Power Rate Increases: Bureau of Reclamation, Central Valley Project, California : Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives, Ninety-third Congress, Second Session, January 22 and 23, 1974


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Página 505 - Interior, who shall transmit and dispose of such power and energy in such manner as to encourage the most widespread use thereof at the lowest possible rates to consumers consistent with sound business principles, the rate schedules to become effective upon confirmation and approval by the Federal Power Commission.
Página 148 - (f) No provision in this Part shall apply to, or be deemed to include, the United States, a State or any political subdivision of a State, or any agency, authority, or instrumentality of any one or more of the foregoing, or any corporation which is wholly owned, directly or indirectly, by any one or more of the foregoing, or any officer, agent, or employee of any of the foregoing acting as such in the course of his official duty, unless such provision makes specific reference thereto.
Página 505 - Rate schedules shall be drawn having regard to the recovery (upon the basis of the application of such rate schedules to the capacity of the electric facilities of the projects) of the cost of producing and transmitting such electric energy, including the amortization of the capital investment allocated to power over a reasonable period of years.
Página 136 - Any sale of electric power or lease of power privileges, made by the Secretary in connection with the operation of any project...
Página 159 - All agencies of the United States engaged in the generation and sale of electric energy for ultimate distribution to the public shall be subject, as to all facilities used for such generation and sale, and as to the electric energy sold by such agency...
Página 872 - The Government, which holds its interests here as elsewhere in trust for all the people, is not to be deprived of those interests by the ordinary court rules designed particularly for private disputes over individually owned pieces of property; and officers who have no authority at all to dispose of Government property cannot by their conduct cause the Government to lose its valuable rights by their acquiescence, laches, or failure to act.
Página 150 - This system of accounts shall also apply to agencies of the United States engaged In the generation and sale of electric energy for ultimate distribution to the public, so far as may be practicable, in accordance with applicable statutes.
Página 875 - Agents and officers of the Government have no authority to give away the money or property of the United States, either directly or under the guise of a contract that obligates the Government to pay a claim not otherwise enforcible against it.
Página 460 - Secretary's judgment will produce revenues at least sufficient to cover an appropriate share of the annual operation and maintenance cost and an appropriate share of such fixed charges as the Secretary deems proper, and shall require the payment of said rates each year in advance of delivery of water for said year.
Página 237 - As to estoppel, it is enough to repeat that "* * * the United States is neither bound nor estopped by acts of its officers or agents in entering into an arrangement or agreement to do or cause to be done what the law does not sanction or permit.

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