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Book III.

Page Of Tjb Different Progress Of Opulence In DifFerent Nations ...... 1

Chapter I. Of the Natural Progress of Opulence . . . ibid.

Chapter II. Of the Discouragement of Agriculture in the ancient State of Europe after the Fall of the Roman Empire 10

Chapter III. Of the Rise and Progress of Cities and Towns, after the Fall of the Roman Empire . . . .30

Chapter IV. How the Commerce of the Towns contributed to the Improvement of the Country .... 48 Book IV.

Page Of Systems Op Political Economy ... 69

Introduction ........ 69

Chapter I. Of the Principle of the Commercial or Mercantile System 70

Chapter II. Of Restraints upon the Importation from Foreign Countries of such Goods as can be produced at Home 107

Chapter III.

Of the extraordinary Restraints upon the Importation of Goods of almost all Kinds, from those Countries with which the Balance is supposed to be disadvantageous ........ 140

Part I. Of the Unreasonableness of those Restraints even upon the Principles of the Commercial System ibid.

Digression concerning Banks of Deposit, particularly concerning that of Amsterdam .... ISO

Part II. Of the Unreasonableness of those extraordinary Restraints upon other Principles ■ . . 166

Chapter IV. Of Drawbacks 184

Chapter V.

Of Bounties 193

Digression concerning the Corn Trade and Corn Laws 222 Chapter VI.

Page Of Treaties of Commerce 266

Chapter VII. Of Colonies ;875

Part I. Of the Motives for establishing new Colonies 275

Part II. Causes of the Prosperity of new Colonies . 289

Part III. Of the Advantages which Europe has derived from the Discovery of America, and from that of a Passage to the East Indies by the Cape of Good Hope 331

Chapter VIII. Conclusion of the Mercantile System . . . 416

Chapter IX. Of the Agricultural Systems, or of those Systems of Political Economy, which represent the Produce of Land as either the sole or the principal Source of the Revenue and Wealth of every Country . . 449

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