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ture, or the moral law at all, and we should as soon chuse to honour God by sacrifices, and eating the flesh of them, if it were not for the authority of Jesus Chrift. Herein doth faith give honour to Christ in his kingly office. This is the most direct profeffion of the fubjection of our souls and consciences to the authority of Christ, in all our religion. We can give no other reafon, we can take no allufion from things, but merely this, Chrift would have it so.

2. Faith hath a peculiar respect to the love of Christ in dying for us, making the atonement for us by bis blood, and therein the glorifying of the wisdom, love, and grace

of God the Father. Faith is led into special communion with Christ as dying for us to make the atonement; and therein we give glory to Christ in his priestly office in a peculiar manner in this ordinance, it respecting the facrifice of Christ, whereby be made atonement for us.

3. Faith hath respect to this special manner of the exhibition of Christ to the souls of believers, under the outward signs and symbols of bread and wine by his inftitution, making such a facramental union between the thing fignified and the fign, that the figns remaining to be what they are in themselves, they are unto us the thing that is signified, by virtue of the facramental union that Christ hath appointed between his body and blood, and the benefits of it; and this bread and wine, though not changed at all in themselves, yet they become to us by faith, not what they are in themselves, but what is figuified by then, “ the body and blood of Christ.” Herein we give glory to Christ in his prophetical office. It is he who bas revealed, taught, and instructed his church in this trutli, which depends on the facramental union which follows by his inftitution. That is the third thing wherein faith peculiarly acts itself in this ordinance.

4. The fourth thing is, the mysteriousness, which I leave to your experience, for it is beyond expression, the mysterious reception of Christ in this peculiar way of exhibition. There is a reception of Chrift as tendered in the promise of the gospel; but here is a peculiar way of lis est.ibition under cut ward signs, and a mysterious

réception of him in them really, so as to come to a real fubftantial incorporation in our souls. This is that which believers ought to labour after an experience of in them. felves; to find that indeed under these four confiderations, they submit to the authority of Jesus Christ in a peculiar manner, giving him the glory of his kingly office; mixing faith with him as dying and making atonement by his blood, so giving him the glory and honou of his priestly office ; much confidering the facramental union that is, by his institution, between the outward figns and the thing signified, thus glorifying him in his prophetical office ; and raising up their souls to a mysterious reception and incorporation of him, receiving him to dwell in them,'warning, cherishing, comforting and strengthening their hearts.

I have mentioned these things as those which lie in your practice, and to obviate that (if I may mention it) which you may be tried with. There is but one plaufible pretence that our adversaries, who design to oppress us, have in this business : If, say they, there be not a real presence and a real fubftantial transmutation of the elements into the fubftance of the body and blood of Chrift, stew you a way whereby you may have a peculiar communion with Christ, any more than in the word preached. We say, we have in these things experience of a peculiar communion with Christ, in a way male proper to this ordinance, which is not to be found in any other ordinance.


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