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THE LIFE OF HON. SCHUYLER COLFAX. By the Rev. A. Y. Moore, of South Bend, Indiana, who was for twelve years, as pastor and friend, in the entire confidence of Mr. Colfax, and had access to the files of the paper published by Mr. Colfax for twenty years, and to the Congressional Globe; knows all his past history and all who have known him from boyhood. He began this biography two or three years ago, so that it is not one of the hurried and ephemeral publications so common in election years.

The following letter from Mr. Coltax, to Rev. A. Y. Moore, will explain itself: My Dear Mr. Moore :

“WASHINGTON, D. C., May 30, 1868. As your prediction of a year ago has been realized, I havo no further objection to your publishing any sketch, more or less full, of my life, you may have prepared. As you were for a dozen years a fellow-townsman of mine, and a valued friend, I suppose you know as much about my history as the public would care about knowing; and although my engrossing duties here leave me no time to revise the manuscript, I have no fear that your work will not be a faithful one. Yours, very truly, “SCHUYLER COLFAX.

“Rev. A. Y. Moore, South Bend, Indiana."

The whole of the above is published in a large duodecimo volume of several hundred pages, printed from large type, and on the finest and best of white paper, with a perfect life-like portrait, on steel, of Mr. Colfax, executed by Illman Brothers, the well known Philadelphia engravers, which has been pronounced by members of Congress and personal friends of Mr. Colfax, who have seen it, to be the most perfect likeness ever taken of him, as well as a Profile bust, in gilt, on the back, the whole done from photographs taken of Mr. Colfax within the last month. This work is bound in cloth in the most substantial manner. Price $1.50 a copy. Canvassers and Agents are wanted everywhere to engage in its sale, who will be supplied at the following low rates, for net cash, or sight draft with order, viz. : 12 copies at one-third off, or $12.00; 25 copies at Ninety-five cents each ; 50 copies or over, at Ninety cents each. Circulars, subscription lists, and show-cards gratis.

“GRANT AND COLFAX.”-CAMPAIGN EDITION, THE LIVES OF GENERAL GRANT AND HON. SCHUYLER COLFAX. Campaign Edition. With life-like portraits of General Ulysses S. Grant and Hon. Schuyler Colfax, and other illustrative engravings. This work contains & complete history of the Lives of Ulysses S. Grant and of Hon. Schuyler Colfax, from their birth up to the present time. Complete in one large duodecimo volume of four hundred closely printed pages. Price One Dollar in cloth ; or Seventy-five cents in paper cover. Agents will be supplied with the paper cover edition at Five Dollars a dozen, twenty-five copies for $10.00, fifty copies for $20.00, or $37.50 a hundred; or with the cloth edition at $8.00 a dozen, twenty-five copies for $15.00, fifty copies for $28.00, or $55.00 a hundred.

LIFE OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN. ILLUSTRATED LIFE, SERVICES, MARTYRDOM, AND FUNERAL OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Sixteenth President of the United States. With a full history of his Life; Assassination ; Death, and Funeral. His career as & Lawyer and Politician; his services in Congress; with his Speeches, Proclamations, Acts, and services as President of the United States, and Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy, from the time of his first inauguration as President of the United States until the night of his Assassination. Only new and complete edition, with a fall history of the assassination of the President. With a Portrait of President Lincoln, and other Illustrative Engravings of the scene of the assassination, etc. Price $1.50 in paper, or $1.75 in cloth. Agents will be supplied with the paper cover edition at Ten Dollars a dozen, ifty copies for Forty Dollars, or $75.00 a hundred; or with the cloth edition at $12.50 a dozen, twenty-five copies for $25.00, fifty copies for $48.00, or Ninety Dollars a hundred.


the Hero of • Gettysburg." With his Portrait. Price Twenty-five cents. Agents will be supplied at $1.50 a dozen, or Ten Dollars a hundred.

LIFE OF GENERAL BENJAMIN F. BUTLER. THE LIFE AND PUBLIC SERVICES OF GENERAL BENJAMIN F. BUTLER, the Hero of “New Orleans. With his Portrait. Price Twentyfive cents. Agents will be supplied at $1.50 a dozen, or Ten Dollars a hundred. Above books are published and for sale at the Cheapest Book House in the world to buy or send for a stock of any kinds of books you may wish, which is at T. B. PETERSON & BROTHERS,

No. 306 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. o whom all orders and remittances must come addressed to meet with prompt attention.

Any of the above books will be sent per mail, post-paid, on receipt of retail price by us. WANTED.-Agents and Canvassers are wanted in every county, town, and village in the fnited States, to engage in selling the above fast selling books. Large wages can be made

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