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LIGHTLY to love and believe in little
(For the world is cold, and trust is brittle,

And they mustn't be dull or slow);

To be shallow and vain and sneer at truth,
And give license the rein without fear or ruth?
Nay, I'll not train them so.

To never do anything bold or rash,

And whatever they mind to make sure of the cash,
Wherever they may go;

To mope and frown and be severe,

So that no one will love them, though some may
Nay, I'll not train them so.

To launch the shaft of satire keen,

And be clever at reading the lines between !
Will that keep away any foe?

To tarnish their souls for paltry wit,
O'er a soiled reputation rejoicing to sit?
Nay, I'll not train them so.

To follow one whom they admire,

And still as he leads them to still aspire,



Till they know all he'd have them know;

Mirrors of others, not lights themselves,

Their ideas bound neatly in calf on the shelves?
Nay, I'll not train them so.


Shall I train them to love command,

To strive to be known all over the land,
And to live for a tinsel show;

To proclaim with a crow like a cock at morn
What every one knew long before they were born?
Nay, I'll not train them so.

Shall I bid them just leave well alone,
And flatter themselves it for all will atone,
If they be but a living No;

With folded hands to sit idly down

Till the struggle is o'er, and their life is flown?
Nay I'll not train them so.

To love only once, and that for ever,

And supposing that love brings them happiness never,
Yet they needn't be dull or slow;

For a passion grand-love pure and true-
It has never yet made a leal heart rue,
And I will train them so.

To cherish all impulses towards the right,
And in generous thoughts and kind deeds delight
Wherever they may go;

To scatter sunshine and forgive,

For the fulness of life is for others to live,
And I will train them so.

If buoyant wit adorns their mind,

And delight in a brilliant repartee they find,
Yet the good in them needn't go.

For loyalty to one's own friend

Is both best wit and wisdom in the end,
And I will train them so.

With no wish to rule, I'd have them do it,
And although not for fame may they pursue it,
Yet all their worth may know.

For they will be heard if they have a word
Which will help poor humanity over the ford,
And I will train them so.

To think all things out, and set them down,
Then, though the whole human family frown,
Forward still to go.

To imitate no one, yet many admire,

For a beggar a king with a thought may inspire,
And I will train them so.

I will train them then to not sit still,

But to shape their own course with a steadfast will,
However the wind may blow.

Those who trust in God, and then endeavour
To raise mankind, are the happiest ever,

And I will train them so.

H. T.

(in Aberdeen Herald and Weekly Free Press).



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