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able Morning Prayer of Dr. Arnold may be noticed as especially useful for school households. It will be easily seen that the Confessions as well as the Lord's Prayer are intended to be repeated aloud by all present.

If this book be permitted, by the grace of God, to do any small measure of good, or to help any family heavenwards, to Him be the praise and glory.






Let us pray.

Sunday Morning.

O Lord, whose mercy alone has brought us to this beginning of another week, grant that by the due observance of the Lord's Day we may sanctify the time which Thou addest to our earthly lives. Give us grace so to venerate and employ this day, that each week, as it comes round, may find us serving Thee more faithfully. As we are reminded by it of our Lord's resurrection from the grave, may we more and more rise from sin and selfishness unto newness of life. While we rest from earthly toil and labour, may our souls find refreshment and greater freedom to serve Thee in sincerity and truth. Give us spiritual happiness and peace, that we and all those who are members of Thy holy Church on earth, may hereafter be members of Thy glorified Church in heaven: through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Our Father which art in heaven.

Grant to us, O God, we beseech Thee, that we may this day and for evermore be filled with love

for Thee and for our brethren.

Thou, O Loving Father, didst so love us sinful men as to give Thine Only Son to become man and to die for us. Thou, O Holy Jesus, didst not refuse to humble Thyself even to death upon the Cross out of Thy vast pity and love for mankind. Send Thy Holy Spirit upon us, that we also may learn to love our brethren, because Thou didst love both them and us. Extinguish all hatred, and malice, and jealousy within us, and fill our hearts with love and peace. Hear these our prayers, O Loving Father, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

Cleanse us, O Lord, from our secret faults, and mercifully absolve us from our presumptuous sins, that we may receive this day Thy holy things with a pure mind. Grant that our bodies may be sanctified by the Holy Body, and our souls purified by the Atoning Blood, and that they may avail for the pardon and forgiveness of our many sins. Accept our oblations, and help us to offer ourselves also to be a holy sacrifice unto Thee. We pray for His mercy's sake, who made one oblation of Himself for us upon the Cross, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Save us, O God, from all wandering and careless thoughts while we are in Thy presence this day. Help us to remember that where two or three are gathered in Thy Name, Thou art in the midst of them, and that Thou art, O Blessed Saviour, more

especially present in Thy Church, where we meet to worship Thee, and Thy holy mysteries are continually celebrated. While, therefore, we are reverent and attentive in our outward behaviour, may we be reverent and attentive in our souls, that joining in Thy holy worship, we may receive grace and strength through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, who, with Thee, O Father, and Thee, O Blessed Saviour, liveth and reigneth for ever. Amen.

O Merciful God, we offer our intercessions in obedience to Thy command, and in reliance on Thy gracious promise. Defend and bless Thy holy Church; give to it peace and rest, and bring all men into its fold. Deliver it from differences and divisions, that it may be one, even as it has one Head, our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray also for all rulers and governors both in Church and State, especially for all who bear authority in this Church and country. Bless all our friends and relatives, and guide them in their heavenward course: have mercy upon all who need Thy great mercy; those who love and those who hate us. Remember, O Lord, our God, all Thy people; pour upon all Thy rich pity, and give us the spiritual blessings which we need: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Lord Jesus Christ give us His peace now and for evermore. Amen.

Let us pray.

Sunday Evening.

O Lord, great and merciful God, who assurest us that Thou art willing to be found of them that seek Thee, look, we beseech Thee, upon us, who as a Christian family kneel before Thee. We come to Thee in the name of Jesus, our great Mediator and Advocate, trusting entirely in the merits of His Atoning Blood, and the power of His prevailing intercession.

V. Lord, have mercy upon us.

R. Christ, have mercy upon us.

Pardon, we beseech Thee, gracious Lord, whatever Thou hast seen amiss in us during the day we are now concluding. Forgive the coldness of our devotions, the wanderings in our prayers. Forgive, if we have not been duly intent upon profiting by the services in which we have been engaged, or by the opportunities which Thou hast afforded us. And grant that we may so lay to heart the lessons we have learned, that we may live in Thy fear, and to the glory of Thy great Name: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

We offer humble thanks to Thee, O God, as for all Thy mercies to us and to all men, so especially

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