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By thee the one doth changing nature through

Her endless labyrinths pursue,
And th' other chases woman, while she goes

and turns than hunted Nature knows.

Fortune, alas ! above the world's law wars :
Hope kicks the curled heads of conspiring stars :
Her keel cuts not the waves where our winds stir,
And Fate's whole lottery is one blank to her.

Her shafts and she fly far above,
And forage in the fields of light and love.
Sweet Hope! kind cheat! fair fallacy ! by thee

not where
But what and where we would : thus art thou
Our absent presence, and our future now.

what we be,

Faith's sister! nurse of fair desire !
Fear's antidote! a wise, a well-stay'd fire
Temper'd 'twixt cold despair and torrid joy:
Queen regent in young love's minority!

Though the vex'd chymic vainly chases
His fugitive gold through all her faces,
And love's more fierce, more fruitless fires assay

One face more fugitive than they,
True Hope's a glorious huntress, and her chase,
The God of nature in the field of grace !

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OW westward Sol had spent the richest beams

Of noon's high glory, when, hard by the




Of Tiber, on the scene of a green plat,
Under protection of an oak, there sat

A sweet lute's master: in whose gentle airs
He lost the day's heat, and his own hot cares.

Close in the covert of the leaves there stood


nightingale, come from the neighbouring wood:-
The sweet inhabitant of each glad tree,
Their muse, their Syren, harmless Syren she,-
There stood she list'ning, and did entertain
The music's soft report, and mould the same
In her own murmurs, that whatever mood
His curious fingers lent, her voice made good.
The man perceived his rival, and her art;
Disposed to give the light-foot lady sport,
Awakes his lute, and 'gainst the fight to come
Informs it, in a sweet præludium


Of closer strains; and ere the war begin
He slightly skirmishes on every string,
Charged with a flying touch; and straightway she
Carves out her dainty voice as readily
Into a thousand sweet distinguish'd tones;
And reckons up in soft divisions

Quick volumes of wild notes, to let him know
By that shrill taste she could do something too.

His nimble hand's instinct then taught each string
A cap'ring cheerfulness; and made them sing
To their own dance; now negligently rash

He throws his arm, and with a long-drawn dash
Blends all together, then distinctly trips
From this to that, then, quick returning, skips
And snatches this again, and pauses there.
She measures every measure, everywhere
Meets art with art; sometimes, as if in doubt-
Not perfect yet, and fearing to be out-
́ ́ Trails her plain ditty in one long-spun note
Through the sleek passage of her open throat:
A clear unwrinkled song; then doth she point it
With tender accents, and severely joint it
By short diminutives, that, being rear'd
In controverting warbles evenly shared,

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With her sweet self she wrangles; he, amazed
That from so small a channel should be raised

The torrent of a voice, whose melody

Could melt into such sweet variety,

Strains higher yet, that tickled with rare art
The tattling strings-each breathing in his part-

Most kindly do fall out; the grumbling base

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