The Present State of Europe, Volumen21

H. Rhodes., 1711

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Página 63 - ... lords, the states general of the United Netherlands...
Página 12 - WP VAN NESS. NATHANIEL PENDLETON, Esq. In the evening of the same day I received from him the following answer : No. XI June 26, 1804. SIR, I have communicated the letter which you did me the honour to write to me of this date, to General Hamilton.
Página 110 - Harley's fidelity to her majesty, and zeal for her service, have drawn upon him the hatred of all the abettors of popery and faction.
Página 345 - Declaration. All is couched in indefinite general Terms, which in reality exprefs nothing, and upon which Years might be (pent in negotiating.
Página 229 - Nor is that title less suited to you, as it carries in it a relation to one of the chief seats of learning ; for even your enemies, my lord, if any...
Página 347 - N thcrlar.tls, it cannot be faid that the Security of the United Provinces only is concerned in it : On the contrary, it is full as much the Concern of...
Página 108 - Houfe ; which, at the time they placed placed you in the chair, gave us an earneft of their entire difpofition to do every thing that might be for the honour and advantage of the Church of England. "We do, in the name of the whole Clergy of...
Página 394 - England and Ireland, as they tender the favour of Almighty God. and would avoid His wrath and indignation; and upon pain of such punishment as may be justly inflicted on all such as contemn and neglect the performance of so religious and necessary a duty.
Página 108 - Lights as they are able to afford, in relation to the extreme want of Churches, in and about thefe populous Cities, under which we at prefent labour.
Página 310 - Florifts, interfperfed through the whole Work, in their proper Places ; where you have their Culture, Choice, Increafe, and Way of Management, as well for Profit as Delegation.

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