Department of Defense Authorization for Appropriations For Fiscal Year 2005, S. Hrg. 108-440, Pt. 3, March 9, 23; April 1; May 13, 2004, 108-2 Hearings, *


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Página 47 - Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act.
Página 131 - Lack of Incentives for Change The final underlying cause of the department's long-standing inability to carry out needed fundamental reform has been the lack of incentives for making more than incremental change to existing "business-as-usual" processes, systems, and structures.
Página 131 - NASA's Financial Management Modernisation, GAO-04^13 (Washington, DC: Nov. 21, 2003); DOD Business Systems Modernization: Important Progress Made to Develop Business Enterprise Architecture, but Much Work Remains, GAO-03-1018 (Washington, DC: Sept.
Página 138 - DOD, is to establish specific management oversight, accountability, and control of funding with the "owners" of the various functional areas or domains. This legislation would define the scope of the various business areas (eg, accounting, acquisition, logistics, and personnel) and establish functional responsibility for management of the portfolio of business systems in that area with the relevant Under Secretary of Defense for the six departmental domains and the...
Página 139 - Mr. Chairman, this concludes my statement. I would be pleased to answer any questions you or other members of the Subcommittee may have at this time. CONTACTS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS For further information about this testimony, please contact Gregory D. Kutz at (202) 512-9095 or, Randolph C.
Página 23 - I would like to express my deep appreciation to the members of this committee for your lasting support in sustaining this Nation's Navy.
Página 126 - DOD operations spans a wide range of defense organizations, including the military services and their respective major commands and functional activities, numerous large defense agencies and field activities, and various combatant and joint operational commands that are responsible for military operations for specific geographic regions or theaters of operation. To...
Página 128 - Our analysis of data on more than 50,000 maintenance work orders opened during the deployments of six battle groups indicated that about 29,000 orders (58 percent) could not be completed because the needed repair parts were not available on board ship. This condition was a result of inaccurate ship configuration records and incomplete, outdated, or erroneous historical parts demand data. Such problems not only have a detrimental impact on mission readiness, they may also increase operational costs...
Página 128 - DOD spent almost $124 million on airline tickets that included at least one leg in premium class — usually business class. Because each premium class ticket costs the government up to thousands of dollars more than a coach class ticket, unauthorized premium class travel resulted in millions of dollars of unnecessary costs being incurred...
Página 22 - Americans, but we do not want to spend one extra penny for manpower we do not need. As part of that effort, we continue to pursue the kind of new technologies and competitive personnel policies that will streamline both combat and non-combat personnel positions, improve the two-way integration of active and Reserve missions, and reduce the Navy's total manpower structure. To that end, we are proposing a fiscal year 2005 Navy end strength reduction of 7,900 personnel. NAVY PERSONNEL 375,000 370,000...

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