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--Russia -- Sweden --Turkey- Italy— Piedmont-Holland -Switzerland
-Spain-Forces of France-Treaty between Sweden and Austria--Death
of the monarchs of these two countries_Francis, Emperor of Austria-
Efforts of the French to spread their Revolutionary principles—Effect of these
measures in England-France declares war against Great Britain: . . 18-24

French armies take the field-Their numbers---Numbers of the allies—Invasion

of Flanders-Ease with which it was repelled—Effect of the defeat in Paris
-King of Prussia joins the army--Allies invade France-Their success—

Their inactivity-Defeat of Dumourier-Negotiations with Dumourier-Re.

treat of the allies-Renewed attempt on Flanders-Operations in Alsace and

the Low Countries—And in Flanders—Battle of Jemappes-Victory of the

French-Effects of Revolution in Flanders-French reverses on the Upper

Rhine-Close of the campaign: - - - - - - - 24-30

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Alliance of the European powers against France-Their want of union-Insubor.

dination of the French troopsFrench Finances—Commencement of the
campaign-Siege of Maestricht-Defeat of the French-Dumourier takes
command-Battle of Nerwinde and defeat of the French-Negotiations be.
tween the allies and Dumourier, and Dumourier's flight_Congress at Ant.
werp— Vigorous measures of the Convention-Disasters of the French on the
northern frontier-Operations on the Flemish frontier-Proximity of the
allies to Paris-Military preparations in France-Carnot-General discom-
fiture of the allies, and subsequent reverses of the French-Siege of Mau.

beuge commenced Jourdan takes command and raises the siege-Moreau

attacks the Prussians at Permasin and at Weissenberg, and is defeated-

Fate of Strasburg-Secession of Prussia-Operations before Landau-

Campaigns on the Spanish frontier-Campaign in the maritime Alps-Cap-

ture of Lyons and massacre of the Royalists—Toulon-Its defences-Its

investment-Progress of the siege-Evacuation of Toulon-Distress and

escape of the inhabitants-Destruction of the French fleet-Massacre of

the citizens :

Kingdom of Poland-Primitive and savage character of the former government

-Clergy–Nobility--Peasantry-Power of the King-John Sobieski-
Factions after his death--First partition of Poland-Second partition-Resis.
tance of the Poles-Kosciusko-His success—Insurrection in Warsaw
Provisional government established_Defeat of Kosciusko-Siege of War.
saw—The siege is raised-Second siege of Warsaw-Its capture-Termina.
tion of the Polish Republic-Reflections : . . . . . 61-66


Parties in Paris after the fall of Robespierre-fumane measures of the Conven-

tion-Club of La Jeunesse Dorée--Repeal of the Revolutionary laws, and


impeachment of the Jacobin leaders-Insurrection of the Fauxbourgs-
Firmness of the Convention-Their success-Execution of Jacobin prisoners
-The Convention form a new Constitution-Remarks on this Constitution
-It is opposed–The Convention appeal to the army—They appoint Napo-
leon Bonaparte tothe command-Victory of Bonaparte over the insurgents -
Secession of European powers from the alliance, but Austria and England
unite, nevertheless-French naval preparations-Campaign in the maritime
Alps Position of the armies on the northern and eastern frontier-Jourdan's
operations and defeat on the Rhine-Expedition to Quiberon Bay-Defeat
of the Royalists—Republican atrocities—Capture of the Cape of Good

Hope: • •

. . . . . . . . . 66—73

Preparations of Austria—of Russia-of Great Britain-French forces-Jourdan

opens the campaign–His defeats-Impolitic measures of the Aulic Coun.
cil-Campaign in Italy-Effect of defeat on the Republicans there-Massena
takes command—The Arch-Duke Charles attacks him-Massena's defeat-
Suwarrow-Operations of Moreau in Italy-Suwarrow's great success-
Naples Junction of Moreau and Macdonald-Suwarrow defeats Macdo.
nald-Fall of Turin-King of Naples resumes the throne-Punishment of
the insurgents-Capitulation of Mantua—and of Alexandria-Battle of Novi
-Continued errors of the Aulic Council-Disasters to which it leads-Sur-
render of Zurich-Achievements of Suwarrow-His retreat through the
Mountains-Effects on the allies of these disasters-Expedition to Holland
-Its first success and eventual defeat-Battle of Coni-Surrender of that

town-Close of the campaign: . . . . . . . 114126


Progress of the Revolution in France-Elections—Conspiracy of Siêyes–Napo-

leon abandons his army in Egypt-His return to France- His residence in

Difficulties between Great Britain and Denmark-British fleet proceeds to Co.

penhagen-Treaty with Denmark—Arbitrary measures of Russia-Mari.
time Confederacy against Great Britain-Retaliatory measures of Great
Britain-Embarrassments of the English ministry—Mr. Pitt resigns-His
successors pursue his policy-Sir Hyde Parker sails to Copenhagen-Battle
of Copenhagen-Victory of the British--Occupation of Hanover by the
Prussians-Death of the Emperor Paul-Accession of Alexander-His

measures and policy- Treaty between Russia and Great Britain-Dissolu.

tion of the Confederacy: . . .

. . . . 148–154

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