Under the Old Flag: Recollections of Military Operations in the War for the Union, the Spanish War, the Boxer Rebellion, Etc, Volumen1


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This two volume edition is a good companion for any avid historian although the author is rather egotistical and expounds upon his accomplishments and down plays his failures and set backs. Even with ... Leer comentario completo

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Página 205 - The effusion of blood you propose stopping by this course, can be ended at any time you may choose, by an unconditional surrender of the city and garrison. Men who have shown so much endurance and courage as those now in Vicksburg, will always challenge the respect of an adversary, and I can assure you, will be treated with all the respect due them as prisoners of. war. I do not favor the proposition of appointing commissioners to arrange terms of capitulation, because I have no other terms than...
Página 46 - I have served my country, under the flag of the Union, for more than fifty years; and as long as God permits me to live, I will defend that flag with my sword, even if my own native State assails it.
Página 29 - I will bear true faith and allegiance to the United States of America...
Página 374 - Grant went into his tent, and, throwing himself face downward on his cot, gave way to the greatest emotion, but without uttering any word of doubt or discouragement.
Página 15 - The conspiracy is now known. Armies have been raised, war is levied to accomplish it. There are only two sides to the question. Every man must be for the United States or against it. There can be no neutrals in this war — only patriots or traitors.
Página 200 - We have gained the enemy's intrenchments at several points, but are brought to a stand.
Página 432 - I have seen but little generalship during the campaign. Some of our corps commanders are not fit to be corporals. Lazy and indifferent they will not even ride along their lines, yet without hesitancy they will order us to attack the enemy, no matter what their position or numbers.
Página 345 - Eidge, and gave him command of the cavalry corps of the Army of the Potomac. In...
Página 432 - On that day we had a murderous engagement. I say "murderous" because we were recklessly ordered to assault the enemy's entrenchments, knowing neither their strength nor position.
Página 15 - When hostile armies are marching under new and odious banners against the government of our Country, the shortest way to peace is the most stupendous and unanimous preparation for war." Of this speech Senator Cullom, a most competent judge, has since said : "Never, in all my experience in public life, before or since, have I been so impressed by a speaker." Another says : "His eloquence, his earnestness and power were such as to fairly transfigure him," while men and women were carried off their...

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