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Elko Mountain and the Allegheny River on the border of the

Allegany State Park

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From June 1, 1921 to December 31, 1921

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To the Honorable, the Legislature of the State of New York:

The Allegany State Park was created by chapter 468 of the Laws of 1921, which became a law on the second day of May, 1921. The act created a State park, located in the county of Cattaraugus, and consisting of parts of the towns of Carrollton, Great Valley, Salamanca, Red House, Cold Spring, Elko and South Valley, and included in lands south of the Allegany river and west of the Tunungwant creek, and north of the Pennsylvania State line, and provided for the administration of such park area by five commissioners, to be appointed by the Gov ernor, by and with the consent of the Senate.

Thereafter and on the first day of June, 1921, the Governor appointed as commissioners, Albert T. Fancher, of Salamanca, N. Y., to serve five years: Chauncey J. Hamlin, of Buffalo, X. Y., to serve four years; Fred G. Kaiser, of Dunkirk, N. Y., to serve three years; George C. Diehl, of Buffalo, N. Y., to serve two years, and Hamilton Ward, of Buffalo, N. Y., to serve one


Upon the convening of the Senate for the year 1922, these recess appointments were sent to the Senate by the Governor and confirmed on the 17th day of January, 1922.

The movement for a State park was launched at a joint meeting of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences and the Erie County Society for the Protection of Birds, Fish and Game, held at Buffalo, N. Y., on November 8, 1920. This meeting was presided over by Mr. Chauncey J. Hamlin, who appointed a committee to consider and further the matter, which committee was composed of the following named persons: Mrs. Eli T. Hosmer, Hon. Henry W. Hill, Harry D. Kirkover, Richard H. Templeton, James Savage, Hamilton Ward, of Buffalo, and Hon. Albert T. Fancher, of Salamanca; also ex officio, the following: James C. Brennan, President, Erie County Society for the Protection of Birds, Fish and Game; George C. Diehl, President, Rotary Club of Buffalo; Edward L. Koons, President, Buffalo Chamber of Commerce; Joseph H. Morey, President, Boy Scouts Council of Buffalo; Mrs. Thomas Carpenter, President, Girl Scouts of Buffalo; Chauncey J. Hamlin, President, Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, of Buffalo, and Fred G. Kaiser, President, Allied Game Clubs of Chautauqua County, of Dunkirk.

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