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Apocrypha. .

Apocrypba. selves by a kind of harmony, like as in a 21 On the other side, the flames wasted not psaltery notes change the name of the tune, the Aesh of the corruptible living things, and yet are always sounds; which may well though they walked therein ; neither melted be perceived by the sight of the things that they the icy kind of heavenly meat, that was have been done.

of nature apt to melt. 19 For earthly things were turned into 22 For in all things, O Lord, thou didat watery, and the things that before swam in magnify thy people, and glorify them, neither the water, now went upon the ground. didst thou lightly regard them: but didst

20 The fire had power in the water, for- | assist them in every time and place. getting his own virtue : and the water forgat his own quenching nature.

same name


ECCLESIASTICUS. A Prologue made by an uncertain author. the law, and the prophets, and other books THIS "HIS Jesus was the son of Sirach, and of our fathers, and had gotten therein good grandchild to Jesus of the

judgment, was drawn on also himself to write with him : this man therefore lived in the something pertaining to learning and wislatter times, after the people had been led dom; to the intent that those which are away captive, and called home again, and al-desirous to learn, and are addicted to these most after all the prophets. Now his grand-things, might profit much more in living acfather Jesus, as he himself witnesseth, was a cording to the law. Wherefore let me intreat mau of great diligence and wisdom among you to read it with favour and attention, the Hebrews, who did not only gather the and to pardon us, wherein we may seem to grave and short sentences of wise men, that come short of some words which we have had been before him, but himself also uttered laboured to interpret. For the same things some of his own, full of much understanding uttered in Hebrew, and translated into anand wisdom. When as therefore the first other tongue, have not the same force in Jesus died, leaving this book almost perfected, them : and not only these things, but the Sirach his son receiving it after him, left it | law itself, and the prophets, and the rest of to his own son Jesus, who having gotten it the books, have no small difference, when into his hands, compiled it all orderly into they are spoken in their own language. For one volume, and called it Wisdom, entitling || in the eight and thirtieth year coming into it both by his own name, his father's name, Egypt, when Euergetes was king, and conand his grandfather's; alluring the hearer by tinuing there some time, I found a book of the very name of Wisdom to have a greater no small learning : therefore I thought it love to the study of this book. It containeth most necessary for me to bestow some dilitherefore wise sayings, dark sentences, and gence and travail to interpret it; using great parables, and certain particular

ancient godly | watchfulness and skill in that space to bring stories of men that pleased God; also his ill the book to an end, and set it forth for them prayer and song; moreover, what benefits | also, which in a strange country are willing God had vouchsafed his people, and what to learn, being prepared before in manners plagues he had heaped upon their enemies. to live after the law. This Jesus did imitate Solomon, and was no

CHAP. I. iess famous for wisdom and learning, both || 1 All wisdom is from God. 10 He giveth it to being indeed a man of great learning, and so them tbat love bim. 11 The fear of God is full reputed also.

of many blessings. The Prologue of the Wisdom of Jesus the son of

LL wisdom cometh from the Lord, and is

A with him for ever

2 Who can number the sand of the sea, and CHEREAS many and great things have the drops of rain, and the days of eternity ?

been delivered unto us by the law 3. Who can find out the height of heaven, and the prophets, and by others that have and the breadth of the earth, and the deep, followed their steps, for the which things and wisdom? Israel ought to be commended for learning 4 Wisdom hath been created before all and wisdom ; and whereof not only the read-things, and the understanding of prudence ers must needs become skilful themselves, but from everlasting. also they that desire to learn be able to pro- 5 The word of God most high is the founfit them which are without, both by speaking tain of wisdom ; and her ways are everlastand writing : my grandfather Jesus, when ing commandments. he had much given himself to the reading of 6 To whom hath the root of wisdom been

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Apocrypha. revealed ? or who hath known her wise il bring dishonour upon thy soul, and so God counsels?

discover thy secrets, and cast thee down in 7 [Unto whom hath the knowledge of the midst of the cougrcgation, because thou wisdom been made inanisest ? and who hath || camest not in truth to the fear of the Lord, understood her great experience ?)

but thy heart is full of deceit. 8 There is one wise and greatly to be

CHAP. 1/. feared, the Lord sitting upon his throne. i God's servants must look for trouble, 7 and be

9 He created her, and saw her, and num- || patient, and trust in bim : 12 for woe to tbem bered her, and poured her out upon all his that do not so! works.

M Y son, if thou come to serve the Lord, 10 She is with all flesh according to his I prepare thy soul for temptation. gift, and he hath given her to them that love 2 Set thy heart aright, and constantly en

dure, and make not haste in time of trouble. 11 The fear of the Lord is honour, and 3 Cleave unto him, and depart not away, glory, and gladness, and a crown of rejoicing. that thou mayest be increased at thy last end.

12 The fear of the Lord maketh a merry 4 Whatsoever is brought upon thee, take heart, and giveth joy, and gladness, and a cheerfully, and be patient when thou art long life.

changed to a low estate. 13 Whoso feareth the Lord, it shall go 5 For gold is tried in the fire, and accept. well with him at the last, and he shall find able men in the furnace of adversity. favour in the day of his death.

6 Believe in him, and lie will help thce ; 14 To fear the Lord is the beginning of order thy way aright, and trust in lim. wisdom: and it was created with the faith- 7 Ye that tear the Lord, wait for bis merful in the womb.

cy; and go not aside, lest ye fall. 15 She hath built an everlasting founda- | .8 Ye that fear the Lord, believe him; and tion with men, and she shall continue with Il your reward shall not fail. their seed.

9 Ye that fear the Lord, hope for good, 16 To fear the Lord is fulness of wisdom, || and for everlasting joy and mercy. and filleth men with her fruits.

10 Look at the generations of old, and see; 17 She filleth all their house with things did ever any trust in the Lord, and was condesirable, and the garners with her increase. founded ? or did any abide in his fear, and

18 The fear of the Lord is a crown of was forsaken ? or whom did he evv despise, wisdom, making peace and perfect health to | that called upon him ? flourish; both which are the gifts of God: 11 For the Lord is full of compassion and and it enlargeth their rejoicing that love him. mercy, long suffering, and very pitiful, and

19 Wisdom raineth down skill and know. | forgiveth sins, and saveth in time of affliction. ledge of understanding, and exalteth them 12 I Woe be to fearful hearts, and faint to honour that hold her fast.

hands, and the sinner that goeth two ways ! 20 The root of wisdom is to fear the Lord, | 13 Woe unto him that is faint hearted! for and the branches thereof are long life. he believeth not; therefore shall be not be

21 The fear of the Lord driveth away i defended. sins: and where it is present, it turneih 14 Woe unto you that liave lost patience! away wrath.

and what will ye do when the Lord shall visit 22 A furious man cannot be justified; for you? the sway of his fury shall be his destruction. 15 They that fear the Lord will not diso

23 A patient man will bear for a time, and bey his word; and they that love him will afterward joy shail spring up unto him. I keep his ways.

24 He will hide his words for a time, and 16 They that fear the Lord will seek that the lips of many shall declare his wisdom. which is well pleasing unto him ; and they

25 The parables of knowledge are in the that love him shall be filled with the law. treasures of wisdom : but godliness is an 17 They that fear the Lord will prepare abomination to a sinner.

their hearts, and humble their souls in his 26 If thou desire wisdom, keep the com- | sight, mandments, and the Lord shall give her un 18 Saying, We will fall into the hands of to thee.

the Lord, and not into the hands of men : for 27 For the fear of the Lord is wisdom and as his majesty is, so is his mercy. instruction : and faith and meekness are his

CHAP. III. delight.

2 Children must bonor and belp both their parents. 28 Distrust not the fear of the Lord when 21 We may not desire to know all things. thou art poor: and come not unto him with IT EAR me your father, O children, and a double heart.

I do thereafter, that ye may be safe. 29 Be not an hypocrite in the sight of || 2 For the Lord hath given the father men, and take good heed what thou speakest honour over the children, and liath confirmed

30 Exalt not thyself, lest thou fall, and the authority of the mother over the sons.

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Apocrypha . 8 Whoso honoureth his father maketh an 26 A stubborn heart shall fare evil at the atonement for his sins:

last; and he that loveth danger shall perish 4 And he that honoureth his mother is as therein. one that layeth up treasure.

27 An obstinate heart shall be laden with 5 Whoso honoureth his father shall have sorrows : and the wicked man shall heap sin joy of his own children; and when he maketh | upon sin. his prayer, he shall be heard.

28 In the punishment of the proud there 6 He that honoureth his father shall have is no remedy; for the plant of wickedness a long life; and he that is obedient unto the hath taken root in him. Lord shall be a comfort to his mother.

29 The heart of the prudent will under7 He that feareth the Lord will honour stand a parable ; and an attentive ear is thic his father, and will do service unto his parents, desire of a wise man. as to his masters.

30 Water will quench a flaming fire; and 8 Honour thy father and mother both in alms maketh an atonement for sins. word and deed, that a blessing may come 31 And he that requiteth good turns is upon thee from them.

mindful of that which may come hereafter ; 9 For the blessing of the father establish- and when he falleth, he shall find a stay. eth the houses of children ; but the curse of

CHAP. IV. the mother rooteth out foundations.

1 We may not despise the poor or fatherless, 11 10 Glory not in the dishonour of thy father; but seek for wisdom, 20 and not be ashamed of for thy father's dishonour is no glory unto thee. some things. For the glory of man is from the hon

not the poor of his livis a reproach to the children.

wait long 12 My son, help thy father in his age, and 2 Make not an hungry soul sorrowful; grieve him not as long as he liveth.

neither provoke a man in his distress. 13 And if his understanding fail, have pa- 3 Add not more trouble to an heart that tience with him; and despise him not when | is vexed; and defer not to give to him that thou art in thy full strength.

is in need. 14 For the relieving of thy father sliall not 4 Reject not the supplication of the afflicted; be forgotten : and instead of sins it shall be neither turn away thy face from a poor man. added to build thee up.

5 Turn not away thine eye from the needy, 15 In the day of thine afiction it shall be and give him none occasion to corse thee : remembered ; thy sins also shall melt away,

6 For if he curse thee in the bitterness of as the ice in the fair warm weather.

his soul, his prayer shall be heard of him that 16 He that forsaketh his father is as a made him. blasphemer; and he that angereth his mother 7 Get thyself the love of the congregation, is cursed of God.

and bow thy head to a great man. 17 My son, go on with thy business in 8 Let it not grieve thee to bow down thine meekness; so shalt thou be beloved of him ear to the poor, and give him a friendly anathat is approved.

swer with meekness. 18 The greater thou art, the more humble 9 Deliver him that suffereth wrong from thyself, and thou shalt find favour before the the hand of the oppressor : and be not faint Lord.

hearted when thou sittest in judgment. 19 Many are in high place, and of renown: 10 Be as a father unto the fatherless, and but mysteries are revealed unto the meek. instead of an husband unto their mother : so

20 For the power of the Lord is great, and shalt thou be as a son of the Most High, and he is honoured of the lowly.

he shall love thee more than thy mother doth. 21 Seek not out the things that are too 11 q Wisdom exalteth her children, and hard for thee, neither search the things that layeth hold of them that seek her. are above thy strength.

12 He that loveth lier loveth life; and they 22 But what is commanded thee, think that seek to her early shall be filled with joy. thereupon with reverence ; for it is not need. 13 He that holdeth her fast shall inherit ful for thee to see with thire eyes the things glory ; and wheresoever she entereth, the that are in secret.

Lord will bless. 23 Be not curious in unnecessary matters : 14 They that serve her shall minister to for more things are shewed unto thee than the Holy One : and them that love her the men understand.

Lord doth love. 24 For many are deceived by their own 15 Whoso giveth ear unto her, shall judge vain opiniou ; and an evil suspicion hath the nations : and he that attendech unto her overthrown their judgment.

shall dwell securely. 25 Without eyes thou shalt want light : 16 If a man commit himself unto her he profess not the knowledge therefore that thou shall inherit her; and his generation shall hast not.

hold her in possession.

25 In no wise speak against the truth; but INSTEAD of a friend become not an ene


Apocrypbe. 17 For at the first she will walk with him gotten : for they saall not profit thee in the by crooked ways, and bring fear and dread day of calamity. upon him, and torment him with her disci. 9 Winnow not with every wind, and go pline, until she may trust his soul, and try not into every way : for so 'doth the sinner him by her laws.

that hath a double tongue. 18 Then will she return the straight way 10 Be steadfast in thy understanding; and unto him, and comfort him, and shew him let thy word be the same. her secrets.

11 Be swift to hear ; and let thy life be 19 But if he go wrong, she will forsake | sincere ; and with patience give answer. him, and give him over to his own ruin. 12 If thou hast understanding, answer thy

20 q Observe the opportunity, and be- neighbour; if not, lay thy hand upon thy ware of evil; and be not ashamed when it mouth. concerneth thy soul.

13 Honour and shame is in talk: and the 21 For there is a shame that bringeth | tongue of man is his fall. sin ; and there is a shame which is glory and 14 Be not called a whisperer, and lie not grace.

in wait with thy tongue : for a foul shame 22 Accept no person against thy soul, and is upon the thief, and an evil condemnation let not the reverence of any man cause thee upon the double tongue. to fall.

15 Be not ignorant of any thing in a great 23 And refrain not to speak, when there matter or a small. is occasion to do good, and hide not thy wis

CHAP, VỊ. dom in her beauty.

2 Do not extol thine own conceit, 7 but make 24 For by speech wisdom shall be known : choice of a friend. 18 Seek wisdom betimes. and .

my; for (thereby) thou shalt inherit an ill be abashed of the error of thine ignorance. name, shame, and reproach : even so shall a

26 Be not ashamed to confess thy sins ; || sinner that hath a double tongue. and force not the course of the river.

2 | Extol not thyself in the counsel of 27 Make not thyself an underling to a thine own heart; that thy soul be not torn foolish man; neither accept the person of in pieces as a bull (straying alone.) the mighty.

3 Thou shalt eat up thy leaves, and lose 28 Strive for the truth unto death, and thy fruit, and leave thyself as a dry tree. the Lord shall fight for thee.

4 A wicked soul shall destroy him that 29 Be not hasty in thy tongue, and in thy hath it, and shall make him to be laughed to deeds slack and remiss.

scorn of his enemies. 30 Be not as a lion in thy house, nor fran- 5 Sweet language will multiply friends : tick antong thy servants.

and a fair speaking tongue will increase kind 31 Let not thine hand be stretched out to || greetings. receive, and shut when thou shouldest repay. 6 Be in peace with many: nevertheless CHAP. V.

have but one counsellor of a thousand. 1 We must not presume of our wealth and strength, 7 7 If thou wouldest get a friend, prove

6 nor of tbe mercy of God, to sin. him first, and be not hasty to credit him. ET not thy heart upon thy goods; and 8 For some man is a friend for his own say not,

, I have enough for my life. occasion, and will not abide in the day of thy 2 Follow not thine own mind and thy trouble. strength, to walk in the ways of thine heart": 9 And there is a friend, who being turned to

3 And say not, Who shall control me for enmity and strife will discover thy reproach. my works ? 'for the Lord will surely revenge 10 Again, some friend is a companion at thy pride.

the table, and will not continue in the day of Say not, I have sinned, and what harm thy affliction. hath happened unto me? for the Lord is 11 But in thy prosperity he will be as thylong suffering, he will in no wise let thee go. self, and will be bold over thy servants.

5 Concerning propitiation, be not without 12 If thou be brought low, he will be fear to add sin unto sin :

against thee, and will hide himself from thy 6. And say not, His mercy is great ; he face. will be pacified for the multitude of my sins : 13 Separate thyself from thine enemies, for mercy and wrath come from hin, and and take heed of thy friends. his indignation resteth upon sinners.

14 A faithful friend is a strong defence : 7 Make no tarrying to turn to the Lord, and he that hath found such an one hath and put not off from day to day : for sud- found a treasure. denly shall the wrath of the Lord coine forth, 15 Nothing doth countervail a faithful and in thy security thou shalt be destroyed, friend, and his excellency is invaluable. and perish in the day of vengeance.

16 A faithful friend is the medicine of life ; 8 Set not thuine leart upon goods unjustly ) and they that fear the Lord shall find him.

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Apocrypha. 17 Whoso feareth the Lord shall direct 3 My son, sow not upon the furrows of his friendship aright : for as he is, so shall his unrighteousness, and thou shalt not reap neighbour be also.

them seven fold. 18 ( My son, gather instruction from thy 4 I Seek not of the Lord preeminence, youth up': so shalt thou find wisdom till | neither of the king the seat of honour. thine old age.

5 Justify not thyself before the Lord ; 19 Come unto her as one that plougheth || and boast not of thy wisdom before the king: and soweth, and wait for her good fruits : 6 Seek not to be judge, being not able to for thou shalt not toil much in labouring take away iniquity ; lest at any time thou about her, but thou shalt eat of her fruits fear the person of the mighty, and lay a stumright soon.

bling block in the way of thy uprightness. 20 She is very unpleasant to the unlearn- 7 Offend not against the multitude of a od : he that is without understanding will | city, and then thou shalt not cast thyself down not remain with her.

among the people. 21 She will lic upon him as a mighty stone 8 g Bind not one sin upon another; for of trial ; and he will cast her from him ere in one thou shalt not be unpunished. it be long

9 Say not, God will look upon the multi22 For wisdom is according to her name, tude of my oblations, and when I offer to and she is not manifest unto many.

the most high 'God, he will accept it. 23 Give ear, my son, receive my advice, 10 9 Be not faint hearted when thou makand refuse not my counsel,

est thy prayer, and neglect not to give alms. 24 And put thy feet into her fetters, and 11 Laugh no man to scorn in the bitterthy neck into her chain.

ness of his soul : for there is one which hum25 Bow down thy shoulder, and bear her, | bleth and exalteth. and be not grieved with her bonds.

12 Devise not a lie against thy brother ; 26 Come unto her with thy whole heart, | neither do the like to thy friend. and keep her ways with all thy power.

13 Use not to make any manner of lie: 27 Search, and seek, and she shall be made for the custom thereof is not good. known unto thee : and when thou hast got 14 Use not many words in a multitude of hold of her, let her not go.

elders, and make not much babbling when 28 For at the last thou shalt find her rest, thou

prayest. and that shall be turned to thy joy.

15 Hate not laborious work, neither husa 29 Then shall her fetters be a strong de- bandry, which the Most High hath ordained. fence for thee, and her chains a robe of glory. 16 Number not thyself among the multi

30 For there is a golden ornament upon tude of sinners, but remember that wrath her, and her bands are purple lace.

will not tarry long. 31 Thou shalt put her on as a robe of hon- 17 Humble thy soul greatly: for the venour, and shalt put her about thee as a crown geance of the ungodly is fire and worms.

18 Change not a friend for any good by 32 My son, if thou wilt, thou shalt be no means ; neither a faithful brother for the taught : and if thou wilt apply thy mind, || gold of Ophir. thou shalt be prudent.

19 Forego not a wise and good woman : 33* If thou love to hear, thou shalt receive for her grace is above gold. understanding: and if thou bow thine ear, 20 Whereas thy servant worketh truly, thou shalt be wise.

cntreat him not evil, nor the hireling that 34 Stand in the multitude of the elders ; bestoweth himself wholly for thee. and cleave unto him that is wise.

21 Let thy soul love a good servant, and 35 Be willing to hear every godly dis- || defraud him not of liberty. course; and let not the parables of under- 22 Hast thou cattle ? have an eye to them: standing escape thee.

and if they be for thy profit, keep them 36 And if thou seest a man of understand- with thec. ing, get thee betimes unto him, and let thy 23 Hast thou children ? instruct them, foot wear the steps of his door.

and bow down their neck from their youth. 37 Let thy mind be upon the ordinances of 24 Hast thou daughters ? have a care of the Lord, and meditate continually in his com- their body, and shew not thyself cheerful to. mandments : he shall establish ihine heart, || ward them. and give thee wisdom at thine own desire. 25 Marry thy daughter, and so shalt thou. CHAP. VII.

have performed a weighty maiter : but give 1 We are deborted from sin, 4 ambition, 8 pre- || her to a man of understanding. sumption, 10 and fainting in prazer.

26 Hast thou a wife after thy mind ? forO no evil, so shall no harm come unto sake her not : but give not thyself over to a thee.

light woman. 2 Depart from the unjust, and iniquity 27 Honour thy father with thy whole heart, shall turn away from thee.

and forget not the sorrows of thy motber.

of joy.

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