The Reports on the Present State of the United Provinces of South America; Drawn Up by Messrs. Rodney and Graham, Commissioners Sent to Buenos Ayres by the Government of North America, and Laid Before the Congress of the United States: With Their Accompanying Documents; Occasional Notes by the Editor; and an Introductory Discourse, Intended to Present, with the Reports and Documents a View of the Present State of the Country, and of the Progress of the Independents...


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Página 108 - It is rare to meet with a boy, ten or twelve years of age, in the city of Buenos Ayres, who cannot read and write. Besides the scholars thus instructed, many have private tutors. In addition to all this, I must not omit to mention the military academies supported by government at Buenos Ayres and Tucuman, at which there are a considerable number of cadets. There are no prohibited books of any kind; all are permitted to circulate freely, or to be openly sold in the book stores; among them is the New...
Página 106 - ... without restraint permitted to go abroad for their education. There was a college at Cordova, at which those destined for the bar or the priesthood completed their studies upon the ancient monkish principles. Another, called San Carlos (now the Union of the South), had been opened at Buenos Ayres, but was afterwards converted into barracks for soldiers. It is an immense building, more extensive, perhaps, than any which has been dedicated to learning in this country, and it has lately been fitted...
Página 132 - ... avenue to wealth and consequence, the higher classes have been awakened to a sense of advantages they did not before enjoy. They have seen their commerce freed from legal restraints, their articles of export become more valuable, their supplies furnished at a lower rate, and all the offices oi government, or other employments, laid open to them as fair objects of competition.
Página 72 - ... for themselves. It was not very long before the inhabitants of Buenos Ayres, embracing the example of their brethren in Spain, established a junta, which assumed the reins of government; and, finally, in the year 1810, sent off the viceroy, Cisneros, and his principal adherents. For a summary of events subsequent to this period, until the time of my departure, I beg leave to refer to the outline subjoined, (Appendix A.) from the pen of Dr.
Página 123 - Spanish placed over them to repel a military force which had been sent to overthrow them, they themselves expelled from their country these authorities, and established a government of their own, totally unconnected with that of the other provinces, with whom they manifest an unwillingness ness to keep up even a commercial intercourse.
Página 107 - Cordova, at which there are about one hundred and fifty students, there are public schools in all the principal towns, supported by their respective corporations. In Buenos Ayres, besides an academy, in which are taught the higher branches, and the college before mentioned, there are eight public schools, for whose support the corporation contributes about seven thousand dollars annually; and, according to the returns of last year, the number of scholars amounted to eight hundred and sixty-four.
Página 130 - Chili, of which you are informed, will doubtless i have the effect to raise the credit of the country, and to lessen the pressure upon it, at least for a time, and will probably leave the government more at leisure to attend to its internal affairs. When we came away, it was understood that a committee of the congress was engaged in drafting a new constitution, the power of forming and adopting it being exclusively vested in the congress.
Página 94 - Other endeavours to reconcile him have failed, notwithstanding the changes in the office of director at Buenos Ayres. On one occasion, the proposition was made, that the Banda Oriental, should remain independent of Buenos Ayres, and merely send deputies to the general congress, to concert measures against the common enemy. On another, when the Portuguese army was approaching the frontiers of the Banda Oriental, an effort was made by Pueyrredon to reconcile him, and to unite him in the common defence.
Página 65 - This immense empire seems, according to the laws of the Indies, to have been considered a distinct kingdom of itself, though united to Spain, and annexed to the crown of Castile. In this light, it is viewed by Baron Humboldt, in his essay on New Spain. With some slight shades of difference in the regulations established in these governments, the prominent features of their political institutions, exhibit a striking resemblance, as the general system was the same. Their commerce was confined to the...
Página 76 - Immense herds of cattle and horses graze on its extensive plains, and constitute at this time their principal source of wealth. The mines of Potosi are also included within its boundaries. There are no woods for a very considerable distance from Buenos Ayres. No forest trees are to be seen on the widely extended Pampas, except at intervals a solitary umboo.

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