Memoirs of Modern Philosophers: In Three Volumes


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Página 132 - There ever bask in uncreated rays, No more to sigh, or shed the bitter tear, Together hymning their Creator's praise In such society, yet still more dear; While circling time moves round in an eternal sphere.
Página 109 - The inconfiftency and folly of his fyftem," faid Henry, " was, perhaps, never better expofed than in the very ingenious publication which takes the Rights of Women for its title. Pity that the very fenfible authorefs has fometimes permitted her zeal to hurry her into expreffions which have raifed a prejudice againft the whole.
Página 205 - Ihip, and lay in requifites for the voyage. Contributions for this purpofe will be received by Citizen Vallaton, who has generoufly undertaken the conduct of the important enterprize. As it is probable that many philofophers may not be provided with fpecie, from fuch as have it not in their power to contribute their quota in cafh, any fort of goods will be received that can be converted into articles of general utility.
Página 228 - A torrent of refentment and indignation gufhed upon my heart, and the bitter tears that followed were a certain indication of the important confequences which that accident was to have upon my future life.
Página 228 - ... the caufe of every movement of my foul ; it is therefore well worthy the attention of every philofophic mind, of every lover of minute inveftigation. ' Not to keep you in fufpenfe, (a thing ill-fuited to the energy of my character) I haften to inform you, that my mother not being able to fuckle me herfelf, a young woman was brought into the houfe to be my wet-nurfe, who fome months before had borne a, child to the parifhclerk.
Página 234 - Sydney after the death of her mother, fhc mewed me a letter fhe had juft received from Henry. The fentiments were fo tender, fo delicate, fo affectionate, I perceived in every word the traces of a mind formed for the pure delightful congeniality of mutual tendernefs. A thoufand inftances of his particular attention to me, the laft time he was at home, rufhed upon my mind. In going out to walk with his...
Página 212 - In the life of every human being there is a chain of causes, generated in that eternity which preceded his birth, and going on in regular procession through the whole period of his existence, in consequence of which it was impossible for him to act in any instance otherwise than he has acted.
Página 234 - ... entangled. Why did I not then perceive the tender emotion of his. foul ! why was I blind to fuch, a proof of fenfibility and affection ! The letter^ the important eventful letter, roufed me from my. lethargic flumber ; every word thrilled through the fibres of my heart.
Página 176 - See here, Citizen Myope, all our wifhes fulfilled ! All our theory realized ! Here is a whole nation of philofophers, all as wife as ourfelves ! All on the high road to perfectibility ! All enjoying the proper dignity of man ! Things juft as they ought ! No man working for another ! All alike ! All equal ! No laws ! No government ! No coercion ! Every one exerting his energies as he...
Página 118 - that thefe poor people fee the equipage of my lord and lady with the fame indifference that they behold the flight of a bird ; and would as foon think of grieving at the want of wings as at the want of a carriage. Were you to follow that lord and lady to their banquet, you would foon be fenfible that it was at their luxuriant feaft, and not at the cottager's fupper, the fpirit of repining and difcontent was to be found. At night when...

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