.
Stevens, Aaron F., a Representative from New

No. 267—for the relief of Major Francis
Statuary, joint resolution (H. R. No. 56) to

M. McKee, of Smith county, Tennes.
enable the Secretary of the Interior to

petition presented by......

contract with Fisk Mills for a group of,
joint resolutions introduced by-

No. 268—for the relief of Captain George
for the south wing of the Capitol — [By
No. 68-to legalize certain regulations of

E. Grisham, of Tennessee. ..308
Mr. Whittemore.]

the Navy of the United States........425

No. 269-for the relief of William E.
referred, 333.
No. 72-regulating the hours of labor of

Byrd, of Hancock county, in the State
Statutes, bill (H. R. No. 9) extending the time

Government laborers, workmen, and

of Tennessee.


for revising and consolidating the, of the

No. 271—for the relief of Colonel Samuel
United States-[By Mr. Poland.]
resolution submitted by-

W. Price, of the twenty-first Kentucky
referred, 70; reported and discussed, 220 ;
calling for the report of the naval judge


.... 309
advocate in the case of William Pola
passed, 223.

resolution submitted by-

lard—[April 3, 1869]
In Senate : received from the House, 217;

report made by..

.637 authorizing the Committee on the Ninth
referred, 217.
incidental remarks by.......

Census to employ a clerk-[March 22,
remarks by-
remarks on the Connecticut contested elec-


Mr. Benjamin..... .220, 221, 223 tions........

........ 681 reports made by......... .248, 308, 309
Mr. Blair.........

on the bill in reference to Little Rock and

incidental remarks by...............

.143, 517
Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts ........220,

Fort Smith railroad ...... ..... 702 remarks on the organization of the House, 4
221, 222 | Stevens, John A., bill (H. R. No. 81) for the

on the bill to remove the charge of deser.
Mr. Collom.....
.220, 221 relief of the widow and beirs of, deceased,

tion from certain soldiers...

Mr. Garfield
221 of Springfield, Missouri-[By Mr. Boyd.]

on the bill for the relief of Major Francis
Mr. Hoar..
.221 referred, 73.

M. McKee.

Mr. Jenckes......
.222 Stevenson, Job E., a Representative from

on the bill for the relief of George E.
Mr. Lawrence.


Mr. Maynard.
.220, 221

on the bill for the relief of William E.
Mr. Poland.....

petitions presented by ............573, 652
.70, 220, 221, 222, 223


Mr. Scofield

No. 37-for the relief of Abbott Q.

on the bill for the relief of Colonel Samuel
Mr. Woodward.......


W. Price..........

......... 309
Steamboats, joint resolution (H. R. No. 4) resolutions submitted by--

on printing papers relating to the cen-
relating to, and other vessels owned in the concerning the distribution of public doc.

.424, 425
loyal States-[By Mr. Poland. ]

uments-[March 16, 1869] ...............61

on the bill to provide for taking the ninth
referred, 70; reported, 278; discussed, 278; admitting Lionel Allan Sheldon, claiming


passed, 281.

the right to represent the second district Stone, Frederick, a Representative from Mary.
In Senate : received from the House, 265 ; of Louisiana, to a seat without prejudice land ...........

referred, 265; reported, 504 ; discussed, to the right of any person to contest said bills introduced by-
663, 665.

seat-[March 31, 1869] ................. 406 No. 23-appropriating a sum of money to
remarks by-
that John Moffet is not entitled to a seat

remove obstructions to the navigation
Mr. Allison.......


as a Representative from the third of Brittan bay, Maryland. ........
Mr. Benjamin .....


district of Pennsylvania-[April 6, No. 24—to change the name of the
Mr. Finkelnburg



schooner East New Market, of Balti.
Mr. Hawkins. ......

that Leonard Myers is entitled to a seat

Mr. Hoar.....

...279, 280

a Representative from the third leave of absence granted to .......... .101
Mr. Jenckes

district of Pennsylvania-[April 6, Stoughton, William L., a Representative from

Mr. Lawrence


Michigan ...

Mr. Logan....

reports made by .....

406, 556, 637

bills introduced by-
Mr. Maynard...

.278, 279

incidental remarks by... ..61, 682, 709
Mr. Poland.. ...... 70, 278, 279, 280, 281
remarks on the resolution relating to the dis-

No. 208—-to increase the pension of Abi-
Mr. Washburn, of Wisconsin........278,
tribution of public documents ......... 101

gail Reynolds, widow of Benoni Rey-

nolds, a soldier in the revolutionary
279, 280 on the joint resolution to supply omissions

........ 195
in the enrollment of certain acts .....123
yeas and nays on the..................... 280, 281

on the bill for the reconstruction of Mis No. 209--to provide for holding terms of
Steam Packet Company, bill (S. No. 92) in

the United States circuit and district

sissippi ..........
addition to an act entitled "An act to

.255, 436, 437

courts for the western district of Mich-
on the bill to amend the judicial system, 344
incorporate the Washington and George-
on the Louisiana contested election-

igan at Kalamazoo, in said State. ... 195

Hunt vs. Sheldon.
received from Senate, 198; referred, 230.

.406, Strader, Peter W., a Representative from
637, 640, 641, 642, 643, 646

Steamships, joint resolution (H. R. No. 45)

on the Pennsylvania contested election (See Contested Election.)
extending the provisions of an act ap Covode vs. Foster

460, 461, 464 resolution extending time for taking testi-
proved July 27, 1868, establishing a line
on the Pennsylvania contested election-

mony in the contested. election case of
of American, between New York and

Myers vs. Moffet

..556, 650,

Eggleston vs., from the first district
Europe [By Mr. Hill.]

651, 652, 683, 684, 685, 691, 692, 693 of Ohio — [By Mr. Burr, March 18,
proposed, 198; referred, 229.
Stiles, John D., a Representative from Penn.

bill (H. R. No. 257) to amend an act enti-


........2 referred, 139; reported and agreed to, 249.
tled "An act to provide for an American

petition presented by

leave of absence granted to .......... .253
line of mail and immigrant passenger, incidental remarks by.
between New York and one or more

19 | Strickland, Randolph, a Representative from
remarks on organization of the House, 16, 18


European ports,' approved July 27,
on the bill to repeal the civil tenure

petitions presented by.

334, 505
1868–[By Mr. Hill.]


.... ...396
referred, 276.

bills introduced by~

on the Pennsylvania contested election-
Steam vessels, joint resolution (H. R. No. 42) Covode vs. Foster

No. 92—to discontinue Sault Ste. Marie

relative to the use of boilers on, other leave of absence granted to.....


as a port of entry in the Superior dis-
than those made of charcoal plates of St. Lawrence, resolution in regard to the free

trict and to establish Marquette in lieu
unwrought iron-[By Mr. O'Neill.]


navigation of the, &c.—[By Mr. Schenck,
referred, 193.

March 22, 1869. ]

No. 391-establishing the right of way of
bill (H. R. No. 158) to declare and provide agreed to, 203.

the Portage Lake and River Improve-
for the lights to be carried on, upon St. Louis, joint resolution (H. R. No. 63)

ment Company, and providing for a
Lakes Ontario, Erie, and the other releasing the claim of the United States grant of land for said improvement, 505

Dorthern and northwestern lakes and

leave of absence granted to.......
against the city of-[By Mr. Finkelnburg. ]
navigable waters connected with the referred, 334.

Strong, Julius L., a Representative from Con.
same-[By Mr. Bennett.]
St. Martin, Louis, a Representative-elect from necticut..

.... 681
referred, 198.

Louisiana-gee. Contested Election.

(See Contested Election.)






Submarine cable, bill (H. R. No. 12) author. Taffe, John, a Representative from Nebraska, | Tax-Continued.
izing the New York, Newfoundland, and Continued.

bill (HI. R. No. 404) to repeal an act of the
London Telegraph Company to land its, bills introduced by-

Legislature of New Mexico imposing a
upon the shores of the United States—[By
No. 219—in relation to agricultural and

capitation, on bovine cattle-[By Mr.
Mr. Banks.]

mechanical college scrip... ......195

referred, 70.

No. 220—to provide for and subsist the

read and passed, 556; passed Senate, 603;
Subscription papers, bill (S. No. 60) legalizing

Ogallalla and Brulé Sionix Indians of the

enrolled, 636.
stainping of certain, executed and issued

Platte agency..

In Senate : received from Hoase, 532;

to Northern Central Railroad Company.
No. 221-granting land to aid in the con-

read, 540; passed, 587; enrolled, 620.
received from Senate, 599; passed, 645 ; struction of a railroad from Lincoln, in Taxation, resolution to exempt salt, tea,
enrolled, 682.

the State of Nebraska, to Denver, Colo.

coffee, sugar, matches, and tobacco from,
Suffrage, bill (II. R. No. 64) to discourage rado Territory........


and to impose a tax of two and a half per
polygamy in Utah by granting the right
No. 312—for the relief of Oliver P. Mas.

cent. in gold ou all bonds issued by ihe
of, to the women of that Territory-[By


Government-[By Mr. Morgan, March
Mr. Julian.)
No. 313--for the relief of Dwight J.

29, 1869.]
referred, 72; printed, 84.



tabled, 335.
bill (H. R. No. 67) further to extend the

joint resolution introduced by-

Taxes, bill (H. R. No. 27) to amend an act
right of, in the District of Colum.

entitled "An act imposing, on distilled
bia-[By Mr. Julian. ]
No. 27-in relation to Indian affairs. ... 75

spirits and tobacco"-[By Mr. Hooper,
referred, 72; printed, 84.
remarks on the Indian appropriation bill,

of Massachusetts. ]
bill (H. R. No. 68) to extend the right of, in

166, 167, 173, 558

referred, 71 ; substitute reported and recom-
the Territories of the United States—[By

on the joint resolution relating to the Bur: mitted, 143; (see bill H. R. No. 140.)
Mr. Julian.]

lington and Missouri River railroad, 227

bill (H. R. No. 34) to prevent the collection
referred, 73 ; printed, 84.
personal and explanatory........ .... 278

of illegal, on passengers under color of
Suits, bill (H. R. 'No. 80) to amend an act | Tanner, Adolphus H., a Representative from State authority-[By Mr. Whittemore.]
entitled "An act relating to habeas corpus,

New York .....


referred, 71.
and regulating judicial proceedings in cer: Tariff bill, resolution for printing Maynard's— bill (II. R. No. 65) relative to lands sold for
tain cases,” approved March 3, 1863, and [By Mr. Cake, April 9, 1869.]

non-payment of Federal, or under judg.
an act to amend said act, approved March objected to, 715.

ment or decrees of the courts of the
11, 1866-[By Mr. Boyd.]

Tariff laws, resolution in regard to a revision United States-[By Mr. Julian.)
referred, 73.

of-[By Mr. Schenck, April 1, 1869.]

referred, 72; printed, 84.
Supervising surgeon, bill (H. R. No. 191) to agreed to, 424.

bili (H. R. No. 145) relative to lands sold
provide for the appointment of a, of the || Tax, bill (H. R. No.6) to provide payment to

for non-payment of Federal, or under
marine hospitals of the United States—[By the assessor of internal revenue for the dis.

the judgment or decree of tbe courts of
Mr. Logan.]
trict of Delaware for assessing the direct,

the United States—[By Mr. Julian.]
referred, 194.

as levied upon the several States by act

referred, 164.
Supplies, bill (H. R. No. 32) to repeal an act

approved August 5, 1861-[By Mr. Biggs.]

bill (H. R. No. 149) to refund certain, ille-
entitled "An act to restrict the jurisdic. referred, 69.

gally collected in the internal revenue
tion of the Court of Claims, and to pro-
vide for the payment of certain demands
resolution instructing Committee of Ways

department--[By Mr. Dockery.]
and Means to inquire into the expe-

referred, 164.
for quartermaster's and subsistence, sur-

diency of reviving and enforcing the col.

bill (H. R. No. 400) to amend the third sec-
nished to the Army of tbe United States,"

lection of the direct, in the States lately

tion of an act entitled "An act imposing,
approved July 4, 1864, and to extend the
statute of limitations in certain cases-[By

in rebellion-[By Mr. Julian, March 31,

on distilled spirits and tobacco, and for

other purposes,' approved July 20,
Mr. Heaton.]
objected to, 230; agreed to, 398.

1868–[By Mr. Winans.]
referred, 71.

referre 1, 506.
bill (H. R. No. 170) to provide payment for

bill (H. R. No. 140) to amend an act entitled
quartermaster stores and subsistence, "An act imposing a, on distilled spirits Taylor, Caleb N., a contestant from Pennsyl-

vania—see Contosted Election.
taken by the Army in the southern

and tobacco"-[By Mr. Hooper, of

States-[By Mr. Dockery.]

resolution extending the time for taking
referred, 194.
reported as substitute for bill H. R. No.

testimony in the contested-election case
27 and recommitted, 143; motion to

of, vs. Reading, from the fifth district
Swamp lands, bill (H. R. No. 212) to grant
certain islands to the State of Wisconsin

reconsider, 174; discussed, 377; passed,

of Pennsylvania-[By Mr. Scofield,

March 5, 1869.]
-[By Mr. Hopkins.]

384; passed Senate with amendments,

agreed to, 16.
referred, 195.

652; conference, 679, 685; conference | Taylor, James C., bill (S. No. 211) for the
Swann, Thomas, a Representative from Mary:

report, 704; discussed, 704; agreed to by
land. .......

House, 708; by Senate, 703; enrolled,

relief of, of Montgomery county, Virginia.

received froin Senate, 309; referred, 508.

resolution submitted by-

In Senate : received from House, 384; Telegraphic communication, bill (H. R. No.

Telegraph--see Railroad.
instructing Committee on Military Affairs
to inquire into expediency of adopting

referred, 384; reported, 468; notice,

21) to encourage and facilitate, between
Colonel F. W. Alexander's saw bayonet

577; called up, 587; discussed, 612, 621;

the eastern and western continents—[By
for use in the infantry regiments of the

passed with amendments, 624 ; confer-

Mr. O'Neill.]
United States-[March 26, 1869).... 306

ence, 657; conference report, 678; con-
report made by........

referred, 71.

curred in by Senate, 679; by House, Tenure of office, bill (II. R. No. 3) to repeal
incidental remarks by.

679; enrolled, 716.

an act regulating the tenure of ceriain
remarks on the National Junction railroad

remarks by-

civil offices--[By Mr. Butler, of Massa-
bill......... ......230, 250, 251, 252

Mr. Allison.

..174, 378, chusetts.]
on the resolution of sympathy with the

379, 380, 381, 382, 383, 705, 706 read and passed, 40; passed Senate with
people of Cuba................ .712

Mr. Archer


amendment, 277; discussed. 284; referred,
(See Appendix.)

Mr. Brooks.....

288; motion to reconsider. 288; discussed,
Sweeny, William N., a Representative from Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts...377, 378, 310 ; Senate amendment non concurred


379, 380, 382, 705, 706, 707, 708 in, 319; conference, 371, 376; explana-
Switzler, William F., a contestant from Mis Mr. Dawes, 377, 378, 380, 706, 707, 708 tions, 396 ; conference report, 402; dis-
souri-see Contested Election.

Mr. Garfield......

.382, 705

cussed, 402 ; agreed to by House, 406 ;
resolution extending time for taking testi-

Mr. Hawkins .....

.381 by Senate, 408; enrolled, 425; approved,
mony in the Missouri contested elec Mr. Hooper, of Massachusetts...... 143, 510.
tion of, vs. Dyer--[By Mr. Benjamin,

377, 378, 379, 380, 384 In Senate : received from House, 41; dis-
March 12, 1869.]

Mr. Jones, of Kentucky.

.378, 707

cussed, 43 ; referred, 45; reported, 62;
agreed to, 59.

Mr. Judd....


discussed, 87, 101. 130, 153, 177 ; recom.
Sypher, J. H., a Representative-elect from

Mr. Kelley...

.380, 381, 382 mitted, 205; amenduent. 217; reported,
Louisiapa-see Contested Election.

Mr. Logan...377, 380, 381, 706, 707, 708 233; discussed, 233 ; passed with amend
Mr. Marshall..

..707 ments and with new title, 248; disagreed
Mr. Maynard

... 705

to by House, 322 ; discussed, 322; confer-
Taffe, John, a Representative from Nebraska, 3 Mr. Mungen .....


ence, 333, 347; conference report, 394 ;
bills introduced by-

Mr. Paine......

706 agreed to by Senate, 395; by House, 394.
No. 122—to repeal an act entitled "An Mr. Schenck ......


remarks by-
act to authorize the selection of school

382, 679, 704, 705, 706, 707, 708

Mr. Allison.

districts in lieu of the sixteenth section

Mr. Scofield.......

Mr. Bapks.....

within the twelve-miles-square reserva Mr. Voorhees.....


Mr. Bingham.... 287, 288, 310, 311, 312,
tion in the State of Alabama........
........75 yeas and nays on the........................


313, 314, 315, 402, 403, 404, 405



... 438


Tenure of office, bill (H. R. No.3)-Continued. Texas-Continued.

Treasury Department.....
remarks by-

resolution admitting members of the, con. communications from the......... .115,
Mr. Blair........

stitutional convention to the floor of the

199, 281, 375, 376, 562. 699
Mr. Batler, of Massachusetts ...........40, House--[By Mr. Paine, March 20,1869.] in regard to anticipating the payment of
284, 285, 286, 287, 288, 310, objected to, 174.

interest upon the public debt. ... 223, 396
311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 316, 318, bill (H. R. No. 196) to divide the State of, relating to an appropriation for the custom-
319, 376, 402, 403, 40

405, 406

and to organize that portion of, lying house at Bangor, Maine............
Mr. Cake......


west and south of the Colorado river into in regard to constituting San Diego, Cali.
Mr. Davis.

a State, to be called the State of Lin. fornia, a port of delivery....

.... 701
314, 315, 316, 319, 402, 404, 405 coln, and to provide for the continuance in regard to an appropriation for furniture
Mr. Dawes...
315, 316 of the provisional government of—[By

for the Presidential Mansion........... 712
Mr. Dickey.

.286, 319
Mr. Asper.)

Treasury notes, bill (II. R. No. 399) to provide
Mr. Eldridge....

310, 376
referred, 194.

for the fundi.g of the, and tloating debt,
Mr. Farnsworth

.. 40, joint resolution (H. R. No. 67) postponing and for the refunding of the funded debt
284, 285, 286, 287, 288, 310 the election in the State of-[By Mr. of the United States, and for other pur.
Mr. Garfield.


poses-[By Mr. Winans. ]
310, 311, 315, 316, 317, 318 referred, 398.

referred, 506.
Mr. Hoar......
.. 316, 402, 405 bill (H. R. No. 405) authorizing the sub-

Trimble, Lawrence S., a Representative from
Mr. Hotchkiss.

mission of the constitutions of Virginia,


Mr. Jones, of Kentucky.


Mississippi, and, to a vote of the people,
Mr. Lawrence..

bill introduced by-
. 403, 406

and authorizing the election of Siate
Mr. Logan..
285, 286, 310,
officers provided by the said constitu-

No. 381-appropriating $100,000 for
312, 313, 314, 317, 318, 403, 405 tions, and members of Congress-[By

building a custom-bouse, post office,
Mr. Loughridge

Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts.]

United States court-rooms, and offices
Mr. Maynard.
.40 reported, 633; discussed, 633; passed, 636;

for the United States internal revenue
Mr. Mungen..

passed Senate with amendments, 693;

at Paducah, Kentucky.....

Mr. Niblack, 310, 311, 402, 403, 404, 405 concurred in, 699, 700; enrolled, 702. joint resolution introduced by-
Mr. Polard.

...... 287, 405 In Senate: received from House, 620; No. 11-authorizing the building of a
Mr. Schenck.

..317, 318, 376 printed, 620; called up, 653; discussed, bridge over the Ohio river at Padu-
Mr. Stiles....

653, 658; passed with amendments, 662;

cah ......

Mr. Ward...

285, 288

agreed to by House, 677; enrolled, 678. incidental remarks by ... ......... 100, 336, 406
Mr. Washburn, of Wisconsin.... ..285

Tist, Nelson, a Representative.elect from remarks on the organization of the House, 6
Mr. Wood...... 310, 376, 404, 405
Georgia-see Contested Election.

on the joint resolution authorizing a bridge
Mr. Woodward ....... 311, 313, 403 resolution directing Clerk of the House to at Paducah ....

yeas and nays on the.....40, 288, 319, 376, 405 pay from the contingent fund of the Trust funds, bill (H. R. No. 286) in relation
Territories, the Committee on the...... .76

House to, J. W. Clift, William P. Ed.

to--[By Mr. Lawrence.]
instructions to ........................


wards, Samuel F. Gove, C. H. Prince,
reports from ....................:

referred, 334.
..396 and P. M. B. Young, claimants to seats || Turner, James H., bill (H. R. No. 300) to
biil (H. R. No.68) to extend the right of suf in this House from the State of Geor-

remove legal and political disabilities from,
frage in the, of the United States-[By gia, a sum to each equal to two months'
Mr. Julian. ]

Francis McNally, and Bernard Fitzpat.
pay of members of Congress-[By Mr.

rick, of Arkansas-[By Mr. Rogers.]
referred, 73; printed, 84.

Churchill, April 9, 1869.]
bill (II. R. No. 288) to preserve the purity

referred, 334.
agreed to, 712.
of elections in the, of the United Tillman, Lewis, a Representative from Ten.

Twicheil, Ginery, a Representative from Mas.

States—[By Mr. Lawrence.]


referred, 334.

petitions presented by.. .84, 231, 345
(See Contested Election.)
Testimony, bill (H. R. No. 11) allowing the

bills introduced by
resolution extending time in the contested.
defendant in criminal cases to testify-[By election case of Sheafe vs.,

No. 138-in re'ation to the transportation

from the
Mr. Poland.]
fourth district of Tennessee-[By Mr.

of mails by railroad companies....... 125
referred, 70.

No. 139--for the enrollment and license
Paine. April 7, 1869.)

of the British schooner Venilia. ...... 125
bill (H. R. No. 320) to perpetuate, in courts reported and agreed to, 588.
of the United States-(By Nir. Ferriss. ] || Timber, bill (H. R. No. 322) to regulate the

reports made by........

.396, 423

101, 711
referred, 335.

incidental remarks by ......

duties on lumber and-[By Mr. Churcbill.]
bill (H. R. No. 355) allowing parties in cer-

remarks on the National Junction railroad
referred, 335.
tain cases to testify-[By Mr. Butler, Tinsley, Van Horn & Co., bill (11.1. No. 198) Tyner, James N., a representative from


......... 252
of Massachusetts.]

for the relief of, Glenn, Overall & Clark,
reported and recommitted. 406 ; leave to and J. N. Henderson & Co., of Louisiana,

report asked, 478, 679, 680.
Missouri --[By Mr. Dyer.]

remarks by-

referred, 195.
Mr. Brooks.......
.406 Title-see Lands.

University, bill (H. R. No. 253) authorizing
Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts .........

the allowance of the claim of the State
406, || Tonnage, select Committee on'Causes of the
478, 479, 679, 680 Reduction of American......

of Minnesota to lands for the support of

Mr. Scofield .......
........680 instructions to.........


a State-[By Mr. Wilson, of Minnesota.]
bill (H. R. No. 419) allowing parties in cer: resolution for a select committee to inquire Upson, William 11., a Representative from

referred, 248.
tain cases to testify-[By Mr. Butler, into and report the cause of the reduc-

of Massachusetts. ]


tion of American, and the depreciation
discussed and passed, 700.
of the navigation interests of the coun. petitions presented by

.84. 320
In Senate: received from the House, 678; try-[By Mr. Lynch, March 22, 1869.]

incidental remarks by...

read, 679.

agreed to, 199.

Utah, the Territory of, bill (II. R. No. 64) to
remarks by-
Townsend, Washington, a Representative from

discourage polygamy in, by granting the
Mr. Bingham ......
.700 Pennsylvania

2 right of suffrage to the women of that
Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts........700 petitions presented by............. 150, 174, 204 Territory-[By Mr. Julian.]
Mr. Collom.....
..700 bill introduced by-

referred, 72; printed, 84.
Mr. Poland .....

700 No.164-to make compensation to Edward bill (H. R. No. 126) granting land to aid in
Mr. Woodward...


Barton, James Barton, sen., and John the reclamation of desert land in--[By
Texas, joint resolution (S. R. No. 14) amend H. Barton, for dainages done to their Mr. Ilooper, of Utah.]

atory of a joint resolution respecting the steamer Uncle Abe by the United States referred, 83.
provisional governments of Virginia and, steamer Zouave.......

.... 193 bill (II. R. No. 127) for the relief of the
passed at the third session of the Fortieth joint resolution introduced by-

inbabitants of cities and towns in the

No. 31-toreter the claim ofthe administra Territories of New Mexico, Arizona,
received from Senate, 97; referred. 125 ; tors of the estate of Captain John Davis, and-[By Mr. Hooper, of Utah. ]
reported, 143; discussed, 143; recom-

deceased, to the Court of Claims....... 193 referred, 83.
mitted, 146.

leave of absence granted to ....

.384 bill (II. R. No. 128) for the relief of the
bill (H. R. No. 131) to divide the State of, Town sites, bill (H. R. No. 58) to prevent the inbabitants of Great Salt Lake City,

into three Siates-[By Mr. Beaman.] further sale of the public lands of the in-[By Mr. Hooper, of Utah.]
referred, 100.

United States except as provided for in referred, 84.
bill (H. R. No. 132) for the division of the the preëmption and homestead laws and bill (H. R. No. 223) for the admission of

territory known as the State of, into the laws for disposing of, and mineral Deseret into the Union as a State---[By
separate Territories—[By Mr. Beaman.) lands—[By Mr. Julian. ]

Mr. Hooper, of Utah.]
referred, 100.
referred, 72; printed, 84.

referred, 195.

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