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Very informative. I liked how Greenberg connected the Sea Peoples to some of the Israelite tribes especially Shekelesh, which coordinates with the Egyptian proof of captivity.

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Excellent book. Should be read in companion with his 2000 followup book 101 Myths of the Bible.
As far as I understand things, Greenberg is the main pioneer to have begun to dig out the details of
the fact that “Ra theology” is the basis for 72 percent of the world’s modern religions: Ab-ra-ham-ic religions (Torah religions) and B-ra-hma-ic religions (Vedic religions), all traced to the daily birth and death cycle of the Egyptian sun god Ra and the life-death-morality theories derived therefrom. Funny how deeply hidden this basic educational factoid is to the average person of the world. I had to read through 50 books on the various religions and mythologies of the world to dig out this fact myself, and Greenberg was huge key in opening this door. 

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I enjoyed the book very much. There is much of value here.
The greatest weakness is the author's neglect of the Genesis genealogial data that reveals an authentic kinship pattern among Abraham's
Horite people. This indicates historical people even though it is difficult to place them in time. I suggest that the problem is with the traditional dating assigned to Abraham and his descendents.
The author also fails to clarify Horite identity. They were a caste of priests, devotees of Horus, and they lived among many clans, including the Midianites, the Jebusites and the Dedanites.
A final concern is the author's failure to explain why the Bible and Christians, in particular, would latch on to the Horus Myth in portraying Jesus as the Son of God. There is a perfectly logical explanation for this:
I have added this book to my extensive library on Genesis and although it has weaknesses, I can only recommend it.

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