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Reviser's Note to the Edition of 1884.

RATEFUL acknowledgments are due to those whose

contributions to the text have enhanced the value of this work.

Commander F. V. McNair has permitted the use of his pamphiet on Seamanship Drills.

The chapter on the Laws of Storms is taken principally from the lecture of Lieutenant-Commander Thomas Nelson, Vol. V, Proceedings C. S. Naval Institute.

Chapter XIX. is practically a reprint of Lieutenant D. Delehanty's pamphlet : “ Cadet Midshipman's Manual."

Chapter XXXV. has been prepared from notes furnished by Lieutenant-Commander Z. L. Tanner, together with data from the lectures of Constructor R. H. White, R. X., and from the professional pamphlets of the German Admiralty on steamers and screw propulsion.

The suggestions made by Boatswain Robert Anderson, '. S. N., have been of special importance. Getting a lower yard on board, sending down a lower yard inside of rigging, rigging verricks, and carrying out anchors between two cutters in shoal water, are described from actual work performed under his direction.

To Commander Taylor, Lieutenants Berry, Nazro, and Holman, U. S. N., and to many other officers, sincere thanks are tendered for their assistance and suggestions in the revision of the proofs.


Lieutenant, U. S. V.



N the present revision the attempt has been made to

eliminate obsolete matter and to introduce as much new material as the limited time would permit. The general arrangement has remained unchanged.

The chapter on storms has been compiled by Mr. R. L. Lerch, under direction of the Hydrographer of the Navy Department.

The descriptions and plates of sounding machines, patent logs, marine sentry, &c., have been taken from the various pamphlets on those subjects.

Description and plates of steam capstan were obtained from the Bath Iron Works, and those of steam steering gear from the Williamson Brothers.

The chapter on organization is omitted, as no established system has as yet received official approval.


Lieutenant, C. S. V ('. S. R. S. VERMONT, NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 1898. S

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