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Crítica de los usuarios - Marcar como inadecuado

This is a great tool and a must have book. Dr. Wilmington has a gift for putting information in a clear and readable fashion. The ideal is to get this book in conjuntion with the Liberty Home Bible Course, but that certainly makes it an investment. I give this book my highest rating.

Crítica de los usuarios - Marcar como inadecuado

Read it in the Google and straight away placed order for the book.Excellent Book covers a lot of area and great thoughts for worship and reading. Would recommend it for anybody seriously want to learn the bible. Bit costly but worth every penny.Praise the Lord

This is an excellent referemce book.

Crítica de los usuarios  - Bonnie -

I bought this book when I was taking Logos Bible Course about 10 years ago. I loan it to my brother a few years back to help him understand the bible. Well I just never got it back. I also paid alot ... Leer comentario completo

Wilmingtons Guide to the Bible

Crítica de los usuarios  - sanharris50 -

The boook was in excellent condition. Arrived on schedule. Leer comentario completo

Vital that every familiy own this book!

Crítica de los usuarios  - Child of God -

This book changed my life for ever! I've passed my copy along and it has changed thier lives. I buy this book constantly and give it as a gift. I can't think of a better gift that you could give some ... Leer comentario completo

Very helpful for people who study the Bible

Crítica de los usuarios  - MB Alma -

Very helpful for people who want to study the Bible. Good reference with the Bible. Leer comentario completo

A must have for every student of the bible

Crítica de los usuarios  - pastor roscoe -

This book is one of the most valuable resources that I have in my library. It is easy to follow and rich in consistant accurate biblical doctrine. Information on specific doctrines is easy to find and ... Leer comentario completo

Absolutely Essential!

Crítica de los usuarios  - Jose Echevarria -

If I could only have one book besides my Bible this would definately be it! Leer comentario completo

Crítica de los usuarios  - Deborah Cederquist -

This book is good for a beginner or someone who knows the bible well.If you don't understand the bible.Dr Wilmingtonlays out time line's.actually everything in the bible is explained and layed out ... Leer comentario completo

Crítica de los usuarios  - Nancy Crawley -

This book answers a lot of questions that I have had for years! It is a great reference book. Leer comentario completo

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