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It is well known, that for many ages the Christian church has been divided into two great classes, distinguished from each other by the names of UNITARIAN and TRINITARIAN.

I. According to the former class, the Almighty and Infinite Being, to whom universal nature, both material and spiritual, owes its existence and preservation, is strictly One, - one in a sense similar to that in which the word is employed when men speak of an individual belonging to any order or species of intelligent natures, - -one Mind, one Spirit, one Person, one Agent. This Being, and he alone, is self-existent, underived, independent; the only absolute Possessor of every perfection; the single and original Source of all existence, of all might, of all wisdom, of all goodness; the God and Father of all intelligences, whether celestial or terrestrial, human or divine; the God and Father even of our Lord Jesus Christ, who, though immeasurably superior, in moral and spiritual grandeur, to all other beings of whom we have any knowledge, was and is dependent on the One Supreme and Universal Parent for his existence, his powers, and his offices, — for his authority and qualifications as the Messiah; as the Representative or Vicegerent of God; as the Teacher, the Saviour, the King, and the Judge of men.

Some Unitarians are of opinion, that Christ was, in his entire nature, a man, raised up by the Almighty, and endowed with an inspiration far surpassing that of any other Heaven-taught Prophet; others,

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