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by the legislative history of the statute was to protect American glass blowers against the competition of lower-paid glass blowers of other nations by providing a duty of 75 per centum ad valorem for all bottles produced otherwise than by automatic machine.

For the reasons stated, the judgment of the customs court is affirmed.



JANUARY 3, 1944

United States v. American Shipping Co. (No. 4467).—Used electrons (Remission). Appeal from C. D. 771.

APRIL 25, 1944

United States v. Gondrand Shipping Co. Inc. (No. 4473).—Cotton wearing apparel-Evidence. Appeal from Reappraisement Decision 5970.

OCTOBER 1, 1944

United States v. Kobrak (No. 4485).—Remission-Intent. Appeal from C. D. 838.

OCTOBER 3, 1944

United States v. Burgess Battery Co. (No. 4492).-American goods returned. Appeal from C. D. 866.

JANUARY 4, 1945

United States v. Kolmar, Inc. (No. 4498).—Internal revenue tax-whiskey gauge. Appeal from C. D. 884.

MARCH 5, 1945

Crosse & Blackwell Co. Inc. v. United States (No. 4501).-Lemon pulp-fruit pulp.

Appeal from C. D. 890.




Effective January 1, 1937




1. The clerk of this court shall keep his office in the city of Washington. He shall not practice either as an attorney or counselor of this court while he shall continue to be clerk. He shall indorse on every paper the date on which the same is filed and shall not permit any original paper, document, or exhibit to be taken from the files without an order from the court or permission of one of the judges thereof. The parties interested in any matter pending before the court may have full access to the records in such matters in the office of the clerk and may take copies of all papers filed therein: Provided, That the clerk, in executing the duties required of him, may allow any original papers or transcripts of record on file in his office to be used by the printer, and said clerk shall be responsible for the preservation and safe return thereof.

2. It shall be the duty of the clerk to preserve, for the use of the court, one copy of the record in each case disposed of, together with the briefs of counsel.

3. The clerk shall furnish to any applicant a copy of any paper on file in any case on payment of the legal fees therefor.


4. 1 The office of said clerk shall be open for the transaction of business on every day except Sundays and legal holidays from 9 o'clock a. m. to 4:30 o'clock p. m., except on Saturdays, when it shall be open from 9 o'clock a. m. to 1 o'clock p. m.

I NOTE.-In connection with the above rule arrangements have been made whereby parties or attorneys desiring to file papers when the office of the clerk may be closed may deliver the same at the office of the, Captain of the Guard, at the main entrance of the Internal Revenue Building on Constitution Avenue, where they will be retained and delivered to the clerk and filed as of the date of their receipt in the said office of the Captain of the Guard.

July 9, 1945. Until further orders the Clerk's office will close at 2 P. M. on Saturdays.




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