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The whole thing is, “You know, these are the guys that are really out of date, and we are the wave of the future,” and this kind of thing.

So I am continually on the offensive, and they recognize it as such. They always refer to it as the “Kennedy-Reischauer offensive." I am very flattered to be hyphenated there.

Professor Tufts. What about in Asia generally?

Ambassador REISCHAUER. Well, I still think in many places we too much give ourselves the image of defense rather than the offense in the sense of establishing prosperity, freedom for people, and even. tually democracy, rather than just sitting back and trying to hold off the other people, who are on the offensive.

It is more a frame of mind for yourself, often, but I think the whole country sometimes has this difficulty.

When you look at America from abroad, you keep wondering why Americans are so worried and pessimistic. Ask any Japanese what has happened in the last few years, and he will say, “We are making terrific progress as opposed to the other side.”

Senator PELL. Along the lines of that same thought, I was wondering what the Ambassador's reaction is to the term “counterinsurgency," which to me is an unfortunate term, because our Nation was born in insurgency, and we encourage insurgency of the right kind.

Ambassador REISCHAUER. I have not thought in terms of that particular thing, but that is a good example of the way we approach this problem.

Senator Jackson. On behalf of the committee, Mr. Ambassador, I certainly want to express to you our appreciation for your fine statement, and the helpful counsel and advice you have given us. We are very grateful.

Thank you very much.

(Whereupon, at 10:30 a.m., the subcommittee adjourned, subject to call of the Chair.)

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52–721 0—65

Personnel strength summary, 1952–63, American Embassy and affiliated agencies, Tokyo, Japan

(Figures as of June 30 each year) I. COUNTRY SUMMARY


State (all programs)
Affiliated agencies..
Military attachés-
Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission.

Grand total

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State (all programs).
Affiliated agencies.
Military attachés.
Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission

Grand total.

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Personnel strength summary, 1952–63, American Embassy and affiliated agencies, Tokyo, Japan-Continued


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2. Noncomplement positions:

Marine guards.
Foreign Buildings Office
FSI Language School.
Refugee relief program.

0.8. Information Service
Agency for International Development.
Affiliated agencies:

Atomic Energy Commission
Department of Agriculture..
Federal Aviation Agency
Foreign Broadcast Information Service.
General Accounting Office
Department of Justice:

Immigration and Naturalization Service
Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Office of Alien Property.
Maritime Administration
National Institutes of Health
National Science Foundation
Department of Commerce:

U.S. Trade Center

U.S. Travel Service Treasury Department:

Omce of International Finance

Bureau of Customs. GSA: Emergency Procurement Service

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