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(Borough Road. Established 1805.)

For promoting the education of the labouring and manufacturing classes of society, of every religious denomination.

This institution maintains a school on an extensive scale to educate children. It supports and trains up young persons of both sexes for supplying properly instructed teachers to the inhabitants of such places in the British dominions, at home and abroad, as may be desirous of establishing schools on the British system. It instructs all persons, whether natives or foreigners, who may be sent from time to time for the purpose of being qualified as teachers, in this or any other country. All schools supplied with teachers at the expense of this institution are open to the children of parents of all denominations.

Any application for the training of a teacher, at the expense of the party applying, will be attended to, although such intended school is not to be conducted on the principles of this society.


(Central School, Westminster. Established 1811, Incorporated 1817.) For promoting the education of the children of the poor in the principles of the Established Church, throughout England and Wales.

The central school of the society was designed to exhibit the system of mutual instruction by the scholars-to show how it might be carried into operation among very large numbers of children—and to furnish a place where adult persons might be trained and disciplined in the mechanical arrangements necessary to this end, and also in those more important qualifications which are essential to every teacher under the National Church.

Terms of Union with the National Society for promoting the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church throughout England and Wales, adopted by the General Committee, 19th February, 1839.

The general committee having taken into their consideration the measures which are now in progress throughout the country for the extension of education in connexion with the national society, and the principles embodied in the society's charter, have agreed to the following resolutions :

I. That diocesan boards and district societies be received into union with the national society on professing their adherence to its principles as set forth in the charter; their desire to promote its objects; and their willingness to transmit to the society periodical reports on the state and progress of education in their respective districts.

II. That schools be united to the national society on the managers signing the following declaration, viz. :

"Terms of Union, to be subscribed by parties desirous of uniting their Schools with the NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING THE EDUCATION OF THE POOR IN THE PRINCIPLES OF THE ESTABLISHED CHURCH THROUGHOUT ENGLAND AND WALES, either immediately, or mediately through the Diocesan or District Society in connexion with the same.

"1. The children are to be instructed in the Holy Scriptures, and in the liturgy and catechism of the Established Church.

"2. With respect to such instruction, the schools are to be subject to the superintendence of the parochial clergyman.

"3. The children are to be regularly assembled for the purpose of attending divine service in the parish church or other place of worship under the establishment, unless such reason be assigned for their nonattendance as is satisfactory to the managers of the school.

"4. The masters and the mistresses are to be members of the Church of England.

“5. A report on the state and progress of the schools is to be made, at Christmas in every year, to the diocesan board, the district society, or the national society; and the schools are, with the consent of the managers, to be periodically inspected by persons appointed either by the bishop of the diocese, the national society, or the diocesan board of education.

"6. In case any difference should arise between the parochial clergy and the managers of the schools, with reference to the preceding rules respecting the religious instruction of scholars, or any regulation connected therewith, an appeal is to be made to the bishop of the diocese, whose decision is to be final.”

III. That the following form of certificate be used in the case of infant schools :


"We, the undersigned, (being desirous of establishing, &c.) an infant school for the benefit of the poor of (the parish of)hereby certify that the education in such school is to be conducted on the principles of the Established Church, and by masters or mistresses who are members of the same; and we further declare, that we shall be ready to report upon the state and progress of the school from time to time in the manner usually pursued by national schools."

IV. That middle or commercial schools may be received into connexion with the national society or its diocesan boards, upon a declaration from the proprietors or managers, that religious instruction in conformity with the doctrine and discipline of the Established Church shall be given therein, and that the schools will be open to the occasional visitations of the parochial clergy.

V. That copies of the resolutions now agreed to be transmitted to the diocesan boards and district societies; and that the secretary be directed, in communicating the same, to state, that although the exclusive use of the religious tracts on the catalogue of the society for promoting Christian

knowledge be no longer required as a condition of union, the general committee will continue to supply, with their annual report, a list of the educational works upon such catalogue, and the society for promoting Christian knowledge will continue to afford to schools in union the accustomed facilities for obtaining them.

Application for AID towards (building, enlarging, fitting up) of (one or two &c.) School room-for (Boys, Girls, or Infants) at(near the Post-town of)-— The Schools (are to be, or, were) united to the NATIONAL SOCIETY, (state when) —

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-A.D. 184-.

1. The population of the-for which the schools are intended, as taken in the year 1841, wasand now is about

2. Provision exists therein at present for the education (gratuitously or at a very small charge) exclusive of the schools for which aid is asked, of not more than-boys and girls, on Sundays only, or (state which) Sundays and week-days.

N.B. Distinguish Church of England schools from those of dissenters.

3. The schools are intended to receive at least-infants, in -room-, to be Sunday and

supported by

-boys and-schools, and to be


4. The instruction in the schools is to be afforded for

5. The estimated annual charge for master and mistress, books, &c. &c. is about £, so that there is a reasonable prospect of the schools being permanently carried on.


6. The accommodation provided for the children in the parish church

7. The boys' school room is to be internallywide, and -feet high to the

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; making an area of

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-sq. ft. to each boy.

The girls' ditto

The infants' ditto

ditto ditto

8. The foundation, walls, and roof, are to be of the following materials- and the property is to be held on the following legal tenure, viz.- so that it will be legally secured for ever for the purposes of educating the poor.

9. The entire estimated first cost of the undertaking is £- viz. of the ground £, building £, fittings-up £.

N.B. The value of the ground should be stated although it may be given.

10. The exertions that have been made to provide means to meet the estimated cost, actually raised or promised, are, viz. :—

By subscriptions in money, £

By collections after sermons, £

By donations of ground, materials, cartage, labour, &c. valued at £

11. So that the total means already provided or promised to meet the first cost are £

12. The only further exertions that can be made, independently of this application, are by, and the utmost, that can be expected from them, is about £

Gross means to meet the cost £

To be signed by the incumbent or incumbents, see (1) as well as the applicant or secretary of the building committee.


This- -day of -18-.

And afterwards, to be transmitted through the bishop of the diocese, for his lordship's approval and counter-signature.

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INSTUCTIONS for filling up the blank spaces in the above.

In the heading be pleased to fill up the blanks, and scratch over the words which do not apply.

1. Describe the parish, hamlet, township, or district, &c. State whether wholly or chiefly agricultural, manufacturing, &c.

If the school rooms are intended for the children of other parishes than that in which they are to be built, the concurrence of the several clergy must be signified in their own hand-writing below.

2 and 3. Shew by the answers to these two questions what provision now exists for educating the poor, and what will be made by the new school rooms;-or what increase of accommodation will be provided by an enlargement, &c.

3. Observe the regulation below, with regard to Sunday schools, when infant school rooms are to be built. Mention any endowment, or other permanent means of support, the probable amount of annual subscriptions, &c.-The resources entered against (3) & (4) ought to equal the charges to be incurred, and which are to be stated against (5.) 4. State what small weekly payments will be made by the parents for the instruction of their children.

7. The dimensions of each room should be entered distinctly; It should appear whether the height is measured to a flat ceiling, or to the wall-plate and spring of a slanted ceiling. It is required that there should be not less than six square feet upon the floor to each child.

8. The tenure of the site is a most important consideration. A particular explanation must be given when the expressions here printed cannot be certified in the fullest sense of the words.

9 and 10. If a residence for a master or mistress is contemplated in the estimate, or the subscriptions which have been raised, the proportion of the expense to be incurred, and the funds to be appropriated to this object must be stated distinctly.

FORM OF CERTIFICATE, to be filled up and signed when application is made on account of an Infant School-room.

We, the undersigned, being desirous of establishing an infant school for the benefit of the poor in the parish of, do hereby certify, that


we are acting in concert and co-operation with the managers of the national Sunday or Sunday and daily schools in this place, and that the education in the infant school is intended to serve as a preparation for such national schools, and to be regarded as an auxiliary branch of that institution; and further we declare, that we shall be ready to report upon the state and progress of the infant school from time to time, in the manner usually pursued by national schools.

Signed by the promoters of the infant school.

Countersigned by the parochial minister on behalf of the managers of the national schools

SUGGESTIONS relative to applications for Aid in building School-rooms.

OBJECT OF THE GRANTS.-The grants are made for "the erection of new school houses," (meaning thereby school rooms, exclusive of the accommodation for masters and mistresses,) to accommodate Sunday and daily, Sunday, or infant schools. When the last-named institutions are to be established, it is expected that the rooms will (if possible) be used for the instruction of older children upon the Lord's day.

In case of building new school-houses for existing schools, it is desirable to shew clearly what increase will be made in the number of children to be instructed.

Although a preference has, at times, been given by the lords of H. M. treasury to such applications as come from large cities and towns, yet it is by no means the intention of their lordships to exclude the parishes and districts which possess a more limited population, from the benefits of the Parliamentary grant for the encouragement of education.

SITE FOR THE SCHOOL HOUSE.- -A secure legal tenure is indispensable; and a certificate is required before any grant is claimed, that a site of this description has been obtained and has been vested in the hands of proper trustees, &c.

It is not, however, required that a site should have been actually obtained when the application and memorial are presented; it will suffice that the applicant should certify the sufficiency of the tenure of the ground he expects he shall be able to build upon;-and, when a grant is appropriated, upon a statement of this nature, a reasonable time will be allowed for the fulfilment of expectations in this respect.

ESTIMATE OF THE WORK, &c. including purchase of site, building school house, and fittings-up.-Difficulties in procuring an estimate are easily removed. The form of a common barn furnishes no bad model for a school room. The neighbouring parishes may probably supply some specimens of a more finished kind, and the exact cost of these

* In case there should not be a Sunday, or Sunday and daily school in the parish, the national society require, as a condition of their grant, that the infant school room shall be used for instruction of older children on the Lord's day until a separate national school room shall have been provided; and in this case, an application for the union of such Sunday school must accompany the above certificate.

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